My chance to win some reading material

I visited a new site, I just found today.  Anne Bradshaw’s Place, is authored by, yep you guessed it “Anne Bradshaw”, giggle snicker, the author of “True Miracles with Genealogy”.  She writes about a lot of things, one of them being genealogy.  Since this is the topic of my most recent fascination, passion, or maybe even obsession, it’s not surprising I’m finding all these blogs.  What is surprising, is that I just now found her site.  I have for so long followed many blogs, of writers and authors, you would think that I would have stumbled across it far earlier. 

What I like, is she hosts regular guest authors, and allows them to write an article for her blog.  We all know of a few blogs that do this, similar to what GEWGAW WRITING has done for so long.  Well Anne hosted another Guest Blogger, Carole Thayne Warburton, who has offered a giveaway of one of her novels.  All you have to do is write a blog post about the giveaway and Anne’s blog, and Carole’s book, and leave Anne the link in a comment.  Of course to help out, you can twitter it, and share on facebook, for some added points toward the giveaway.

Carole Thayne Warburton, explains the process of her writing just a little bit in this post.  She tells just how important it is to get the “senses” right in your writing.  The best way to do this of course, is to write about what and where you know.  Carole also explains that this little rule, can be ever so limiting with your writing, so it’s important to research that which your not familiar with.  She is wholly correct in this approach, for your readers will pick up on the slightest mistakes, and you could very easily lose a little credibility in their eyes.   I suppose it is one of the reasons I have not continued some of my own fiction.  I lack so much in experience, and have not done the proper research to really continue the stories as I should. 

Since I am always searching for new reading material, I decided that this was a chance for me to win a book, and perhaps gain another favorite author.  So I’m writing this blog post, in the hopes of earning a few more points toward winning the book.  Not to mention, that the contest ends the day before my birthday, so it would be like getting a birthday present. 

Please check out Anne Bradshaw’s Place, and her book True Miracles with Genealogy.  Then have a look and Carole Thayne Warburton’s novel, A Question of Trust and perhaps even take a look at her new novel Sun Tunnels and Secrets.  If you get a chance, leave a good word for me while your at it.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

One of The Most Important Date’s in My Personal History!

Eric & Blinda, Mom & Richard This day, is one so very special to me.  A day of recent history compared to what I’ve been researching, yet far more important to me personally.  You see, today is my wedding anniversary.   A celebration of the day I took my love’s hand, and promised to cherish honor and love her till death do us part. 

We were married in the little church where as a child I was baptized.  The Sheldon Jackson Memorial Church, was founded by Presbyterian missionary, Dr. Sheldon Jackson, in the 1874. It is

one of the oldest churches still in operation in the state of Colorado.  Dr. Sheldon Jackson was one of many “Traveling Ministers”, operating in the various gold camps through out Colorado, leaving this landmark to commemorate his ministry.  However, he may not have been as famous as Father Dyer, the “Snow Shoe Itinerant”, who delivered mail and spread his ministry over the highest Mountain pass, Mosquito Pass, in the region.

The Church has a fabulous garden that was planted and maintained by Wealtha Heins a local resident with a long history in the area.  The gardens continue to be maintained even after her passing, and have been named in her honor.  As a youngster in the youth group, I helped her work on that garden, of local wildflowers, aspen trees, and fabulous rocks.  I have many memories of that church, with it’s wood burning stove for heat, and hard wooden
pews.  The best memory of course is my wedding day though.

My whole family had gotten together, everyone in one place, back where we started.  It was a magical day indeed.  We danced to two songs we chose just for us.  I’ve included a player with those songs on it at the bottom of this post. 

It’s hard to image, 11 years go by so fast.  I like to look at this as our 20’th though, for we lived together for 9 years prior to making it official in front of family and friends.

I’m going to post this with Sepia Saturday, even though it doesn’t quite fit the “old Picture” category, but it does have a little history in it.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to go check out the other Sepia Saturday Posts.

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Voice From the Grave; Sepia Saturday

Travis Ada Blanche and BillRecently, my Aunt sent me a story she transcribed from one my Grandfather wrote for a book called Memories of Elsie 1865-1965.  When I first started to read it, I couldn’t help feeling like I could hear Grandpa talking, perhaps even narrating the whole thing.  It was almost as if I was watching on of those movies where the person reads a letter, but it’s the voice of the letters author you hear.  It was a pretty strange feeling, because I have not heard my Grandfathers voice since 1987 when I shipped out to Germany.  

