Desert Travels, Dangerous and Beautiful.

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A story of travels through an envisioned desert, not exactly what you expect.

The desert is barren and dangerous. A predatory land, filled with creatures, many so small they seem insignificant, yet usually the most dangerous. Always a slithering crawling critter crosses the path, altering the route to my envisioned destination.  I have learned to be imperturbable, self possessed and observant, above all, thrifty in my decisions.  This desert economy has made for trying times with dangers all its own, unique and un-relinquishing. 

I have confidence, born of a faith that I will find that oasis of security and prosperity.  I know it’s out there, hidden in waves of shimmering heat.  All I have to do is avoid the mirages created by an emanating desert swelter.  The oasis of an occupation, is waiting, somewhere on the fringes of this untilled wasteland.  I can see the promise of the mountains on the horizon, seemingly close… always promising.  All I have to do is trudge my way through the deep sands, recognizing and avoiding hazards. I travel from one life sustaining water hole to next, making my way ever towards those distant mountains.  My own personal oasis.

Even with all of its dangers, the desert holds a simple beauty.  At times I have to look hard, but it’s always there, right in front of my eyes, I just have to choose to see it.  The colors of a morning sun, bright and promising, shinning over the sands, creating a kaleidoscope of natural, neutral colors. Vibrant in their own illumination, yet subdued and hard to see when viewed in the wrong light.  Sometimes, I have to look hard to see the beauty that is always around me, but I know it’s there, simply waiting to be acknowledged. 

Although a desert sunrise can be an enticing allurement, it holds its own warning, find shelter to wait out the incinerate rays of the sun… always a sunset follows. A sunset that heralds safety and security in travel, for I can follow the stars, clearly visible in the heavens above.  I simply have to find one of those shelters, or even a temporary oasis to shelter my spirit during the scorching conflagration of day.  I trust to the moon and stars to direct me to a path leading to the security and refuge of a solid secure occupation.  Thank the deities, for the assurance and sustenance of family and friends, ever by my side, supporting and driving me forward.

I long for the welcome arms of the mountain passes.  Always a strenuous climb, with frequent peaks and sure descents, yet always the chance to climb once again.  I know that this inhospitable desert is but one of those descents, frightful and sometimes grisly on the surface but holding a simple beauty hidden in the sands.  Sometimes, I just have to dig to find it.

Until I find that dream vision, proving for longevity and security, I hold firm to my own wellspring of strength.  That never ending supply of confidence and compassion from family.  They are the beauty in my desert, an oasis of shelter, the sunset and sunrise that holds promise for a future… my consistency.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  Mahatma Ghandi, via Quotations Book.


Sandee said...

Very well said and so very true.

Have a terrific day. :)

tashabud said...

Wow! Eric. It's only you who can write a beautiful poetic metaphor such as this.

Hang in there, Eric. I have a feeling that you'll find your Oasis when and where you least expect it.


Eric S. said...

@ Sandee, Thank you young lady, hope your having a terrific week also.

@ Tasha, LOL, you're just too kind to me girl. I'm doing well, holding to the line if you know what I mean. Thanks girl.

kkipp said...

This vision has you traversing a challenging desert landscape . . . how odd to find echoes of my own, current, struggles in the imagery. The burden of too many tasks, for too many masters, in too short time frames feels emotionally like dragging oneself through thick, unending sand. No end to journey visible past the dunes rolling on to the horizon.

Each morning rousing myself, dry mouthed, crusty-eyed, before the sun is above the horizon to prepare for the day and head back out into the sands. Loaded higher with tasks day by day--heart drying out, hope of respite dimming.

Yet I hold onto the tasks grimly, as they are the only means of garnering sufficient scrip to keep self and family in home and fed.

Many types of desert wee Bro.

kkipp said...

Sheesh . . . I just reread the note above. Sorry to be such a bummer today.

I know that you will eventually be successfull shifting profession gears again(pun intended).

It appears my own challenge lies in finding the courage to set down the held, known, renumerated tasks and seek a path better suited to soul and passions.

Here's to pursuing passions!!!!

Eric S. said...

Hey Kel, I know what you mean. Although, I think at this juncture, I would prefer to have too many tasks at hand. It would have to be better than sitting here trying desperately to find work, yet meeting the same brick wall with each and every attempt.

I guess we each must endure our own individual desert.

kkipp said...

Yes, it's hard to find the courage to set the currently held position down in this challenging economy.

I'm just not sure if I can keep on lugging this current position forward without burning self/body out. Any one of my four hats could easily be a full-time job (all 'should' be if expected to get reasonable traction rather than just keep throwing temporary bandaids on things).

But like you said, we each have our own unique burdens to face during these difficult times. So I guess I just need to cowboy up (one way or another). LOL




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