Reflections of Celestial Grandeur

Sequestered by an ancient Oak,
harmonious night's silent solitude.
Tranquil, darkened, cerulean water,
motionless, breathless… a piercing silence.

Reflections of celestial grandeur,
slate speckled, silvern ivory.
Luminously sublime, unwavering,
intensely breathtaking.

Nature's spirits reposing,
depleted from daylight endeavors.
Restoring their lusty efficacy,
benefiting vagabond souls.

Silence… wondrous music of plainsong,
comforting, benevolent, resounding.
Sumptuous beauty above mirrored below
peaceful… completely quenching solace.

Authors Note; I did this poem for submission to The Artist Challenge # 14 – Moon River. It will be posted with the gallery of amazing artwork depicting different artist concept of the theme Moon River. Artist Challenge These are some unbelievably talented artists, and the gallery is well worth your time to visit. So go on over there, and check out the wonders to been seen. I also wrote another article on Mountain Dreamer to go along with and help promote the challenge. If you are in the mood for some more nature writing, swing on over and tell me what you think.

A Quick Look Back

Tonight, I was looking through an old photo album I have, and just found again.  There were a few pictures I thought I might share with everybody.  Kel, “the eldest” sibling, is often commenting, and talking about the horses we had.   When we were growing up, we had five horses.  They each had a unique personality, and none of them seemed to like me very much.  One of them even gave me a black eye when I was in 1 st. or 2 nd. grade.  I suppose it may have been because I was young, and not paying attention when I waked up behind him.  He kicked me a good one, and somehow I managed to roll with it.  I ended up down by those trees you can see beyond the horses, my eye swollen shut.   

This view is off the back of the house, where we had a stone patio my father made.  On the left side of the picture, you can see a little building.  That was a miniature A frame that Dad fixed up for us all to play in.   You can see the grass

in the yard is very green, not a common sight in a semi arid region. Dad

and Mom put a lot of work into our yard.  I can remember hauling horse manure to spread on the lawn for fertilizer, and setting the sprinkler out all the time.  I think we may have watered the lawn more than anyone in town.  The second picture shows the A frame just a little better, and a little snow to help cool you off from the summer heat.  Yes that was me on my faithful stead, my fancy bicycle.   I think it even had one of those banana seats.

We always had rabbits, I’m not sure when that started, because it was before my time.  All of us were pretty involved with the 4H, and I am sure this was some event or gathering for that.  beside me is our faithful dog, Poochie, who “followed” Kel home one day, and was never very far from us kids.  If you notice in the background, there is an old yellow horse trailer.  Beside that was an old military jeep, and an old grey Chevy pickup.  These three vehicles, spawned more adventures in our youthful imaginations than you would believe.   The jeep had become a rocket ship, taking us all to outer space, and “our” first landing on the moon.  We had African safari’s, explored the arctic circle,  and just about anything our minds would dream up.  It always amazed me, for a Jeep that was up on cinder block, it sure went a lot of places. 

One final picture to add some cooling to the summer heat.

Monday’s Writers of the Web; A Return?

The Blue Window

Image by damonj74 via Flickr

Ohh Monday, Monday, why do you come so fast and last so long?  Dark and dreary you may be, yet light does shine, through a weather stained, time fogged window. What flowers of beauty and creativity might we find on the other side???…  Ahh, so once again we’ve come to a time for another installment of Monday’s Writers of the Web.  Regrettably slow in returning, I will strive to share some of the sites I have stumbled across during my recent wanderings on the web.


Now the question becomes, where to begin?  There are so many good blogs out there, and I recently have garnered an appreciation for poetry.  Therefore it’s only natural to start off with a few poetry blogs.  many of which I find through the comments on my faithful favorites like The Walking Man1 Door Away From Heaven,   Softly Spoken,   and  Crowned With Laurels.  So to them I say thank you for feeding my hunger, and sustaining a dreaming soul such as I. 


Of course, often I seemingly fall into a blog, to slowly be absorbed by the artful prose.  I generally find myself wandering in a cheerful, creative word-vision induced intoxication.  Not knowing or caring how I got there in the first place, but ecstatic to be present.  This is what seems to have happened to me with Butterfly Dreamer.  One must take a little time and explore the terrain, searching out the beautiful sunsets and wondrously vibrant vistas presented.  One of her recent works, Her Image, sparked a fire some where deep in my soul.  So precious and fragile, touching and humble.  The emotions clear as a shimmering mountain pond.  Perhaps the uplifting positivists of  The Struggle will strike a cord with a wandering soul.  I do have to say the refreshing sunrise, filled with vivid color and life of Splendor spoke to my dreaming spirit. 

