Such A Sad Note To Start The Weekend


Summers end, this year, carries with it another more tragic end.  I spend long hours on line, reading all kinds of blogs.  There is one venue of blog I always find myself attracted to.  That is the Mil-Blog, or Military Blogs.  I’m particularly interested in reading those of the military men and women stationed overseas, in current conflict areas.  

I get to see the war through their eyes. Even with the operational security restraints placed on these young men and women, you can easily get a feel for the mood and spirit of our troops.  There are always new mil-blogs popping up, and others fading away with the ending of commitments or transfer to new duty stations. It saddens me to say that one such site, seemingly just started has seen it’s final post with the untimely death of it’s author.

Through Amber Lenses authored by Jordan Shay, an infantry fire team leader stationed in Iraq.  Jordan’s blog was  fairly new, and he was just finding his “stride” in writing.  He had only posted 16 times since May.  Jordan was on his third combat tour, and their unit was just getting settled into the new routine.  He had  just started writing some  posts about what their daily patrols entailed.  His last post, The Promised “Real” post,  was entertaining and enlightening at the same time.  Jordan talked about their efforts to interact with local Iraqi children, and befriend some Iraqi Military personnel.   One particular paragraph caught my attention.

It's scary to think the few minutes my squad spent outside the police station interacting with the local kids, showing that we're there to be friendly and help the Iraqis, and proving we're not afraid to wander the streets alone may set the tone in KBS for the rest of our deployment.
So poignant and insightful. 

There are a number of people leaving comments on this post.  One of the comments is from Jordan's girlfriend who confirms the reports of his death, and thanks those who have read the blog.  She stated that the blog was important to Jordan, and the fact that people were reading made things even better for him.  Another comment, simple, to the point, and ever so sorrowful to me
Thank you, Soldier.
God Bless you.
Tugged at my heart, and started a tear from eye.

As we go into the holiday weekend, please take a moment, and think of Jordan and pray for his family and loved ones.   A soldier, who served his country and fought alongside his buddies, protecting those of us back home.  A life taken too soon, one accented by compassion, pride, and courage.  A hero who wont be forgotten.


TWM said...

Welcome home brother. No one will ask you to war again. Rest peacefully now in the house of your ancestors.

it is well past time to finish our business in Afghanistan and totally withdraw from Iraq. And this soldiers life is exactly the reason why. This and 4500 deaths are bush and cheney's legacy.

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Eric S. said...

I agree Mark, we need to finish things and bring our troops home. This toll paid by the families of brave men and women is far too high.

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Laura Hunter said...

thanks for stopping by the blog. I didn't realize I hadn't put my link to my blog on the profile page, fixed that , thanks to you , great reminder for this weekend on your blog today, we owe a lot to these guys who are standing up for our rights to be free in the country .

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I M said...

Hi Eric,

I used to read those blogs too. It is quite startling at what the soldiers go through. They are also good writers and some of them seem to know that they have to make the best of their time there. They show a lot of vulnerability through the tough facade. Blogging is what saves their sanity. Thanks for speaking about our soldiers.

Liara Covert said...

Hi Eric, you make wonderful points here. The more you feel connected to everyone, everywhere, the more you learn about love. It is not like strangers out there fighting. Its like part of yourself is in the midst of conflict. To choose to share love reminds you of the power to heal from within, not only yourself, but also those people abroad in need of hope.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Laura, I appreciate your reading. This post was written with a tear on my check even though I never knew Jordan. It's strange how reading a persons blog can bring one closer to a kind of relation ship with them. It is a sad weekend for his loss.

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Eric S. said...

Hi IM, I read so many blogs, yet I'm still drawn to the mil blogs for the reasons you so eloquently stated. It's sad to lose a soldier, and when it feels like you knew them it makes it a little harder.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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Eric S. said...

Hi Liara, You know it is like a family, or at least a community we bloggers seem to share. The connection is there and it's a tangible thing, so when we lose one for any reason it's difficult. But when we care share in the comments, it makes it easier. I just went by his site, and there are 60 comments and gifts of condolence.

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Kelly said...

I was recommended to your blog by another and was told you like to do story challenges...but right now the post you have up is so much more powerful. I am in the armed services myself and grieve every time a fellow patriot dies. I'll pray for his family.

Eric S. said...

Hello Kelly, Thank you, I served my time also, but it was during more peaceful times. I still feel that kinship to our service members that's hard to explain sometimes. That's why it moves me when I find out about these tragic losses.

I'm working with a site that does do story challenges. It's just getting going, and we posted our first challenge. We're trying to make it a site for writers to commune and have a little fun. The Inferno is the name, and here's a few links for it and the first challenge. The challenge is Curiosity Killed The Cat, a night of woe and delight of Edgar Allen Poe.
And here's a link to the story I did to get people in the mood.
We have four submissions already, and I'm looking forward to more. The site has all the pertinent links to contact me by email for submission information.

Thanks for stopping by. 8-)

Recent blog:=- Such A Sad Note To Start The Weekend

jan geronimo said...

What a heartbreaking story. Life indeed is so fragile. Anyone of us can go without notice. Perhaps this is what makes their blog so gripping - because of this dark clouds of uncertainty hanging over every second of their stay in strange, foreign land, fighting a war not of their own choosing. This make their writing so intense and all too real.

Thanks, Eric. I didn't know before coming here that such pockets of blog communities exist.

Kel said...

I can hardly type/think through the tears. I am renewedly grateful my son came home from Iraq, and renewedly prayerful that he won't be sent over again.

My heart goes out to his family and fiance. And I mourn as well for all those now bereft of his talents as writer, both today, and what has been ripped from the future.

jessie said...

It's sad, well-written, and I agree ... bring our soliders home. It's time to take care of those who live on our soil.


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Eric S. said...

Hey Jan Geronimo.

There are tons of milblogs out there. Some great sources for information on whats going on in the services, or on the front lines.

Eric S. said...

Hey Kel, I know what you mean. I'll send you an email in a little bit.

Eric S. said...

Hey Jesse, It's a tough one indeed. I hope they get everything sorted out and stick to the troop withdraw plans.

Vixen said...

That is so heart breaking. I will remember this hero and all those other hero's today and always.

Thanks for sharing Eric.

Eric S. said...

HI Vixen, thanks for stopping by. There are still plenty of hero's out there. I'm trying to think of them today, this ominous anniversary 9-11. I guess I better post an update, wow a whole week has gone by so fast.

Kel said...

I tried to send you an email from Tahoe, and again last week, and got an "undeliverable" message both times. Cache full? Or maybe that was during your internet blackout?

Kel said...

I tried to send you an email from Tahoe, and again last week, and got an "undeliverable" message both times. Cache full? Or maybe that was during your internet blackout?

Eric S. said...

I know, I'm having some disagreements with the ISP. Hopefully it will all get worked out.

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