The Call of The Road

Desert Sunrise

Image by VerismoVita via Flickr

Beckons my soul, bewitching my spirit!

Hours, now only a few, till my departure.  I wait on baited breath for those fabled adventures sure to be less exciting than I imagine.  I look forward to the coming endeavors even more enthusiastically now than before.  It’s Sunday afternoon, and I join my trainer at 6:00 PM tonight.  Then we’ll set off on the road, to the south first…  then to what journey I shall be led…  remains unknown to me. 

I have discovered kindness and generosity still lives even in these troubled times.  Through those very virtues, I now have the means to post updates and keep up with my blogs.  I was given the opportunity to acquire a very nice laptop, and have been getting it all set up.  Now I will have the tools to write the stories I discover, even while on the road.  The good news is that I can now share my adventures as often as Internet is available. 

For those of you who may have the privilege of owning a Kindle, my blog is available by subscription through the Kindle store, along with Footprints In Time.  I hope to be posting updates on a regular basis, giving a glimpse into the adventure I’m starting this fine day.  I’ll write from Laredo, just as soon as I can, if there is Wi-Fi available there.


Sandee said...

I don't have Kindle, so I'll wait for a blog post. I hope you have a terrific time on your adventure. :)

tashabud said...

I'm with Sandee. Have a happy journey to Laredo. I shall look forward to reading about your adventures.


Eric S. said...

@ Sandee, No worries, I'll still post here when I have access. By the way, thanks for the follow on Twitter.

@ Tashabud, Thanks Tasha, It was a quick little trip, with just a little bit of sitting around waiting.

kkipp said...

Wow, how excellent to have acquired a lap top with which to travel. Blessings on the kind soul that made such possible.

I had to fish back quite a ways to hit storyline -- guess I've been away a while, sorry about that -- fricking nasty busy at work and home, including some time overseas again.

Really glad to see the eagerness to hit the road in these posts.

Luv you Bro,



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