A Shadow of Anonymity

Shadow Stalker

Image by diongillard via Flickr










A creature of habit, bound by character.

Silently seeking a cloak of darkness,

Shadow Stalker, revels in



Avoiding the light of acknowledgement.

Watching, listening, carefully observing,

Shadow Stalker, deftly deflects,



Hidden deep inside, a second self.

Restrained, held captive by reserved ambition, 

Darkness’s counterpart, desires one thing…



Shadow Stalker, beware, shade the light.

Your silent alter, far from reserved,

outshines your cherished anonymity.



Acknowledgement, recognition, acceptance!

Warmth, comfort, companionship, discovered.

Shackles degraded, captivity cast off, Ambition tasted.



This is my submission to The Artists Challenge,  for the theme Anonymity – Gallery 16.   I enjoyed this particular theme, the basis of it seemed to fit my personality so well.  Please go by Gallery 16 – Anonymity, Premiering August 29th, and see what all the artists have created for this theme.

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Art Can and Does Inspire Writing!

One of the advantages of being so involved with The Artists Challenge, is the inspiration that is so plentiful.   Just about all of my faithful readers know I can be spurred into fictional creativity by art work.  That’s how Fridays Fantasy came about.  It’s no surprise then, when I stroll through the galleries, a torrent of ideas and story lines flow freely through my imagination.


The above piece, titled “Whitney” was created by artists Dana Aldis .  She submitted it for the No Theme –Theme at The Artists Challenge. When I first viewed it, I was smitten by the intensity of her eyes.  There was  a story there, simply begging to be told.   So with Dana’s permission, I started writing.  The following is an excerpt of the story I did for The Inferno

Chase could tell she was not looking at anything in the mirror.  It seemed as though she was looking through it, watching a scene unfold, visible only to her.  A soft flicker of  light glinted off  her luxurious iris.   The drama being played out for her, and her alone, visibly affecting the spirit within her eyes.  Chase felt as though he could read her emotions, simply by viewing the subtle changes in her eyes.  Dramatic and entrancing, he found himself staring at her reflection in the bar mirror.

As her personal cinema played out, and came to it’s finale.  A light tear formed in the corner of  her eye.  Never quite breaking free to roll down her cheek.  The intensity of her emotions, clearly visible in those sorrowful dark eyes.  Whitney placed a five on the bar, stood up, and walked toward the door.  Leaving Chase wondering, Who is she, this Whitney?  What pain is it she feels so intensely, what loss is it that moves her, what is she looking for?

To read the full story, Please visit The Inferno; Whitney – Art Inspired Fiction.  It’s the start of a series I’ll be doing over there, and I think will be a lot of fun for everyone.


I’ve already been asked if I’ll continue the story.  My imagination has taken hold of this idea, and started to format the structure, and parse  lines.  I think that I’m not going to be able to help myself, the only question will be where!  This may just what I need for the new site I’m working on.  I’m still not going to let anyone know what it is, and where to find it yet.  I know, I’m cruel that way.  All I’m going to tell you, is that it will be completely dedicated to Fiction. 

The Inferno: Shiver Me Timbers, There’s Not Much Time!

Argh, the secret be out.  Those of us, charlatans one and all, over at The artists Challenge and Dante's Pub, have acquired another vessel.  Best not be asking how, safest you don't know!  Just know that shes a fine sailing craft, ready to ply the digital seas.  Her name be The Inferno, and she's crewed by a creative lot.  We'll be searching for treasure, literature, poetry, artistry of the written word.

I've signed on as Second Officer and Navigator, Mistress Bad Kitty is the ships Master.  Between the two of us, we'll be posting daily, art and writing, since we see it as one and the same.  There'll be challenges for those gutsy enough to take them up, and adventure to be had by all.  We have our own private tavern, with a secret back room for conversation and merriment.  To get into the back room though you'll have to sign up at Dante's Pub, and face the scrutiny of the Pub Wench.  She keeps a close eye on things and squashes the spammers even before they have a chance.

I've posted a fun little story for you to read, so go on over there and have a look around!

The Inferno: Shiver Me Timbers, There’s Not Much Time!

Argh! A secret I be holdin!!!

