Starting a New Chapter, Story of My Life.

Mountain Sunset

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I’ve been compiling an updated resume, and have decided that I feel sorry for the person who might choose to write my history.  Naw, in all seriousness, the process has made me remember with fondness, many of the things I have done, and places I’ve been.  Most of all… all of the mountain connections I have. 

It’s always refreshing to recall those good times, when things were prosperous and productive.  But what I’m recalling are those reflective times, often when alone, enjoying the mountains that were home for so long.  There was always a certain comfort in being able to look in any direction and see that protective parapet of mountain ranges that surrounded our little community. 

I remember sunsets of amazing beauty and color that takes the breath away.  There was nothing better than watching the sun slowly hide behind the white capped ridges and craggy peaks of the Mosquito Range.  I would watch as the sky changed from the clear clean blue of day to an evening ablaze with the rusty wine colors of a setting sun.  One of the things I remember most was the change in temperature.  People are always surprised when I tell them that at 10,000 feet, you feel about a 20 degree, or more, change in temperature when the sun goes down. 

What’s even grander, is when you get to watch the sun come back up again.  There’s something nice about the start of a new day.  The positive feelings as the darkness fades to the light of day.  A completely new showing of colors that promise a fresh start.  Always accompanied by the sounds of nature, as the birds and high altitude critters set forth to face their daily toils. It’s like starting a new chapter each and every day, seldom the same, yet always familiar.

That’s what this process feels like, the closing of one chapter, and the new and fresh opening of another.  Hopefully all things fall into their appropriate place, and I get the chance to do what I’ve wanted to for the past few years.  It would be nice to start that new, yet familiar, career, full of prospect and potential.  You see I’m applying to trucking companies, looking for a position where I can go over the road.  To think I might just get to travel through those mountains that I called home for so long.  I would welcome the change of pace, and the chance to get out of the Texas heat once in a while.

Just think about all the time I would have to think and ruminate.  The stories and prose I could come up with while I drive over those mesmerizing macadam roadways.  I think it would be inspirational to my creative side, and a welcome change to my life.  I’ve had a commercial drivers license since I was 16, and even used it a few times through my life.  For once though, I have a certain ambition to join the ranks of those who transport the nations goods over prairies, mountains, and through valleys.  The lonely lifestyle, suits my nature, and would lend itself to some serious contemplations. 

Wish me luck, and just maybe I’ll get to travel to all those places I’ve wanted to visit.  Perhaps even be able to have lunch with some of my blog friends, and meet them in real life instead of virtually. 


tashabud said...

Beautifully written, Eric. I could feel your immense longings for those mountains while reading your prose. I hope those longings will soon be satisfied. For sure, I will not envy you driving through those majestic mountains in the winter times.

You're actually going forward with this plan this time. I wish you all the best. And, hope to have lunch with you someday?

Happy Sunday,

Eric S. said...

Thanks Tasha,I do miss those mountains, and this could be my chance to at least visit them a little more often.

Yes I'm really going through with it this time. It's something I have done before, just not in the true over the road form I'm after now. Of course I don't have any kids at home to worry about this time, Just the little lady and she's fine with it.

cheryl said...

As you've described them Eric, no wonder you wish to return. It sounds like a beautiful place to live.
All the best with your new career and be very careful out there please. :)

Eric S. said...

Thanks Cheryl. Yep they are amazingly beautiful. I'm always careful when it comes to driving.

Jennifer said...

Good luck! Taking the first few steps is the only way toward any dream. I think you should buy yourself a small tape recorder. In the past I've been known to write down story and journal ideas in a notebook while driving! Not Often I couldn't read what I wrote on going back to it!

Eric S. said...

Thanks Jennifer, Yep those first few steps sure are a doosy though. It can be pretty intimidating sometimes.

I don't think I would even try to write while driving. I have a hard enough time talking on the phone. I think the tape recorder will be the way to go, then I can write it all down later.

LV said...

You are an excellent writer. You know how to use words very nicely.

Eric S. said...

Thank you very much LV, that is an extremely kind compliment.


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