Fiction Beyond Simple Identity, or Title


In dreams there is comfort, solitude, and sometimes conspiracy, yet always, that companionless journey of adventure.  Currently though, I seem to be looking over my shoulder, waiting for those eye’s that seem to follow me through shadows to make themselves known.  Who is it that keeps joining me on my travels to the realm of darkness where all is quiet, calm, and peaceful.  Is it that I am simply unhinged, or perhaps I see with far too much clarity.  Is it possible that I’m stuck in some kind of story like “1984” with a virtual “big brother” watching my every move.  What would interest anyone in my dull and boring life of simple existence?  There can’t possibly be anything of interest happening around me in this idiosyncratic realm.

The question one must ask of themselves, is it the dreams or reality that are causing the friction.  Where do you turn to find the answers, for there are no real interpretations out there, only guesses.   People say that dreams are affected by the all too genuine elements of life.  Must I now search those detectable aspects of actuality for an answer.  What concerns me most are the intangibles.   Those phenomenon that are nearly impossible to detect, much less understand, that seem to effect our very existence.   Where does that leave me?  With fewer answers than when I started, and perhaps a much more difficult search for understanding.

For the time being, I suppose I’ll have to deal with those shades within the shadows prying into things that have no meaning for anyone but me.  Thankfully this is only a dream, for I could become a seriously obsessed paranoid if it were otherwise.  Not that I don’t have enough faults already so flagrantly imposing on my essentiality.  I certainly don’t need any more.  I long to continue those tenebrous walks within the realm of darkness, unaccompanied, for that is my comfort zone.  Dreams are strange that way, so very personal, unique, and specific.


Cloudia said...

We meet in a dreamworld.

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

cheryl said...

Tis up to the individual to decide if dreams are good or nightmares. I prefer the good ones. :)

Eric S. said...

@ Cloudia, my Hawaiian angel, Aloha

@ Cheryl, I do agree, the good dreams are best. But since this is simple fiction, who's to say the dream is good or bad. It's an unfinished dream in the least. LOL

Jennifer said...

Ah dreams they are such mysterious things. Nothing is literal, so they say. But I must say, I do love the intangibles. :-)

kkipp said...

Dreamland is a crazy place --- rarely comfortable.

tashabud said...

Many times I wonder if I'm only existing in someone's dream. Other times, I wonder if I'm comatous and only kept alive medically in a hospital and what I think is happening in my life is only a product of my comatous dreaming. Weird, huh?

I sure do hate it when I'm rudely awakened when I'm dreaming something good and pleasant. And hate it also when I can't wake up from a nightmare.


I like that photo of you in this post.

The Muse said...

My life is the dream....
When I write, then I am in reality.

Love the post!


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