Inferno Profile Aye me maties, tis true, true indeed!  I be keeping secrets from ya!  I’ve been sworn to secrecy by the Pub Wench, devious soul she is.   By swearin to keep this insidious little secret, I signed in blood… under penalty of the plank, there was even the mention of keel haulin!  A time sensitive secret it be, and one that  the Wench be adamant about.


I’ve been promised the right to reveal, when the time is ripe.  When will that be yer askin?  When the Wench frees me from the blood swear I  real and truly made.  Soon, I assure ya, soon the mysterious cover will no longer be necessary, and I’ll be free from punishment.  Free to spill the beans, and give ya a glimpse at a treasure map of unimaginable value.  Until then… yer  gonna have to wait, and sufferer just like me.  I’ll tell ya though, I’ll be suffering far worse than you, because I really… really want to let slip my lip!


I’ll give ya a hint!!!  Shh, don’t be tellin the Pub Wench now, or let let it slip while yer tight with grog.  If yer crafty enough, ya just might figure it out on yer own, and I can tell the Wench truthfully that I didn't let it out.  It has something ta do with the Artist Challenge and Dante’s Pub!

No Theme – No Boundaries











No path to follow, nor touch to guide.

Unforeseen adventure, careless and free.

No signs baring entry, or  fences blocking passage.

Dreamers wander, pursuing uncommon energy.


No map to guide, nor compass to navigate.

Unrestrained and dauntless, a liberating, exploit.

abstract imagination, envisioning virtuosity.

Unhindered thought, pursuing creative spontaneity.


No syllabus outlined, perceptions illuminating.

Inspired visions, released in imaginative thought.

Delicate symmetry of complete imbalance.

Boundaries withdrawn, pursuing joyous independence.


The Artists Challenge, has yet another theme.  This one is new and interesting, the theme is “No Theme”.  The question then becomes, just how does one define no theme.  I’m excited to see the results of the different artists visions.  If there’s one thing I’m learning about the artist community, it’s that the individual diversity is startling.    The unique visions of  one theme, is amazing in itself.  With this new theme, or NON-Theme, the product of their endeavors should be incredible.

The above poem, is my submission for the No Theme Challenge.   The Challenge is scheduled to debut Aug 16 th, 2009, be sure to go check it out.  You will most likely be pleasantly surprised, and just might find something you just have to have.

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Working, Working, Working

A week full of work, thank goodness. I’m spending a lot of time out of town, and loving every minute of it.  As I said on Side Notes, we’ve been working 10 to 12 hours a day, then heading to camp.  Once there, of course there’s  charcoal grilled steak, and baked potatoes.  Last night, I even made my stuffed jalapenos.   I use ground venison-browned, and four cheese,  shredded cheese mix, then wrap with bacon and toss it on the grill.   Umm Umm good!  Add a cold beer to the mix and we’re relaxing with the best of them.   Then it’s off to the fishing pond for a little fun.


One other nice thing about working out there is the scenery.   Possum Kingdom, where we’re working has some beautiful deer.  We saw this guy on our way into the job site.  He just stood there for the longest, letting us take pictures.  Then three more came out, all smaller than him.  It was quite the bachelor group.  We also saw twelve doe in a different

place.   When he decided to leave, he just  moseyed off, not a care in the world.   He doesn’t seem to be worried at all about a truck sitting on the road only 30 feet from him with some dam fool hanging out the window, taking pictures with a cell phone.


The only bad thing about working out there, is I don’t have the time to deal with my writing.  I am still working on the next piece of Friday’s Fantasy, I’m just not happy with it yet.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get it all straightened out and posted this Friday.

Monday’s Writers Of The Web, Blog Novels


Image by dpnsan via Flickr

Monday once again, and you got it, time another post in the Writers of  The Web Series.  I haven’t had a lot of time this week to find new sites.   luckily, I had a few that have been bookmarked and waiting for a little recognition on my part.   I actually have some authors contact me to ask if I would check out their site.  Not many of them mind you, but a few.  So I will highlight one of those blogs, and a couple I have stumbled across in my Entrecard dropping.


