The Call of The Road

Desert Sunrise

Image by VerismoVita via Flickr

Beckons my soul, bewitching my spirit!

Hours, now only a few, till my departure.  I wait on baited breath for those fabled adventures sure to be less exciting than I imagine.  I look forward to the coming endeavors even more enthusiastically now than before.  It’s Sunday afternoon, and I join my trainer at 6:00 PM tonight.  Then we’ll set off on the road, to the south first…  then to what journey I shall be led…  remains unknown to me. 

I have discovered kindness and generosity still lives even in these troubled times.  Through those very virtues, I now have the means to post updates and keep up with my blogs.  I was given the opportunity to acquire a very nice laptop, and have been getting it all set up.  Now I will have the tools to write the stories I discover, even while on the road.  The good news is that I can now share my adventures as often as Internet is available. 

For those of you who may have the privilege of owning a Kindle, my blog is available by subscription through the Kindle store, along with Footprints In Time.  I hope to be posting updates on a regular basis, giving a glimpse into the adventure I’m starting this fine day.  I’ll write from Laredo, just as soon as I can, if there is Wi-Fi available there.

A Pause in Time


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The commencement of a new dawn, shedding it’s warming light, is such a welcome and long sought sight.  Today, I feel like a tumble weed, rolling along under that glow of brilliant shimmering light.  A single entity, propelled by the whim of friendly breezes, trimmed and shaped by fate’s fickle fingers.

I have finished the first stage of my schooling.  A stringent course requiring long hours, and diligent study.  Even though I already possessed the required license, I learned much and discovered many advancements and changes in the industry.All of my previous experience did help, and made for an interesting outlook on what has become of long familiar career.

Tomorrow, I set forth on phase two of my adventure.  A welcome change to the struggle as I will start to earn a little money once again.  Although this stage shall cause a pause in my internet activities, as I have yet to get a lap top.  Until the time I can afford such a luxury, I sadly must put my blogging life on hold. 

I’ll be thinking of all my friends here in the blogosphere, and dreaming of the day I get to share the stories I stumble across in my travels.  Until that time, I wish you all good luck and prosperous days.

Sunday’s Solitude

Sun sets on another summer day.

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The closing of one era of life, is like a grand sunset… with the color and character of life emblazoning the evening sky.  It is a time of transition… changes from one mode of life to another.  I feel as though, I can enjoy the view of retrospect.  Relishing the vision of a colorful horizon fading into the shadows of nights welcome duskiness. Enjoying the memories that are the paint upon a canvas of personal history.

Always, upon change, there is doubt.  Yet, I try hard to push that aside… curl up tight in a warming, comfortable blanket of anticipation.  This is a time of introspection and thoughtful mediation.  A chance to look back and appreciate the good while accepting the paltry times of the past few years.  I can assure you, there is much to appreciate and relish.  I have many memories that will be added to my collection of pearls of nostalgia.  Precious jewels I can examine, hold, clean, and polish until they gleam with a sheen like no other.

My anticipation of what is to come is nearly uncontrollable.  Like the dawning of a new day, filled with the promise of all that is imaginable.  I think of it as a sunrise of amazing beauty, color, and potential.  The crisp coolness of morning breezes to welcome a new day, venturing forth from shadows of yesterday.  Peeking out through the grey of early morning, enjoying the shifting colors of a clear sky.  Grey turns to starting blue, through a breathtaking spectrum of color, until the sun is fully risen above the confines of the guarded horizon. 

A dayspring of unique calm greets my cognition.  My canvas is clean, fresh, and stretched tight across a sturdy frame.  Placed on an easel of experience, situated just so.  I await the paint to mix and mingle on a palette of achievement.  I can’t wait to see what colors and textures will be spread across that clean fresh canvas. I wonder at what portrait or landscape of pulchritude might be created.

Sleep this night, may be fitful.  Not for worry or apprehensiveness, but for anticipation of what is to come.  Excitement bleeds form my conscious ideas, as I look forward with dreams of productive prosperity.  As one vision is met, faced with anticipation, another is formed and fed.  It’s a cycle I hope never ends, one that sustains me more than ever before.

