A New Blog For an Old Pursuit.

McCullough Taylor Scott Marten I’ve been pretty busy this past week.  After all these Sepia Saturdays, and the tie in it has had with the research I’m doing on my family history.  So I decided to start a blog just for that.  All week, I’ve been working on setting it up between internet searches for my ancestors. I have a few posts up, and the About page, Author page, and contact page done.  I’m working on the two links pages, but that will be something I fill in as I go. 

One of the hardest things was figuring out a name for it.  Then one night, after a long search online, I was sitting here thinking, “Tracking my ancestors is like following really faint or hidden footprints”.  LIGHTBULB, there was my name, Footprints In Time.  I’m going to make it a little family history, and a little bit of sharing what I learn about how to search the internet for your ancestors.  I have a Facebok page set up for it, and even have my first fan.  I’ll be able to share the stuff I find with my family that’s on Facebook.  Be sure to swing by and click on the like page button. 

I’ll still be posting here, but I think it will be back to the fiction, and fun things.  I’ll probably do a few Sepia Saturdays here also.  Mostly i”ll post some fiction though.  It’s only going to be a couple times a week, because of all the time I’m spending tracking those elusive Footprints In Time.

I found a new site for writing prompts, similar to Magpie Tales.  It’s called The Tenth Daughter Of Memory.  They post a picture, you write a fiction story poem or what ever, and post it on your site.  Then you take the link to that post, and put it in the Mr. Linky on their site.  I may try to do a few of them, see what I can come up with. I found the site through Irrelevant Irrelevance.  Jefscape, of Irrelevant Irrelevance, has ton’s of quality fiction to read over there, it’s well worth the visit.

The picture at the top shows my Great, Great, Grandfather Scott McColough (standing) and his brothers in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.


Sandee said...

I love Footprints in Time. I don't do Facebook so you'll not see me there.

Way cool picture of your great, great Grandfather and his brothers. Way cool indeed.

Looks like you are having a great time tracking down your family tree.

Have a terrific day. :)

Eric S. said...

Thanks Sandee, It's more fun than you can imagine.

That name is pretty cool huh!

Luuuuuua said...

superb blog,felicitari

cheryl said...

What a wonderful project Eric! It's amazing what we can find with a little digging and determination. I started mine a few years ago and both sides came over from the green Isle in the very very early 1800's. Time for a road trip to learn more, and see what leprachauns are in the closet ;)
All the best with your pursuit, enjoy the stories and have fun !

Eric S. said...

@ Luuuuuua, Thanks, I thought it fit.

@ Cheryl, It's a lot of fun for sure, and I'm learning all kinds of neat things.

tashabud said...

Gosh, Eric, your creativity is at an all time high. I still haven't found the time to write the way that I'd like to. I can't wait till I retire and go up in the mountains and isolate myself inorder to write once again. For now, I'll just enjoy being the reader.

Sorry, I haven't been here in a while. As usual, life gets in the way. Spending lots of time with 3 adorable but high maintenance grandkids. Enjoying my time with them though.


Eric S. said...

Thanks Tasha, I know what you mean. I do my best writing in the middle of the night when no one is around. Nothing wrong with being a reader, that where you can get some of the best ideas.

No worries. You just take care of those little darlings, and enjoy them while you can. Before you know it, they'll be teenagers, always on the run from place to place.

JeffScape said...

Hey, hey... I came back to dig through some of your old fiction and noticed this post.

Thanks for the plugs! Do come join 10thDoM. We're itching for new players.

Eric S. said...

Hey Jeff, My pleasure, I will be doing a few, I have a lot on my plate with the new site, but once things settle down some, we'll see.


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