Sunday’s Solitude

Sun sets on another summer day.

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The closing of one era of life, is like a grand sunset… with the color and character of life emblazoning the evening sky.  It is a time of transition… changes from one mode of life to another.  I feel as though, I can enjoy the view of retrospect.  Relishing the vision of a colorful horizon fading into the shadows of nights welcome duskiness. Enjoying the memories that are the paint upon a canvas of personal history.

Always, upon change, there is doubt.  Yet, I try hard to push that aside… curl up tight in a warming, comfortable blanket of anticipation.  This is a time of introspection and thoughtful mediation.  A chance to look back and appreciate the good while accepting the paltry times of the past few years.  I can assure you, there is much to appreciate and relish.  I have many memories that will be added to my collection of pearls of nostalgia.  Precious jewels I can examine, hold, clean, and polish until they gleam with a sheen like no other.

My anticipation of what is to come is nearly uncontrollable.  Like the dawning of a new day, filled with the promise of all that is imaginable.  I think of it as a sunrise of amazing beauty, color, and potential.  The crisp coolness of morning breezes to welcome a new day, venturing forth from shadows of yesterday.  Peeking out through the grey of early morning, enjoying the shifting colors of a clear sky.  Grey turns to starting blue, through a breathtaking spectrum of color, until the sun is fully risen above the confines of the guarded horizon. 

A dayspring of unique calm greets my cognition.  My canvas is clean, fresh, and stretched tight across a sturdy frame.  Placed on an easel of experience, situated just so.  I await the paint to mix and mingle on a palette of achievement.  I can’t wait to see what colors and textures will be spread across that clean fresh canvas. I wonder at what portrait or landscape of pulchritude might be created.

Sleep this night, may be fitful.  Not for worry or apprehensiveness, but for anticipation of what is to come.  Excitement bleeds form my conscious ideas, as I look forward with dreams of productive prosperity.  As one vision is met, faced with anticipation, another is formed and fed.  It’s a cycle I hope never ends, one that sustains me more than ever before.

The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination, as are intelligence and necessity when unblunted by formal education. – Maya Angelou, via Quotations Book.


Sandee said...

Very well said and so very true.

Have a terrific day. :)

kkipp said...

I like the painting metaphor, and the upbeat tone. Go Bro!




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