Within this book, that I did find on line,  I learned all kinds of things about both side of my Grandparents family.  It has been pretty exciting, and led to additional discoveries that I’m still scouring for information.  I have to say that this genealogy bug has one hell of a bite, when it finally gets you.  I just can’t seem to get enough.

I’m going to post that story my Grandfather wrote, or at least a portion of it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I can tell you, I learned my Great, Great Grandmother was one tough cookie.  I’ll never think of “hard Times” in the same way.
“Heinrich Wedekind and his daughter came to the USA in 1858. We don't know how much time elapsed from the time they arrived in America till they settled in or around Beecher, Ill.

Dorothea Wedeking met Henry Schweer and later married him in 1873 at Beecher, Ill. (Elsewhere I see that Henry was born in Berlin, Germany, on Dec. 8, 1849.) The oldest son, Christ Schweer, was born in Washington, Ill. First born, a girl, Dorie (Schweer) Grummon, July 14, 1874; and second girl, Friedrika (Schweer) Thaden, were born in Beecher, Ill. Then Christ Schweer was born may 18, 1877. Somewhere in here another infant was born and died.

Then in 1877 they moved by wagon train to Fillmore County, Nebr., and settled on a farm south and west of Ohiowa, Nebr., where they raised their family. Dorothea helped Henry with the farm work. One cold, snowy day, when hauling in a load of hay, the rack tipped over sideways and crushed Dorothea's left leg. It had to be taken off, just below the knee, nothing to kill the pain or sterilize it but boiling hot water, which they would pour in at the front of the wound and let it run out at the other side. She told me the pain was so bad that she would just go to sleep (pass out), and when she would awaken it would be all done for another day.

At first she had a peg leg that she wore, but it finally wore out and she was never able to get another one
schweerhy66ythat she could stand to wear; they never could get one to fit her stump; so she used a kitchen chair to walk with and drug that thing around with her, doing her housework and everything else, while bringing up her family, 12 children. (WHO the HELL could stand to do that now?) In late years that leg would hurt her very much, and she would have to rub it with her hand and work with it till it would quiet down again.  She died Oct. 23, 1938 and is buried near Ohiowa, Nebr. (82 yrs. old)”
Now you see what I mean, My Great, Great, Grandmother was one tough cookie.

For more fabulous pictures, and wonderful histories, check out the other sites participating in Sepia Saturday.

A New Blog For an Old Pursuit.

McCullough Taylor Scott Marten I’ve been pretty busy this past week.  After all these Sepia Saturdays, and the tie in it has had with the research I’m doing on my family history.  So I decided to start a blog just for that.  All week, I’ve been working on setting it up between internet searches for my ancestors. I have a few posts up, and the About page, Author page, and contact page done.  I’m working on the two links pages, but that will be something I fill in as I go. 

One of the hardest things was figuring out a name for it.  Then one night, after a long search online, I was sitting here thinking, “Tracking my ancestors is like following really faint or hidden footprints”.  LIGHTBULB, there was my name, Footprints In Time.  I’m going to make it a little family history, and a little bit of sharing what I learn about how to search the internet for your ancestors.  I have a Facebok page set up for it, and even have my first fan.  I’ll be able to share the stuff I find with my family that’s on Facebook.  Be sure to swing by and click on the like page button. 

I’ll still be posting here, but I think it will be back to the fiction, and fun things.  I’ll probably do a few Sepia Saturdays here also.  Mostly i”ll post some fiction though.  It’s only going to be a couple times a week, because of all the time I’m spending tracking those elusive Footprints In Time.

I found a new site for writing prompts, similar to Magpie Tales.  It’s called The Tenth Daughter Of Memory.  They post a picture, you write a fiction story poem or what ever, and post it on your site.  Then you take the link to that post, and put it in the Mr. Linky on their site.  I may try to do a few of them, see what I can come up with. I found the site through Irrelevant Irrelevance.  Jefscape, of Irrelevant Irrelevance, has ton’s of quality fiction to read over there, it’s well worth the visit.

The picture at the top shows my Great, Great, Grandfather Scott McColough (standing) and his brothers in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.


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