Spirits in The Rain

02.22.07: Singin' in the Rain

Image by Deannster via Flickr

This is a story I posted on The Inferno, for the last challenge/  Nightmares Dance.  For those who didn’t get to see the results of the challenge, I recommend clicking over to read them.  Some wonderful stories and poems were shared with us.


Jordan sat secluded in his study, pretending to be working.  In reality, he was simply staring at the colorful computer screen as it faded through a photo screensaver.  Landscapes of places he could only dream of visiting, dancing across the screen. He was enjoying the thunder and  rain storm that raged outside his window.  

There was something soothing about the tempo and beat of thunder as it rolled through the night sky.  The occasional flash of lightening, brilliantly illuminating and casting strange shadows on his office walls.  Shadows of the tree outside, seemingly reaching out, trying to grab items of curiosity off the shelves.  The sound of rain lightly drumming on the roof and windows.  A mesmerizing evening, Jordan was completely relaxed and enraptured with nature’s show.

Jordan turned his chair to the window, and looked through the rain sheeted glass.  The globe of his street light shown forlornly, surrounded by glistening droplets of  heavens tears.  A series of intense flashes of spectral light sparked momentarily, showing the cast iron light pole in crisp definition.  Jordan sat forward in his chair concentrating on the shimmering droplets around the street light.

Could it be?  Did he really see what he thought?  It can’t be possible!   Focusing his eyes on those droplets, so innocent and beautiful in the manufactured light.  Yet when the lightening flashed again… The images he saw were anything but docile and peaceful.  Faces of misty spirits, staring back at him, with anguished and questioning expressions clearly visible!  Jordan shook his head, and digging his fist in, rubbing his eyes, tried to rid them of the terrible vision. 

Under the light of civilization, the droplets returned to those shimmering beauties of colorful light, dancing lively around the streetlamp.  Yet when the rending light of heavens fury sparked once again… The faces were back, with a smoky realization that someone was watching.  They were looking back at Jordan, returning the rapt attention he paid them.  The anguish and fury ever more vibrant and visible. 

Jordan sat back, rolling his chair away from the window, coming up hard against the bookshelves.   “Jessie, come look at this, I can’t believe it!” Jordan yelled for his wife.  I must be seeing things.  He thought to himself, as he rolled the chair nearer the window again.  Curiously watching the placid shinning droplets cascade around the street light.  See, there’s nothing there, your letting your imagination run away with you.

Moving up as near the window as he could, Jordan watched, mesmerized by the light and the shimmering droplets.  Thunder still rolling in the background… a hypnotic rhythm.   Suddenly an astonishingly bright flash of lightening sparked with a resounding CRACK.  Illuminated in that brief moment, just inches outside his window…  hundreds of faces.  Angry, lost, questioning, hurt, blaming, every black emotion Jordan could think of was flashed in stark detail.  Their full attention directed solely at HIM!

Jessie, sitting in the living room, watching the evening news heard Jordan scream!   A scream unlike any she had ever heard before.  A scream of fear… a terror she could only imagine.   She jumped up quickly and ran to the study.  Throwing open the door, she saw Jordan's empty office chair slowly spinning in the middle of his study.

“What’s wrong Jordan?  Where are you?” Jessie asked, creases of worry marring her forehead and the corners of her eyes.  “Stop playing games, this isn’t funny!”

Lightening flashed outside.  Jessie saw the shadows of the tree against the bookshelves…   She didn’t see the lone misty face on the other side of the window.  A scream of fear, frozen in permanence on his face.  Jordan's spirit looked back  at his wife, wanting her to see his need.  The anguish of loss so vividly displayed in his expression!



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