The Wanderer

Image0061I have fallen under the spell of an old and familiar master once again.  Wander lust, has taken a firm hold and settled in my spirit.  The love of travel and seeing new places, or even old places in a new setting each and every day, triggers such strange and pleasant sensations.   The view from my window changes every moment of every day, seldom revealing the exact same scene.  A new sunset in a differing setting each evening, followed by  a wondrous kaleidoscope of colors.  Sunrises just as vibrant and promising as any I have ever seen follow with dawns early light.

It’s amazing to me that I am privileged to view these scenes from a new and interesting vantage every day.  This I think is the greatest reward of the new life I have undertaken.  To say the least, I am having entirely too much fun, and covering a wonderful amount of miles each week.  I did finally make it home for a night, just after New Years.  I picked some stuff to supply the truck, and spent a nice night and day with Blinda.  Then it was off to the road once more, seeing me head right back north to Ontario Or., and then east to Illinois.
I’ll be head back south very soon, a border town, that is quickly becoming familiar to me.  From there who knows where I’ll be, I certainly don’t.  I’ll just enjoy the ride, take in the view, and count my blessings.


Sandee said...

You're loving every minute out there on the open road and that's what it's all about. Good for you. I'm so very happy for you.

Have a terrific day and enjoy those beautiful sunsets. :)

tashabud said...

Woohoo! Nice pics, and absence does make love grow fonder, huh?

I'm with Sandee, very happy for you, indeed.


Eric S. said...

@ Samdee, yep I sure am. Those sunsets ans sun rises are fabulous.

@ Tashabud, It does at that, Thank you

Lilly said...

Hello stranger, wow what have you been up to? I love to be out on the open road too, just love it! The thought of getting in your car/truck and driving is music to my ears. There is a great freedom about it really. Sounds like you are happy and enjoying yourself. Keep it up!! And glad you got home to spend some time with your wife too. Love your pictures. Take loads of care!!

cheryl said...

It sounds like you've found your calling Eric. Take care out there and check back often :)

FishHawk said...

"Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

kkipp said...

I look forward to being able to hook up one of your trips out to CA Bay Area. In the meantime, enjoy.

Hugs, Kel

Train Wreck said...

Well Hi, I was just visiting some of my followers. I too love to travel, my Cowboy and I just got back from a great road trip! Nice to meet you, be safe on your travels.


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