Great Grandparents; Sepia Saturday

Robert Dykan & Ida Ma Pitt W- Family This week, I have made pretty good progress with the research on my family heritage.  Seeking those timid records that love to hide in the dusty shelves and hard bound tomes of ancient times.  Okay, so that's overstating it just a little bit.  These days it seems its as easy as typing, to find the right bread crumb that leads to an old record.  A little typing and a whole lot of patients that is. 

I managed to find the marriage record of my my great grandparents. That’s them over to the left, some time after the marriage obviously.  I found it on line, and was able to view the actual book in a neat little picture window.  I could zoom in to Robert Dykan & Ida Ma Pitt 1where I had no trouble reading what was written there.  The hand writing of whoever kept those records is absolutely gorgeous. 
They were married on Dec, 17, 1895, in a Baptist ceremony by Rev. H.B. Smith witnessed by one John Robertson and one Nellie Terris (Terris is Great Great Grandmother Fentons maiden name, Although Nellie must be an aunt).  The happy event took place in the village of Springhill, Pugwash Parish, Albert County, Nova Scotia.  Their parents were listed as Thomas and Mary Pitt, along with John and Gracie Fenton. The record even listed the occupation of the fathers.  It seems that my Great Great Grandfather Pitt was a Mariner, and Great Great Grandfather Fenton, a Miner.   In the picture, my Grandmother is center front.

I also found many other records.  Nova Scotia has the best records search utility.  It checks birth, marriage, and death records, then shows the results in an easy to follow format.  If you find the one your looking for, you just click the “view” button, and you get to see the book.    I also found birth records of three great great great uncles and one The Pitt 6aunt, all for free.  If you want or order a digital copy, it costs $10.00, or you can get a certified paper copy for $22.00.  You can view samples of the records here.

Here is a picture of the six Pitt girls Circa 1945, my Grandmother is center right, in the light coat and white hair.

If you enjoy the old photographs, click on over to Sepia Saturday, and follow the links to view many more.  Maybe you might even have a few of your own you would like to share.  No problem, just join in the fun.  You can find the link over in my side bar at any time.  Just look for this button.


gibknitty said...

looks like you have found some great information. i have been thinking of trying to dig up some of the past myself, but i have not started yet. great photos!

Sandee said...

You are making great progress. I applaud you for doing this research into your family.

Have a terrific day. :)

Martin H. said...

I have had a few surprises whilst researching family history on the internet but, most of the work has been quite painstaking, trawling thousands of records and paying a subscription for the right.

With records and photographs like these, your family tree will be really taking shape.

Eric S. said...

@ Gibknitty, Thanks, you know it is a lot of fun. I was lucky in that my Mother already had done a lot of leg work.

@ Sandee, Thanks girl,

@ Martin, Yep I've been pretty lucky. I have to be honest, the amount of time I've spent following disguised links that lead to is amazingly frustrating. There are still some free sites and information out there. I'm trying to exhaust all of them first.

The tree is taking pretty good shape so far. I am amazed at how far I've taken it in just a weeks time.

Barbara and Nancy said...

That first photo is a wonderful family montage. How nice that you were able to find so much free information. I've spent lots on and still have lots of missing gaps. Not that I'm complaining !

Eric S. said...

Thanks Barbara. I was really amazed at how much I was able to find for free. I was also amazed at how many links, disguised as something else took me right back to They do seem to have a monopoly on genealogical information.

I'm sure there will always be some gaps, but it's so very thrilling to find just one more link in the chain. The stuff I like the most is when I find publications centered around on of those links in my hereditary chain.

Nancy said...

The first photo of your family is absolutely stunningly beautiful. I've never seen one like it before. I also like the photo of the 6 sisters together. It's very fun.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Nancy,it's a photo that my mother had duplicated some time back. I have no idea how mush she paid to have it done, but there was no negative. When I scanned it, I enlarged it to get a better look. there is a fine cross hatch pattern withing the print that is ever so hard to see. Almost as if it was done on some kind of fabric.

K. said...

Wonderful pictures!

