KABOOM, The Book

For anyone who has read my blog from way back when, they well know I was a huge fan of Kaboom: A Soldiers War Journal.  A blog by a soldier stationed in Iraq “embracing the suck” as he said.  Lt. G. (Matt Gallagher) , the author of said blog, a creative and entertaining writer, told the story of his deployment with a hint of cynicism, sarcasm, humor, and boat loads of reality.  Kaboom was ordered shut down by Lt G.’s superiors when he posted a not so flattering description of an encounter with a “POG (people other than Grunts) staff officer” within his chain of command.   An untimely end to a timely and authentic blog. 

Matt Gallagher has finally published his book, Kaboom: Embracing the Suck in a Savage Little War, I Ordered the book just last weekend after checking Matt’s original web site, and finding out he is back in civilian life, and blogging at a new site, Kerplunk, From Baghdad to Brooklyn.  It arrived on Tuesday, and I read it cover to cover over the period of 3 evenings, after work.  A wonderful collection of stories from his deployment, told in that unique voice from his blog, so familiar to me.  I especially enjoyed the part where he explained what prompted his fated and flamboyant post “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage” along with the military-political backlash that resulted.  Funny that “press coverage” was part and parcel of the title, for the incident received plenty of it.

Matt tells it like it is within our modern military, Power Point Presentations and all.  You’ll feel the disdain with which the grunts, the guys with boots on the ground stirring up dust, view the POG’s – REMF’s – FOBBIT’s, chair warming higher echelon, who tempt fate when they try to micromanage or direct the prosecution of daily routine. An enjoyable and entertaining read, well worth the time and money.


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