Just a little special news

I’m off for another expedition to the great outdoor.    I’ll be gone for a couple of days, but in the mean time, drop by The Inferno, and check out the novel excerpt I  posted.  It’s from Catherine Ryan Hyde’s new novel, Diary of a Witness, and When I Found You.  I know you all know who Catherine Ryan Hyde is, she's the author of  Pay It Forward.

So swing by and take a sneak peak at her new release’s.  One posted today, and one set to post tomorrow. 

I’ll be off renewing my inspiration in the woods and wilds.  Hopefully I can get Tirashar to start talking to me again so we can catch up with her adventures.  And for those of you who don’t know, I post daily on Side Notes.  Nothing special, just kind of a daily journal type of thing.  So if things are really slow, come check out my boring life, LOL.


Sandee said...

Have fun in the wilderness. :)

Eric S. said...

Hey Sandee, Thanks. I did have fun, after a lot of hard work, LOL.

June Saville said...

Hi Eric
Will look forward to the results of all of your creativity once the time away has worked on your being!
June in Oz

zorlone said...

He he he!

Not really boring if you asked me. I'm a nature lover myself, but I could still not get enough of the City too.

Let us know when you get back.


Eric S. said...

Hey June, unfortunately, it didn't work the way I hoped. Ohh well, I'll hit my stride again soon.

Eric S. said...

Hey Doc Z. I've actually been back for a while now, just been busy with other things, LOL.

Kel said...

Hardly boring dear Bro; in fact, watching this blogging stuff develop has been fascinating!


Eric S. said...

LOL, Your just biased sis!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Eric,

You know where my true heart lies- enjoy your time off.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Jena, Yes I do know, I as well.


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