A simple sentence within her profile caught my attention and imagination.

“A dreamer and explorer of this thing called life. I have the mind of a scientist, the heart of a giver, and the soul of a poet, but the rest gets confusing.”                 

By Cherie / Butterfly Dreamer.


Another gem I found during my wanderings in the dreamlands of the web.  New and unfamiliar but ever so pleasant is, Whispering Words.  The author, Suz, writes poetry and short stories.  The short story, I believe is more of a memoir, The Making of a Memoir – The Eight Grade(The link will take you to the archives of March 2010, for I could find no tag or category label for this story.)  Much of her poetry is as poignant as the pictures she uses are beautiful.  For instance, Healing Touch, soft, sad, uplifting, all in one clean little package.  Suz also has a fondness for the untitled.  A sharp, questioning poem Untitled VIII, speaks of autumns losses and the aging of love. 


Many a time the title of a blog is what captures my imagination, as did The Innocent Flower, authored by Lady Glamis.  She is an author, and writes many a helpful post about the art of writing.  This is truly a blog I need to search through the archives of.   Just about all of her posts ends with a question of the day where she asks her reads for a response to the meat of the subject mater.  One of the articles I found very interesting was Eye See You which speaks of the troubles describing actions of written characters that pertain to the basic sense of sight.  She also does a series of articles called Helpful, all about some of the most helpful posts she has read or written.  One final article I would ask you to read is one dealing with perspective, you know, how we see the world.  Lenses, is an interesting article in that she gets into how we can change our perspective like changing the lenses of a camera.  We just have to be sure to use the right one.  Lady Glamis also writes for The Literary Lab, where you can find many more instructive articles about the writing arts.


Finally, I have two blogs of poetry that are themed to nature, my favorite topic of course.  The titles of these two caught my attention right away.  Bit’s & Pieces Of Driftwood, and Beachcomber Island, are both authored by William Malewitz, who goes by the handle 1greenthumb on BlogCatalog.  He also has a plethora of other blogs, some of which are photography based, with beautiful pictures of nature.

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Wowie; Free Books, to Free Your Mind

The site of Henry David Thoreau's cabin marked...

Image via Wikipedia

I am going to have to apologize once again.   I have let my blog reading slip just a little today.  I am such a fan of reading good books, and I just recently rediscovered a phenomenal resource for reading all kinds of books.  This is an online source of e-books, that I previously  used regularly.  The site had gone down for some time, with the purpose of redesigning.  It is back up again, and better than ever.  What?  Ohh the site I’m talking about is Wowio


I think of  Wowio, as an online library more than anything else.  Of course you can download an E-Book, and it will cost anywhere from  $0.99 to $16.99.  The best part is, you can also read these same E-Books online for free.  I love the service, and in the past I had downloaded close to 50 books from them.  Many of my downloads were classic literature, or works on philosophy or nature and outdoors (who would have guessed that one). 


I find the new site, very familiar, with the same basic layout and color scheme.  What changed, is the speed and organization, it is much faster than before.  It also seems that they have a larger selection than was available before, of course many of them now cost to download, but what should we expect.  You can still read the books online through their store for free, there isn’t even a membership fee.  There are plenty of the books, free of cost to download, they call them gifts from their sponsors.


What brought me back to Wowio, was a search for the writings of  Henry David Thoreau.  I am currently reading “Walden” online.  Of course, I feel right at home with his writings.  I also downloaded a free book that caught my attention, Notes From Underground, by Fyodor Dostoevsky.  I’ll let you know what I think about it.


In the mean time, take a few minutes, go over and set up an account, all you need is an email address and password, no money.  Then read to your hearts content. 

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Help a Fellow Blogger Please

Kazimir Malevich's impressionist Unemployed Gi...

Image via Wikipedia

This darn economy has affected so many people.  One of the hardest things I can thing of would be to loss my job right now.   One of my blog fiends, Vixen of Vixens Den,  has been dealing with just that issue since January.  I can’t even imagine the stress of looking for a job in this economic climate.  She has been looking for a new job, with no success at all.   Then to make maters worse, she ruptured a disk in her back and had to have surgery.  She did qualify for assistance, but still had to pay  her portion.    Where the problem, comes in, is that during her recovery, she can no longer receive unemployment.