My family emigrated to Prince Edward Island from Ireland, and eventually made their way to Boston.

My late wife's maiden name was Pitt. Who knows? Maybe you share a gene or two with our kids.

A few years ago in County Wexford, Ireland, my new wife and I located the remains of the railroad station where her grandfather lived and was stationmaster. We also found the grave marker of a distant great aunt. The last name was spelled slightly differently, but the dates and the maiden name were exact matches. It was very exciting and quite profound.

jinksy said...

You're lucky to have such a research tool at your service! Nothing like that here - It's slow and laborious to find anything - and usually expensive, too!

Eric S. said...

@ K. Wow, it could be, the Pitt family was pretty well ensconced in Nova Scotia. Did she do any genealogy on her self, I have lists of Pitt names and DOB.

It's not uncommon from what I'm finding for names to change for ease of use. There is a whole family in my background that change the spelling of their last name. That was an amazing find either way.

@ Jinksy, I've noticed that the Us does not seem to place much value of ease of research. I wonder if we have gotten lazy or what. So far, I have not found one state that makes it easy for a person to track their history. I've also noticed the expensive part.

tashabud said...

What an amazing technology we have now a days, huh? With just a click, we can find so much. My father's ancestry come all the way from Spain. My mother is the native one.

I enjoyed looking at all your sepia pictures and reading about your family history.

Perhaps, you're related to Brad Pitt! Tehehe.

Eric S. said...

Ahh, Spain huh, I bet there's some stories in that background. Sometimes, you can find things with just a click. and other times, it's a matter of weeding your way through a few hundred or even thousand forum board posts.

Brad Pitt huh? I don't know, I suppose it's a possibility. LOL

Pat transplanted to MN said...

A great find for you; I get excited with those things too; I almost wish I had ancestry in Nova Scotia so I could use the information you shared. I have not found any site that easy to use and even can be cumbersome. And when you find a record with good handwriting that is another bonus. Thanks for the info. and sharing the photo of your grandparents..

Tattered and Lost said...

The line of woman makes me think of dominoes and that any minute they're all going to go tumbling in unison backwards where the next row of woman are waiting.

Christine H. said...

How rewarding to research your family history. I love the photo of the six Pitt girls.

Eric S. said...

@ Pat, It's funny how excited I get. You would think I just won the lottery or something. I'm driving my family nuts with my enthusiasm. I wish we had those kind of sites down here, it sure would make research easier.

@ Tattered and Lost. They do look like they're leaning backward. Now you've gone and made me laugh.

@ Christine H. It is fun, and thank you.


as i have really no one left to tell me my history, i'll have to rely on those web services. will have to look into that.
nice post!!

Eric S. said...

Well Tickle bear, you could write it yourself I suppose. I had not thought about what it would be like to have no one to carry on the family name.


my branch of the family ends with me, but i have many [estranged] cousins that have multiplied aplenty. so, the name is not lost entirely and i'll leave it to them to carry on the history of the family. but i am intrigued. i checked out the "quebec and acadia genealogy" which provided no information whatsoever... but there are some info on "".
oh well!!

kkipp said...

Grandma Ethel looked quite a bit like her mum, didn't she!

My favorite picture of Grandma Ethel is the one that Tina Leigh has in the original--sepia, an oval frame, and gram at perhaps 14/15 years old, chin on hand, hair and makeup all done up in quite a mature fashion, but her eyes appear to be focused on some far away romantic future.

Each one of the Pitt Girls was a character in their own way. I was deeply saddened, moved by the passing of a generation, when Aunt Doris died a few years ago (followed very quickly, unsurprisingly, by Uncle Lew). Thought the funeral was full of plenty of laughter at all of the giddy tales folk had to share of Dingy Dory's many antics & hilarious characteristics. I can only hope to be remembered with such happiness and warmth.



Eric S. said...

I do love that picture also. Yes, the Pitt's definitely hold to a set of family traits. I think Tina Leigh has just a little of that.

I wish I had made that funeral, but there was just no way it could be done. "Dingy Dory" LOL, I hadn't heard that before.


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