Casting Off the Shadows

Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight.

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Each night, I whisper to the wind, letting it carry my secrets like anonymous confessions.  My deepest, darkest thoughts, dreams, hopes and desires, all flowing to the far reaches on  invisible currents.  Like little notes tied to tumbleweeds and released to travel a dusty path of infinity.  Forever wondering if another lonely soul sits out there in the wilderness, patiently listening as I do.  Unburdening my soul, letting the wind’s spirit lift my worries to the heavens.  Searching for a simple solace, seldom found among people.  Sharing stories I would never dream of repeating in the presence of another mortal.  Lends a sense of serenity to my darkened spirit, lightens my troubled sanity. 


Tossing life’s worries like paper airplanes to glide on the winds current.  hoping they fly far from my marrow.  Releasing my spirit of haunting thoughts that seem to plague  my imagination monotonously.  Letting the spirit of the wind cleanse my heart and soul, bringing forth those old and familiar dreams.  Ambitions that sustain and keep me pushing forward.  Dreams of a brightly lit dawn, full of color and hope.  Fantasies that may soon bring me out of the shadows, throw light into those craggy darkened corners of my individuality.


It may be time to venture forth once again, leaving the dim shadows behind.  Time to throw off and outdistance that shield, anonymity seems to provide.  Warming rays of sunshine seem to be penetrating the darkness of my self imposed prison of silence.  A golden light dimly marks the path to follow, one that is uncertain yet strangely familiar.  I long for the warmth of  a new spring dawn, yet hold tightly to an uncomfortable foreboding.  With trepidation, I ascend slowly from the shadows that have protected and shielded my spirit, hoping for a certain buoyancy.


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tashabud said...

Hi Eric,
This is very beautiful and very touching. It made me teary-eyed, knowing that you've come back to join us once again, resuming your beautiful story telling.

I pray that those dark corners and shadows will leave you alone so you can enjoy life to the fullest once again.


soulMerlin said...

Beautifully expressed Eric. Like waking and sleeping, there are times for dancing in the sun and times for pulling the sheets over our heads. I hope you've woken to a bright dawn.


Rogue said...

Is not the human mind a wondrous thing? Wrought with all our misgivings of things we should or should not have done? We are the only creatures on earth to second guess ourselves. We believe ourselves alone; when in fact, we are surrounded by those that support and nourish our soul. Yours has been a journey. Nothing more. Take from this journey the wisdom and insight. And most especially so; its' strength. The trials and tribulations are at an end. A rebirth. A time of tremendous creativity! Enjoy your time in the sun Eric, it is well deserved. We; your friends; stand fast at your side. You are not alone. Call on me whenever the need arises; I will be there.

cheryl said...

It tis time to venture forth into the light of day and the wonderous season of Spring where life is renewed. One day at a time dear Eric, and you shall smile again :)

Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

Wow. Really. Wow. Your writing is just so.....awesome. I've missed it.

Lilly said...

WOW, WOW, WOW, simple amazing writing Eric. You got me in from the first beautiful sentence. Congratulations!!

Eric S. said...

Thanks every one, Hopefully this dark chapter is over.

The Muse said...

we only KNOW darkness...
because we have seen the LIGHT.

always in thought friend, always.

kkipp said...

I was startled to hear the whisper of my own relationship with the wind in this piece. Perhaps its having shared the high-county park land growing up, and the ever-present wind, that has generated this link between us.

I must dig out some of my own writings about Wind Sister to copy and send to you. I suspect you'll be as startled reading them as I was reading this piece.

Sooooooooo relieved to see you here in these blog pages again.

Love & hugs,


Eric S. said...

Kel, I would love to see them. I have a strange relationship with all the elements that make up the mountains as I remember them. Special is an understatement.


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