To make ends meet, she had been selling aprons she makes, at her etsy online store.  Now her doctor won’t let her sew, so she can’t  do that either.  Recovery from back surgery is one of those things you don’t take any chances with.  We all know that food is not free, let alone the numerous other expenses associated with owning a house.  They moved into their new home a few months back after qualifying for a first time home buyer program.  It’s not large or extravagant, but it’s theirs, and the banks of course.  I remember the post when they first got the house, Vixen was so excited to be a home owner.  The problem I see is,  what good is a house if you can’t eat.  People have to make some pretty hard decisions these days.


We can help though.  Vixen has put a donation button up in her side bar.  So if you can spare a few dollars, please help a fellow blogger in need.  If  enough people make a small contribution, we might be able to pull them through this recovery period.  So if you can spare it, and have the time, go by Vixens Den and leave a little present.  As a community, which is what I see bloggers as, we  can’t let a neighbor down.


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July is The Wife’s Birthday Month

City Hall and fire station w:Ouray, Colorado, USA

Image via Wikipedia

Blinda’s birthday is coming up once again, although I’m sure she doesn’t want to be reminded.  This year, I’m afraid there won’t be much of a celebration. I’ll get her some flowers and a card, maybe take her out to eat.  I used to go all out on her birthdays, and it was so much fun.  Of course we had the money to do that back then. 


One year, I was very sneaky and arranged with her boss for a few days off.  I didn’t tell her about it, just set everything up.  The morning of her birthday, I woke her up with breakfast in bed, nothing fancy, just some bacon and eggs.  After she finished, I told her she needed to hurry up and get ready, we were leaving soon.  Blinda looked at me, and said “I have to work this afternoon”.  I told her not to worry, I had already arranged it with her boss, and that we were taking a little trip. 


We started off with no real destination in mind, just driving.  Eventually we ended up in Ouray, Co.  I had been there a number of times, but she never had.  I convinced her to take a Jeep tour with me, and see some of the off road sites.  I had never been able to get her to go four wheeling with me before, and was surprised when after the tour, she suggested we rent a jeep, and spend the next couple of days exploring.

We spent two days, four wheeling, nothing extreme, but enjoyable all the same.  Of course as the good tourists we were, we stopped and purchased one of those disposable panoramic cameras.  There is simply too much beauty in the mountains of Ouray to not have some good pictures as a reminder.  July is a great month to visit the Mountains, the wild flowers are usually in full bloom.

We got to see Bridal Vail Falls, truly a sight to behold.  I tried to find some of the better pictures of it, but didn’t have much luck.   I know we have them, it’s just a mater of where.  I was looking for the panoramic that took in the whole falls, taken from just below.  Unfortunately no such luck, but I’m sure it will turn up somewhere.  These will do for now, and if I find the others I’ll post them at a later time.  There is a power station at the top, and it still generates electricity from the water fall with an old style water wheel.  I love big water falls like this, when you stand anywhere near the bottom, you get covered with a fresh light spray of water. 


We did three or four of the 4 X 4 passes, visiting Telluride and Silverton.  Many of them are fairly easy, and you still get some amazing views the trails and the summit.  The following pictures are some of those views.  I just wish I could figure out a way to share the fresh clean scent of the air, and the sounds of wildlife like the Whistle Pigs.


I’m not sure where this last picture was taken from.  I cropped out an old red truck parked on the trail below.  I thinks it’s a pretty interesting picture though, and gives a person a good sense of the terrain.  We really loved our trip, and have many reminders of it around the house.  I just hope we’ll be able take another trip like it sometime.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to get Blinda back in the mountains, but maybe to the desert or the coast.  I'd love to

take her down to Mustang Island one of these days.


Maybe she’ll be able to get some more pictures of me in a compromising situation.   What’s the old saying, all’s fair in love and war.


Well I hope I didn’t bore you with my little trip down memory lane.  I’ll be sure to wish Blinda a happy birthday.




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Ready, Set, Blog

U├žurumun kenar─▒nda - (HDR)

Image by alemdag via Flickr

I have been whining and complaining about not getting enough time on the computer.  We only had one in the house, and Blinda had discovered Facebook, and all the games that go along with it.  Well, I have no excuse anymore. 


