Campfire Contentment

Alignment of Jupiter, Venus and Moon
Image by Lucas Janin via Flickr

The scent of mesquite wood smoke draws my conscious thoughts from the precarious precipice of restful slumber.  An obsidian night sky, flecked with brightly sparkling stars.  Feathery clouds spread in web-like, silvery glow, reflected of a nearly full moon.  The glimmer of celestial entities, flicker and dim as they hide surreptitiously behind nebulous clouds. Then sparkle with renewed fervor as the glowing cotton slides smoothly, as if carried by currents, revealing them once more. 

Wispy tendrils of smoke, swirl and weave their way upward, carrying crimson embers flitting skyward to slowly dim then die.  A decidedly campestral bouquet permeates the night sky on imperceptible currents of amorphous, smoky trails winding their way upward.  

The satisfying comfort of relaxed, rested, contentment I feel emanating from this blazing glory of a simple campfire, wed to an illustrious night sky.  One of those unambiguous, seldom described, ever desired, muse freeing, pleasures, that spur such wondrous rumination. The soulful solace lends itself to the spirited wanderings of a curiously creatively imagination.  A silent interrogatory, posed to myself.  Hundreds of abstract possibilities, some philosophical, others fictional… mulled over, contemplated, reasoned out.

The plaintive howl of a lonesome coyote sounds hauntingly in the distance.  Answered quickly with the harmonious melody of a pack far closer than appreciated.  Ripping my percipient thoughts from the unknown concepts of a frigid, intriguing outer space.    Feuding instincts send contradictory messages along a vast network of nerves.  A chill ripples down my spine, causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end.  Fight or flight dumps a slight load of adrenaline, then reason quickly calms with unknown endorphins.  The haunting, hungry sounds of nature fuel the internal conflict, stimulating fictional ideas. 

Cognizant speculation of numerous theoretical possibilities.  The conceivable and plausible, evaluated, questioned, formulated.  The incomprehensible, discarded, set aside to make room for more realistic potential.  Such, inspiring, impressively, fertile breeding grounds for conjecture… breathtaking, revitalizing.  The abundance of possible content, overwhelming with its promise.  

This is what I love so much about getting out of the city.  Back to the simplicity of nature.

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Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

I am pretty envious right now. I think I would give away one of my kids, to sit by a campfire right now.

Eric S. said...

LOL, Vixen, it's amazing how "freeing" those simple little campfires can be.

Cloudia said...

Thanks for taking me along!

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

cheryl said...

Pondering as one in the elements is a good thing. Tends to clear ones mind and know there is a tomorrow :)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I unfortunately haven't been around a campfire in years so thank you for taking me along.

Eric S. said...

@ Cloudia, Aloha my friend, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

@ Cheryl, to true, there is something peaceful about pondering all those things.

@ Poetic Shuttebug, Ohh, you have to get out to enjoy a campfire. It's worth the effort.

joanny said...

It is a amazing how quickly we cease to forget being to much in the world and become part of the universe, when out in the open -- Still a little chilly here in the North West, but we do have Yurts to rent - but there is a looooong waiting list.

Love that night sky,pic too.


Eric S. said...

You are so right Joanny. I feel for up there in the north, but secretly envy you also. I miss the cold of the mountains, and the freedoms a wide open sky. The Mountain ranges merely a protective rampart.

tashabud said...

I love campfires. Camping without a campfire is just not the same. A campfire is what I like most about camping. My family would gather around the campfire, snuggle, tell stories, watch the fire dance, and roast marshmallows.

The feeling of warmth, togetherness, happiness, and love can all be felt around that simple campfire.

Alas, we, as a family, haven't gone camping for years now. Of cours, hubby gets to go camping every year at dear camp. So unfair!

Thanks for taking us along.



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