A quick update

Image0047Well, I have my new truck.  She’s a real beauty, and handles the loads quite well.  The best part of all, is that it gives me a certain level of freedom.  I signed for her on Wednesday, and had my first load Thursday night, yep that’s right December 23 rd.  Well needless to say I didn’t exactly make it home for Christmas.  That’s quite alright though for I have had a fun time of it anyway.  To the left here, is a picture of my truck, a brand spanking new 2011 Freightliner Cascadia that only had 1400 miles on it when I Got it.  I even went grocery shopping, and stocked it up so I have plenty of food and water to last me for a while.
I spent Christmas eve, in Buffalo New York, sitting patiently at a “Service Plaza” On the Parkway.  I was out of hours, and had to stop for the day.  Christmas Day saw me picking up my second load, and starting a long journey across the upper half of the US.  I started out in Freonia New York, and drove south and west around the lower tip of Lake Erie.  Then through Chicago, and back north around Lake Michigan to Ironwood, Mi..  I spent the day there, thenn headed west through the rural back roads of Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Some really beautiful country if you haven’t been that way before.  I was slightly reminded of the Summit County area in Colorado, with heavy snow and thick forested residential areas.

Image0054Today, I spent in Bismarck North Dakota, and am now sitting fat and happy in Billings Montana.  Both state’s offer some fabulous views, and picturesque countryside.  I was especially impressed with sections of western North Dakota, and most of Montana that I have seen.  I loved watching the sunrise in the mirror, as it lit the snow covered fields and hills in a spectacular reflected glow.  There is just something about a fresh blanket of snow to really reset the mind and spirit.  Not to mention, seeing for miles upon miles of rolling prairie and field, then on into what I would consider hills, not quite mountains yet.

I head off to Idaho next, and then who knows where.  I suspect though, I’ll be heading east and south through Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, and down to Texas.  Only the load planers know for sure, and I won’t find out until I finish this load, all 2300 miles of it.  I wish I had done this a long time ago.  Here’s some more pictures of my baby.


Rough Roads

Sunrise at North Point Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Come in many forms, seldom having anything to do with the condition of the road surface.

Mile by mile, life rolls on, consistent and refreshing.  Amazing how things seem to just occur at the right moment. 

I have spent the last two weeks feeling trapped in a truck and enjoying very little of it.  It had not a thing to do with where I was going or had been, but with the person I was with.  Some people should not be in a social situation at all.  In my short 44 years, I have met very few people who I could not get along with… until two weeks ago.

My nemesis appeared in the form of an older man with a bitter outlook toward life.  He didn’t look any different than every other person, nor did he at first display his antisocial patterns.  However, it did not take long for me to discover that he was a very unhappy and bitter person in his heart.  One who believed no other had achieved his level of intelligence or experience.  While holding himself at a level far superior than was fact, he stepped on those around him driving them down as best he could. 

I am not one to let people put me down, or try to take from me my own sense of normalcy.  So this matching was one of oil and water and provided for a constant level of strain.  There were a few times I did bite my tongue, holding back the vicious rebuttal that strived so hard for release from my lips.  I played my hand well and waited the opportunity to escape the confines of that truck. 

When my chance came in the form of a very generous fellow trucker, who was kind enough to provide a ride where I needed to go.  I bettered my compatriot by shaking his hand and wishing him well in future endeavors.  Not by attempting to tear him down in order to elevate myself. The next few days were quite pleasant, traveling in peace and quiet, while enjoying the environment around me. 

As they say, all's well that ends well and I sit here very near Lake Michigan, waiting for upgrade and assignment to my truck.  I will even get to see an old friend from class who just happens to be on her way here as we speak.  We’ll be upgrading together, and starting off the adventure to come at the same time.  I’m looking forward to the future, and trying hard to forget the recent past. 


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