The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination, as are intelligence and necessity when unblunted by formal education. – Maya Angelou, via Quotations Book.

Hidden Paths Illuminated Under A New Dawn

Desert Sunrise HDR

Image by perfect_hexagon via Flickr

Too many times, one has only to look in the right direction at the correct time.

The darkened shadows of night fade, turning grey in an early morning light.  The sun struggles to rise, yet is still hidden below the dark line of a distant horizon.  As the sky turns slowly from grey to blue, I can appreciate the start of a new day.   The blossoming colors of a burning sky welcome my weary eyes, and greet a new dawn. 

Just as the sun clears the horizon, I turn to face west, determined to trudge onward.  That is when I see it, hidden from sight during the shadows of night, and direct light of full day.  Yet as the sun rises, shining across the desert at an angle, my path is marked, clear and vibrant in colors not of the desert.

Had I not looked at that moment, I could have missed my opportunity.  A path so visible, yet hidden, leading from a desolate place of heat and strife to the shelter and sustenance of a welcoming mountain range.  I find the fateful act of looking in the right place… at just the right moment, so intriguing and curious.  My spirit is bolstered… sustained with hopeful anticipation.

I simply have to focus on the path, commit it to memory, and stay the course.  It’s a short distance indeed, to those lovely mountains of my dreams, the sustenance and security I have been seeking.  The journey won’t be without peril, nor trials of spirit and body.  There will be a certain suffering along the way,  famine will be a constant companion, yet I can see the end so near.  All I have to do, is to keep to the path, and sight such visible landmarks to guide my route.  Thankfully there is plentiful water from savored sources, all along my destined path. 

Finally… at last, a chance, perhaps the one I have been waiting for.   All I had to do was look away from the sunrise… toward the path I must follow to see the clearly defined route.

“A Question of Trust” I Got Mine!

Just When I needed it most.

One of the tings I like to do to relax and de-stress, is to sit back and read a good book.  Lucky for me, I won a new book in a blog contest, and it came in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  With all the stuff I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks, I almost didn’t get to really sit down and enjoy it.  You know what they say, sometimes when you seem to have too much on your plate, you just have to sit back and take a break.  So that is exactly what I did, I sat back, took a break and read my new prize, “A Question of Trust” by Carole Thayne Warburton. 

Right from the start, I found myself captivated by the characters, especially an old man of distinctly small town attitude and sense of humor.   It was easy for me to picture people I actually knew as Herman Anders, a somewhat ailing old man from a tiny back country small town.  His western sense of humor brought a grin to my face, as he tormented a magazine reporter in the form of a city girl lost in the country.  The fun and intrigue of the second chapter caught my attention, while the old mystery of the first chapter was still fresh in my thoughts, nagging at me to find some answers. I got to meet a few wonderfully fun, small town, country characters and enjoy my own comparisons of the people and places of this book.

Carole Thayne Warburton has done a masterful job of creating an old mystery for the primary focus.  Still she adds a few twists, and additional mystery from a newer source, using colorful characters and fabulously thought out settings.  I found myself indulging in a few good laughs while at the same time trying to figure out a veiled plot filled mystery and intrigue.  There was some suspense, and a little action, and of course a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the main character, Stacey WIllis.  Poor little Stacey, a city girl from Salt Lake, has traveled to the small western town of Grouse Creek in search of a story.  What she finds, is a mystery half a century old, that has more twists and turns than she can follow.  Add into the story, an old boyfriend, a new friend she finds very entertaining, and a whole slew of betrayal, and mischief.  Who is behind it all? Can Stacey figure it out, and save an old man without hurting him in the process?

I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with plenty of funny small town life added in for good measure.  You’ll find yourself becoming attached to some characters, and disliking others with a passion. A Question of Trust by Carole Thayne Warburton, is well worth the read.

Thank You Carole for the book, and the kinds words and autograph.


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