Where Have The Years Gone?


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I recently received a package from my eldest sister, Kel, who by the way is another year the elder just recently, LOL.  That sounds strange, but I think I’m going to leave it just like it is.  There’s a reason for the wordage, Kel dislike’s the term OLDEST.  She will always advance a year, two days before I gain another year.  So you see I can never catch up.   We could travel the same road, but there is no passing lane.   I know, I’m tortuously cruel, but what else is a little brother for, but to pester the “elder” sister.


Back to the subject at hand, sorry for the teasing distraction.  She included a letter, hand written in beautifully flowing script.  I just want to share the first paragraph with you.

“Well… considering how carefully observant the US Postal Service is of holidays, I doubt this will reach you before your birthday so “Happy Belated Birthday Rico”!

It was dated 08/30/90!!!  Well, it did arrive before my birthday Kel.  19 years later, LOL.  It’s interesting to read letters like this.  The things I was involved with back then, and her own intellectual aspirations, seem so distant to me now.  I was not even a year out of the service, and just finding my way into yet another form of public service.  She had sage advice for her little brother, recommending I keep an open mind and strive for decisions based on compassionate intelligence in my future profession.   She was right of course, as big sisters tend to be.  The letter really was fun to read, and brought back some fond memories of those days.


The package also contained a few books, obviously well read, and I’m sure loved.    We are a family of book lovers, we read, read, and read some more.  On Kel’s profile in the section where one is to list their favorite books, she says

“Whoo . . . this is a hard question . . . how can a person have a "favorite book?"  I'm more of a mind that there are so many books and so little time.”

One side of my mind wonders if there is a educational motive behind her selections, or if she just liked them so much she wanted me to enjoy them also.   Either way, I’m sure I’ll have fun reading them, lots of fantasy, a little Sci-Fy, and some romance.  One can never go wrong with reading material as a gift. 


Thank you for the books Kel… and the letter, (19 years late).   Happy belated birthday to you also.


Oh yeah,  the picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I just liked the look  and feel of it.  There’s something enticing there, captured on film and shared with the rest of us. 


Comedy Plus said...

What a delightful post. I love it. Thanks for the smile.

Have a terrific day. :)

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madz said...

Nice :D Anyway, belated happy birthday :D

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mike said...

Hard to image a letter getting shuffled around for that long. But I so agree with the book quote. I could never select a favorite book out of the thousands I've read and collected, like being forced to pick a fav kid...ain't gonna happen.


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TWM said...

19 years? How many times has the PO raised the rates in that time? Probably got bounced around for all that time for insufficient postage.

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TWM said...

By the by Eric...happy birthday.

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jessie said...

You have a wonderful writing voice.
Happy Birthday.


Eric S. said...

HI Sandee, I'm glad you got a smile out of it. ;)

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Eric S. said...

Thanks Madz. 8-)

Recent blog:=- Where Have The Years Gone?

Eric S. said...

Hi Mike, yep I just had to give my big sis and little grief over this one. Apparently she had it tucked away in a box of "to be gone through" papers. It was cute, and I had a lot of fun with it. 8-)

I think I am beginning to agree with her on the books too. I used to have a few favorites, ones I really enjoyed reading over and over. Now I find less time for that because I'm reading so many new authors. ;)

Recent blog:=- Where Have The Years Gone?

Eric S. said...

Thanks Mark, Yep she could have saved a bunch on postage if mailed back then, LOL.

Recent blog:=- Where Have The Years Gone?

Eric S. said...

Thanks Jessie, that's the nicest compliment I've gotten. 8-)

Recent blog:=- Where Have The Years Gone?

Kel said...

I could have sworn there were comments here when I checked from Tahoe, but at least it seems that I'm getting in to the comments section this time.

Thanks for the thanks, and happy belated birthday.

No particular reason for the selection of the books sent. Just trying to nip away a little at the stacks in the house . . . you know, trying to learn to let a book or two go from time to time.

At least I know they've gone to a good home [*sniff*] Just kidding, LOL!

Eric S. said...

There were a whole lot of comments here. The commenting system was giving me such a headache, I switched back to the Blogger default. Evidently when I did, all the comments went away also. I'm not too happy about it.

I did a special post for you on Side Notes, the day before your birthday, trying to get a jump on things, LOL.

Just finished the Earth Sea Wizards, and started The Last Mountain Man. Great read.


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