Today I picked up a used computer for $95.00, not bad.  It has 1.2 Gig’s of RAM, and a clock speed running at 3.4 GHZ.  It’s not quite as fast as the other computer, but I can’t complain.   For what I will be doing, it’s more than

enough.  The interesting thing is that I get the used, slow computer, while Blinda get’s the newer, fast computer with the 22 inch monitor.  Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. 


The other nice thing, is I set up my office in the spare bedroom, so I can write to my hearts content, and in privacy too.  I’m not sure how I’ll handle not having anyone hovering ove

r me reading over my shoulder as I go along.  Plus I can listen to MY music as I write, kind of a necessary thing sometimes you know. 


I wanted to let everyone know, That I’ll be around to see you as soon as I can.  There is going to be a lot of back reading I’m going to have to do, and I’ll be back to leaving some comments too.   Not to mention All the posts I have to write.  Between all the blogs, I’ll be a busy little guy for awhile.   For those of you who haven’t seen it, I started another blog also, Mountain Dreamer.

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A Movie That Has Captured My Imagination

Film poster for August Rush - Copyright 2007, ...

Image via Wikipedia

Every once in a while, I see a movie that  strikes a chord with in me somewhere.  I recently saw a movie, August Rush, that has been out for quite a while now.  I have no idea why I never saw it before, but I can tell you that I love this movie. 


It’s about a young boy who hears music in just about everything.  He has an uncanny ability to play some very interesting music on a guitar, even though he had never before picked one up.  Coupled with a prodigal ability to understand the notes of his music, and copy them down.    Young Even Taylor, August Rush, was basically stolen from his mother at birth.  His grandfather putting him up for adoption without his mothers knowledge, and then telling her he died.  He believe that if he can make his music, and have as many people as possible hear it, His parents will find him by following the music.  The story has many more folds to it of course, and you’ll have to watch it for yourself. 


It’s a heart warming tale, one that will have you bouncing through many emotions.  One moment you’ll be happy, then sad, then happy, and every once in awhile you’ll be as mad as can be.  I have never been so pissed at a character played by Robin Williams as I was with this movie. 


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Fourth Of July, A Simple Celebration?

Independence Day Fireworks

Image by andy castro via Flickr

Fourth of July, the celebration is here once again.  I can’t help but to remember though, our brothers, sisters, husbands, wife's, fathers, mothers, sons,  daughters and loved ones, who have chosen to serve.  They are at this very moment in a strange land far from home and family.  They may very well be watching fireworks displays, but they are of a completely different nature and purpose than those we watched.  So please, take a moment of your day, and think of their sacrifice.  Pray for their safe return home, and hope they are having an uneventful holiday week. 


There are many wonderful Fourth of July’s I remember from the many years past in the mountains.  More  recently, the Como Fourth of July celebrations were the place to be for those of us from the small towns.  It had turned into a pretty large event, but still kept that small town feel of community.   Being that the majority of fireworks are illegal in Colorado, only sponsored or professional events were where you could see a reasonable display.   The Jefferson Como Fire District, did a wonderful job of raising money all year long.  Money just for the event in Como, so they could purchase fireworks, and organize a fun and beautiful affair.   There were events all day long, a nice barbecue dinner, and a dance with a live band, after the large fireworks display. 


One of my most memorable Fourths in Como, was sometime in the mid 1990’s.  We had the regular influx of visitors from the cities, and lowlands.  The fun part was that we had 6 inches of fresh, heavy wet snow fall.  The looks of surprise and confusion of the faces of those not familiar with mountain life was just so priceless.  People still have trouble believing me when I tell them I have seen 6 inches of snow on the Fourth of July. 


The Roundhouse at Como, CO

Now for those who have never seen Como.  It was a town of major importance in the 1800’s.  A main hub of the Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad, with a large roundhouse and maintenance barns.  At one time in it’s history, Como had been suggested as the possible capital of the state.  Of course this had actually happened with so many of the towns of the time, most nothing but dust today.  Como was a way point for many a traveling person in the old days.  It was also a start point for the Boreas Pass rail line headed over to Breckenridge.  In it’s heyday, it also had a darker side, being known as one of the more dangerous places in Colorado due to the large criminal element that stalked her streets and preyed on weary travelers. Reportedly, the Reynolds Gang traveled through Como on a regular basis, some even say they had a camp in the area. Today, it seems as if  Como is all but forgotten.  The population doesn’t even come close to breaking 100. 

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