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Life behind the wheel, has turned out even better than I remembered.  Of course right now, the money is not all that great, but the mobility sure is.  In the past week, I’ve managed to catch a sunset or sun rise in seven different states.  What other job allows a person to do that?  I spend a lot of time sitting behind the windshield, gawking at the scenery, both natural and man made.  Not to mention the spectacle that is humankind in general. 

I am certainly having fun with this, and I think it can only get better.  To give a quick little breakdown, I spent a couple of nights in Laredo, Tx.  Then we were off for Fort Smith Arkansas, via Oklahoma.  Surprisingly enough, we headed back to Laredo once again, and ended up spending two days there.  Amazing at times, just how long it takes to get a truck unloaded and then reloaded.  The  next adventure led me across five states in a 24 hr period.  We headed east, to Florida, and traveled through Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Then Florida.

Surprisingly enough to me, Florida was pretty darn cold.  I woke up to 34 degrees, and was shivering in the bunk.  After two days in the sunny state, we’re now off toward Georgia.  Can’t wait to see what sights await my viewing pleasure.


Sandee said...

How fun. At least you are looking on the bright side of things. Some folks go through life and don't see all the beauty and never stop to smell the roses. I'm glad you do both.

Have a terrific day. :)

tashabud said...

Good to know that things have surpassed your expectations. Who would have "thunk" that Florida would be colder than Colorado at the time you were there, huh?

Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.


The Muse said...

glad to know that no matter where you matter the path you find yourself upon...there is an inner compass !

cheryl said...

Wonderful to know you're having fun Eric Life should be an adventure!

kkipp said...

So far so good, eh? I am pleased to read that you are enjoying many aspects of the job.



Eric S. said...

@ Sandee, Thanks girl, you have to stop and smell the roses, or you miss some of the best fragrances.

@ Tashabud, sorry I missed you in Wyoming girl, but the time will come when I can take a breather in the places that are important to me.

@ The Muse, that there is my friend, that there is.

@ Cheryl, you are so right, I might even get up into your neck of the woods some day.

@ Kel, hey big sis, I was even down our way for a very brief moment, to bad the circumstances didn't allow for a visit. Love ya.

kkipp said...

Yeah!?! Well, perhaps another day you'll be through the greater Bay Area with enough time to spare for a visit. I'd enjoy showing off the house and property--we've done quite a bit to this old ranch house on the hill.




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