The first site I wish to highlight, is authored by David of David’s Musings.  He started a separate site for his blog novel, titled “Diary: Alone on Earth”.  I have read the first few chapters, and find myself interested in how it all works out.  I have to dedicate a little more time to reading his novel, which I believe is completed.  Diary: Alone on Earth is set in the year 2016, starting out on a day of world wide confusion.  A strange humming noise is causing all kinds of disruption in the world societies.  Animals are acting strange, not to mention certain animals mysteriously falling dead.  There are power outages, and communications of all type are plagued by static.  David and his trusty beagle, lay down for sleep that night, and awaken the next morning to find no other humans or animals for that matter, anywhere.  


David is writing this novel as a diary, and I find the entries to be captivating.   The first thing that stood out to me was the number of entries per day.  Something, I could see happening if one were experiencing these strange phenomenons.   One of the difficulties of this novel, is the lack of links to individual chapters, or at the end of each chapter, leading to the next one.  A few things that would make reading it just a little bit easier.  Currently you have to use the achieves, and navigation is a little backward that way.  For instance when you click on the starting month, October 2008, you have to page all the way to the bottom for the first chapter.  Then after reading down, you have to scroll back up to the next chapter.  A link at the end of each chapter leading to the next chapter, would simplify the reading considerable.  Failing that a link list in the side bar would be monumentally helpful.  


Navigation issues aside, the writing is first rate.  David captures the imagination in this Sci-Fy suspense novel.  The method he chose, using a diary version, personalizes it, and lends itself to a relationship with the reader.  The story line is intriguing, and captivating.  In the prologue, David explains his inspiration behind the story, and I found that almost as entertaining as the story so far. I will be back to read further, and discover what David finds at the core of the troubles.


 West of Mars is one of those sites I ran across in my endeavors to drop a few cards on new blogs.  It is the home of Susan Helen Gottfried’s fictional world.  Author of the novel Trevor’s Song.  You’ll find all kinds of interesting writing here.  A recent post of hers, Shapeshifter Fiction: New Shoes (Trevor’s song Era) is a short piece, somehow inspired by Iron Maiden.  Don’t ask me how, because she doesn’t go into that.   The story is part of the Sunday Scribbling challenge.


The next site I wish to share, is Darnuth Keep, authored by Kelly D. Tolman.  You will find another blog novel, and a few poems, and other works of fiction.  The Cleansing of Darnuth Keep is a fantasy novel based on the character, Colter Halfspear, and his adventures as he becomes a man, and learns the ways of magic.  The blog has a few of the chapters posted, Just enough for one to get a taste for the story.  Of course you can click of the download link to purchase the E-book, for a reasonable $5.00.  You can also down load an original short story, The Shadow Bender, for $2.00.   I found this idea to be quite interesting and pretty dam slick.  I’ll have to keep it in mind, and start working on my own E-book.


That’s it for this week, I’ll be out of town again, two days at a time.  Hopefully I get time for a Wednesday post, and Fridays Fantasy.  Hope you all have a great week.

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Better Late Than Never

A Sunset on a Texas Farm

Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr

Sorry for not getting Mondays post done.  I have been working out of town, and on Monday, I actually was very late for work, because I overslept.  We’re doing the plumbing on a house in Possum Kingdom, which is about a two and a half hour drive.  So I stay out at the deer lease.  It’s two days and one night away, then one night home, and two days and one night again.  Makes for a lot of driving, but I don't mind too much.  After all I get to stay at the deer lease, my heaven away from home.  I get to fish in the evening, and see those wonderful Texas sunsets.

The house I’m working on, is right on a finger of the lake.  The third floor deck has a wonderful view, but of course I forgot to get a picture.  I’ll get one next time around, and show you.  It’s in a gated subdivision that has a golf course, and all kinds of amenities.  The really neat part is there are deer all over the place.  They have no concerns whatsoever about their close proximity to humans.  The first day, I saw two bucks strolling down a fairway, as if they were headed to the clubhouse for a brew.  The second day, on the way home there was a doe and a fawn, that was still in spots, right next to the road.  Just grazing along, not a care in the world.  Sights like that make the drive worth the time.  You could say I almost like going to work. 

I am working on Fridays Fantasy, but it probably won’t be posted until Saturday. 


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