Yellow Buds


Souls steeped in shadows, mourn ashen spirits lost, bidding farewell.  Seedlings of youths best… tempted, tested, and tortured.  Groomed from adolescent lives of ideology.  Trained, tempered and hardened for glory.  

Bulbs of dissimilitude, sown in a fertile soil of uniformity.  Tended, trimmed, nourished… ripened with fortitude, confidence, and virtue.  Fertilized with doctrine, faith, conviction, and philosophy. 

Youthful buds sent into the misty darkness of warring worlds.  Friendships bloom, form of adversity shared.  Sleeping, living, surviving… in shared commiseration.  Battling for comrades who stand beside them. 

Like yellow bouquets of commitment, stout and strong.  Sacrificing stem, leaf and petal for one another.  Torn asunder… petals scared and hidden.  Wilted, wane, weakened by immutable sacrifice. 

Combats darkness, steals a final essence.  With nary a leaf, petal, or stem left… final atonement.  Yellow flowers of companionship, now sown in gardens of stone.  Granit and marble markers, straight and uniform, conceal the scars, mark the passing… stand in homage.

This is a Magpie Tails post. 
I was at a loss for something to write.  The stimulus was such a beautiful yellow daffodil.  I could only associate the yellow flower with friendship.  What stronger friendship is there than that shared by men and women in combat.  So I tried this tribute to their sacrifices.


tashabud said...

Hi Eric,
Those are profound words. Made me think. This poem is a great tribute to our men and women in uniform.

I see that you've redecorated your blog. It has refreshing look.


Sandee said...

And you did it very, very well. Excellent tribute.

Have a terrific day. :)


Very well done, wonderful tribute.

christine said...

Loved the analogies you have made, so poingant.


joanny said...

Love your new look ---

Picture the titled Yellow Buds is fantastic looking.

Now to the good stuff-- your poem bold powerful statement of the cruel facts of war and the men and women who wear the uniforms. Well written piece of poetry.


Eric S. said...

@ Tashabud, Thank you dear lady. I was in a humble mood yesterday, thinking of fondly of my nephew who has heeded the call once more. Marching off to the sound of trumpets for a second time now.

The face lift was pretty easy this time. Blogger in Draft has some really neat new toys.

@ Sandee Thank you so much. I hoped it would be received well.

@ Sun Dance Hill, Thank you so very much.

@ Christine, Thanks, the analogies are the fun of it. It's a challenge to dream them up sometimes.

@ Joanny, Thank you, the new look was long overdue.

The picture was a mix of one I have of a darkened moon, and the yellow daffodil from Magpie. Then I added a little light, and a few twists.

Aye, war is cruel, and costly in lives. In more ways than one unfortunately. I have nothing but admiration for those who stand to, and give of themselves. So sad it must use the flowers of our young, changing them inside and out.

Lisa said...

a unique approach, sadly beautiful, poignant

Queenmothermamaw said...

Very profound. It is amazing what a picture of a beautiful flower will release from a group of folks with different backgrounds and experiences. Great job.

Catalyst said...

Profound thoughts, Eric. My grandson is Army and this means a lot to me.

Eric S. said...

@ Lisa, Thank you, too bad it has to be sad. But that is life as we know it.

@ QMM, it is amazing isn't it. A single picture can draw from the thoughts of many a startlingly varied response.

@ Catalyst, I'm glad you like it. I was Army, however my service was in peacetime. My Stepson and Nephew are both serving in the Army now. One has just returned from a second deployment, and the other has just set off on his Second deployment. They are seldom far from my thoughts.

Jennifer Morrison said...

What a beautiful ode to heroism and sacrafice. Your take on mag 7 is original and moving.

Pauline said...

Beautifully paced. "Bulbs of dissimilitude, sown in a fertile soil of uniformity" is such a telling line.

willow said...

What a beautiful take on the theme, Eric. "yellow bouquets of commitment" reached out and grabbed me. Well done.

Enchanted Oak said...

Such a unique voice about daffodils. This was a wonderful read. Thank you for going your own way on this one. It was touching.

Enchanted Oak said...

Here's my link:
Magpie Daffodil

Jessie said...

and a wonderful tribute that was. excellent job! :-)

Vicki Lane said...

What a different take on the prompt! Well done! Echoes of the old (Scots?) lament "The Flowers of the Forest."

Peter Goulding said...

"And do the pipes play the Flowers of the Forest?"
Very innovative take on the theme!

Angie Muresan said...

A beautiful tribute. I read it several times.

Eric S. said...

@ Jenifer, Thank you, I tried to show my respect.

@ Pauline, Thanks, that was one of my favorite.

@ Willow, Thank you, I was not sure it would be appropriate, but had to give it a go.

@ Enchanted Oak, Thank you kind lady.

@ Jessie, Thank you, it pales in comparison to yours.

@ Vicki, Thank you, amazing how different all the works were. I have seen nearly all of them, have to go back and see what new ones have come along today.

@ Peter, thank you sir.

@ Angie, Thank you very much.

She Writes said...

Love the original take you had on a flowery theme!

mjlmk said...

Well done! :)

Selma said...

Flowers really do have a great deal of significance for those in the armed forces. There is a story in my family of my great grandfather being sent a forget-me-not in the First World War and how he clung to it as a good luck charm. It must have worked because it brought him home safe and sound.

I really liked your post.

The Hausfrau said...

Astounding and profound. So well done!

tori said...

I struggled with this one too. I think you did a great job honoring our troups. :)

steviewren said...

I appreciate that you wrote about a soldier's sacrifice. It is a moving topic. I think all soldiers deserve our respect and appreciation.

Brian Miller said...


rel said...

from the yellow rose of Texas to the poppies of flanders field. flowers tell us the story of the fragility of love and war. You came to the page empty but your heart found the words to express your pride and admiration for the soldiers known and unknown. Thanks for recognizing.....

Aoife.Troxel said...

A fitting tribute

Eric S. said...

Hey everyone, sorry I was late to answer, but I have been out of town with no access at all.

@ She Writes, thank you.

@ Mjlmk, thank you.

@ Selma, Thanks, that's a really cool story of your grandfather. I'm sure the flowers worked well to help him remember his family at home.

@ The HausFrau, Thank you so much.

@ Tori, Thank you, it was a tough one for sure.

@ Steviewren, thank you, and I agree 100 percent.

@ Brian Miller, Thank you, I'm humbled.

@ Rel, Incredible words, thank you.

@ Aoife.Troxel, Thank you.


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