Shrugging Off the Clamorous Shroud of Silence

Misty Sunrise #2

Image by tricky ™ via Flickr

The emancipating deliverance of choice is exhilarating and thirst quenching, yet intimidating at the same time.  What undiscovered harmonic illumination resides on the distant un-approached horizon is obscure and mysterious.  Mystery though has always been intriguing, inspiring, and provocative.

This self induced silence has been deafening in its thunderous clamor.  A cloak of indifference, suffocating, blindingly debilitating to my intellectuality and contentment.   Stepping out of the bewildering darkness and shrugging off this suppressing cloak is relative to escaping the garrote. 

A shinning dawn rising through the misty morn, delivers a cleansing ablution of colors accompanied by a soft symphony of  harmony.   Long have I waited this pleasurable, scintillating orchestra of wonderment.  Little did I know, all that was required of me was an effortless novation.

My obvious course now,  is to advance forward, looking toward that hazy horizon for direction.  The warm embracing glow of the dayspring sun, lending comfort, compassion and sincerity.  The encouragement I receive is more bountiful and nourishing than an elaborate, flavorful feast. 

For those who don’t know, my dayspring sun is you, my valued and loyal readers.  Thank you ever so much for the loyalty and support, it is more valued and appreciated than I could ever illustrate.


Virginia Gaces said...

Hello Eric,

I'm glad you're back online. Welcome back . and good luck.

The Muse said...

From the depths of my heart...I rejoice in your rejuvenation and renewal !
And for what small part I play...I gladly offer an ear...and words of encouragement.

cheryl said...

O Eric, shrug off that cloak of darkness, life is too precious as you are dear friend. The sun, thank gawd :), o how I hate Winter, is finally upon us and shining brightly.
May I suggest a wee bit of Marjan Mozetich to lighten your soul.
Hugs you and big smiles !

Eric S. said...

@ Virginia, Thank you kind lady.

@ The Muse, Your too kind, thank you.

@ Cheryl, dear friend, thank you ever so much. But I still love winter and the cold briskness of the season, LOL.

tashabud said...

You just have a way of expressing your deepest thoughts and feelings in such beautiful poetic and romantic forms.

So glad that you're back again.


Eric S. said...

Why thank you Tasha, That is about the sweetest thing I've been told.

Rogue said...

Very well written and stated Eric. I look forward to more. Welcome back.

Eric S. said...

Hey Rogue, Thanks, I hope there will be more, but probably only once a week.

Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

Ever forward Eric. Your writing and prose delight me, as always. Have missed it.

The Muse said...

Just stopping in to say hello, to an old friend. :)

The Muse said...

No new posts on my end yet...this, was indeed a Frienship Call! :)

The Muse said... I feel like a stalker!
But cool beans on the great use adjectives for Shoeshine!
Thrilled to read your words, Eric...!

Eric S. said...

@ Vixen, Thank dear lady, I appreciate you more than you know.

Eric S. said...

@ The Muse, Dear Dear Diva, I enjoyed that little game ever so much. You stirred my thoughts, and made me exercise that tired gelatinous gray matter.

kkipp said...

Isn't it wonderful (wonder full) to have a community of caring souls to send you warm and sustaining energy.



Eric S. said...

It is, it so very much is!


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