The Gift












I had believed The Gift to be,

an ability granted by gods.

A talent, trade, or craft

seemingly unattainable yet 

precisely grafted in character.


Many gifts have been granted,

placed with pride and confidence.

Sculpting  individuals,

shaping  personage,

providing sufficiency.


Yet all along, hidden in sight!

The greatest gift of all…

a community  of  fellowship.

Kindred spirits, sharing willingly,

Unique gifts of ability, talent, vision.


Authors Note;  I submitted this for The Artists Challenge.  The theme, is “The Gift”.  I’m looking forward to the artwork to be displayed there.  I’m also really excited, because the site I’m hosting for them, The Inferno, is having it’s first gallery.  The Writers Challenge on Inferno, will be posted Sunday Morning starting at 12:01 AM, and continuing in succession of a post per minute or two until all are published.  They all are being shown under a unique tag that I will post as a link on the site.  We have some wonderful submissions for the Writers Challenge, and I think you’ll enjoy it.


Shadow said...

truly lovely!

Eric S. said...

Thank you Shadow, I am really enjoying my play with poetry.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Your poetry is real and true with great style and creative imagery. The photo is like I've never seen.

Eric S. said...

Thank you Poetic Shutterbug. The photo is one suggested by a program I use to write most of my blogs. Zamantra, a very useful tool.

zorlone said...

Hi Eric,

Like what Joanne said, your writing style is indeed unique, like the gift you beautifully described in the poem.


The Inferno said...

Hey Zorlone, Thanks.


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