An Introduction to The New Look

Fairplay, CO

Image by opheliates via Flickr

Many of you have noticed that I have been playing with the appearance of my blog once again.  I think I have finally settled on “the look” I will stick with.  There are a couple of reasons for this, most of all the image in the background.  Say hello to Front Street in the small town I grew up in, nestled in amongst the fourteeners’ of Colorado’s high country.  I thought it appropriate and responsive to the title of this blog, not to mention the comfort I feel just looking at it.

The picture in the background was taken in the mid 70’s as near as I can tell.  For one thing the street is still gravel, I’m not sure of the date they actually paved it.  I do remember seeing the streets of our tiny mountain town paved, I was in grade school at the time.   It was a big deal to us, for we had been so used to the simple dirt streets of our town, we thought we were getting big city amenities.  

If you look at the buildings on the right hand side of the street, you’ll see a sign that say’s Pocock’s Grocery.  That is where mother did some of her shopping.  There had been a number of times we heard the statement “I’ll be a few minutes”,  only to find ourselves entertaining an active imagination for far longer than a few moments.  I can still remember the real boardwalks lining the street.  Some of the building even had the old hitching rails and abandoned water troughs in front of them.  It was fertile grounds for the wild imaginings of young kids. 

We would hear the jingling footsteps of cowboy boots, sporting spurs, walking up and down the boardwalks.  Of course my brother and I would be wearing our one pair of “shared” spurs, I wore one my brother the other, while we played cowboys and Indians.    It was a wonderful little town to grow up in.


Sandee said...

I like your new look very much. It does indeed look like a fine town to grow up in. I live in a very small town too and I like it very much. Small towns have such charm.

Thanks for giving us a history lesson about your childhood.

Have a terrific day. :)

Summer said...

Love the new look.

Allison said...

As usual your writings are always written so nice, and this article is no exception. You are always so able to put into words the way I feel about my small mountain town. Again thanks for sharing.
As for your blog? I LOVE it! It is just PERFECT for this blog.You just couldn't make it any better. The set up of it all is perfect for the writings that you do on this particular blog. Yep your blog itself tells a story of it's own. PERFECT!!!

kkipp said...

Yup, mighty fine lil'bro, mighty fine!

tashabud said...

It l looks like a mighty fine place to live in. At first glance, it looks like a Hollywood movie set for Western movies.

Too bad that your wife's health is not compatible with the altitude and the weather in your hometown.


Eric S. said...

@ Sandee, Thanks girl. Yep small towns have a certain character, and seem to build that character in their residents. Nothing better than that small town atmosphere.

@ Summer, Thanks girl, it took me a little while to figure it out.

@ Allison, WOW, thank you. I don't know about perfect, for I certainly am not perfect, nor anywhere near it. Therefore my blog could never be perfect. Acceptable maybe.

@ Kel Hey big sis, I'm just missing home a little these days.

@ Tashabud, Thank you, funny thing is parts of the town have been used in western movies in the past. Especially the museum. It was a great place to grow up and exist. I sometimes think it's that "existing" that I miss the most.

Yes it is too bad! Thank you.


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