A Pause in Time


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The commencement of a new dawn, shedding it’s warming light, is such a welcome and long sought sight.  Today, I feel like a tumble weed, rolling along under that glow of brilliant shimmering light.  A single entity, propelled by the whim of friendly breezes, trimmed and shaped by fate’s fickle fingers.

I have finished the first stage of my schooling.  A stringent course requiring long hours, and diligent study.  Even though I already possessed the required license, I learned much and discovered many advancements and changes in the industry.All of my previous experience did help, and made for an interesting outlook on what has become of long familiar career.

Tomorrow, I set forth on phase two of my adventure.  A welcome change to the struggle as I will start to earn a little money once again.  Although this stage shall cause a pause in my internet activities, as I have yet to get a lap top.  Until the time I can afford such a luxury, I sadly must put my blogging life on hold. 

I’ll be thinking of all my friends here in the blogosphere, and dreaming of the day I get to share the stories I stumble across in my travels.  Until that time, I wish you all good luck and prosperous days.


Sandee said...

I wish you well. I shall miss you.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jennifer said...

Good luck! Enjoy the adventure of starting over. Some people never take (or never CAN take) that opportunity).

Rogue said...

All the very best. We will be here when you return.

tashabud said...

Best wishes to a new beginning. May all your other hopes and dreams come to fruition from now on.


cheryl said...

Eric, dear friend, be safe out there and know we are cheering for you anddddddddddd we can't wait to hear your tales :)

Eric S. said...

@ Sandee, Thank you dear lady.

@ Jennifer, I surely will,and appreciate every moment.

@ Rogue, Thank you, my silence shall be shorter than I thought.

@ Tashabud, Thank you my friend, Your support is so very special to me.

@ Cheryl, I will be, and you should be hearing from me regularly now.

kkipp said...

Enjoy the tumbly travels.

Hugs. Kel


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