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Monday once again, and you got it, time another post in the Writers of  The Web Series.  I haven’t had a lot of time this week to find new sites.   luckily, I had a few that have been bookmarked and waiting for a little recognition on my part.   I actually have some authors contact me to ask if I would check out their site.  Not many of them mind you, but a few.  So I will highlight one of those blogs, and a couple I have stumbled across in my Entrecard dropping.


The first site I wish to highlight, is authored by David of David’s Musings.  He started a separate site for his blog novel, titled “Diary: Alone on Earth”.  I have read the first few chapters, and find myself interested in how it all works out.  I have to dedicate a little more time to reading his novel, which I believe is completed.  Diary: Alone on Earth is set in the year 2016, starting out on a day of world wide confusion.  A strange humming noise is causing all kinds of disruption in the world societies.  Animals are acting strange, not to mention certain animals mysteriously falling dead.  There are power outages, and communications of all type are plagued by static.  David and his trusty beagle, lay down for sleep that night, and awaken the next morning to find no other humans or animals for that matter, anywhere.  


David is writing this novel as a diary, and I find the entries to be captivating.   The first thing that stood out to me was the number of entries per day.  Something, I could see happening if one were experiencing these strange phenomenons.   One of the difficulties of this novel, is the lack of links to individual chapters, or at the end of each chapter, leading to the next one.  A few things that would make reading it just a little bit easier.  Currently you have to use the achieves, and navigation is a little backward that way.  For instance when you click on the starting month, October 2008, you have to page all the way to the bottom for the first chapter.  Then after reading down, you have to scroll back up to the next chapter.  A link at the end of each chapter leading to the next chapter, would simplify the reading considerable.  Failing that a link list in the side bar would be monumentally helpful.  


Navigation issues aside, the writing is first rate.  David captures the imagination in this Sci-Fy suspense novel.  The method he chose, using a diary version, personalizes it, and lends itself to a relationship with the reader.  The story line is intriguing, and captivating.  In the prologue, David explains his inspiration behind the story, and I found that almost as entertaining as the story so far. I will be back to read further, and discover what David finds at the core of the troubles.


 West of Mars is one of those sites I ran across in my endeavors to drop a few cards on new blogs.  It is the home of Susan Helen Gottfried’s fictional world.  Author of the novel Trevor’s Song.  You’ll find all kinds of interesting writing here.  A recent post of hers, Shapeshifter Fiction: New Shoes (Trevor’s song Era) is a short piece, somehow inspired by Iron Maiden.  Don’t ask me how, because she doesn’t go into that.   The story is part of the Sunday Scribbling challenge.


The next site I wish to share, is Darnuth Keep, authored by Kelly D. Tolman.  You will find another blog novel, and a few poems, and other works of fiction.  The Cleansing of Darnuth Keep is a fantasy novel based on the character, Colter Halfspear, and his adventures as he becomes a man, and learns the ways of magic.  The blog has a few of the chapters posted, Just enough for one to get a taste for the story.  Of course you can click of the download link to purchase the E-book, for a reasonable $5.00.  You can also down load an original short story, The Shadow Bender, for $2.00.   I found this idea to be quite interesting and pretty dam slick.  I’ll have to keep it in mind, and start working on my own E-book.


That’s it for this week, I’ll be out of town again, two days at a time.  Hopefully I get time for a Wednesday post, and Fridays Fantasy.  Hope you all have a great week.

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shadow said...

thanks eric. now i can read, the days you'll be away...

jessie said...

Thanks Eric. Hopefully I'll steal some time and stop by the "blog homes" you suggested.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, thanks for the link love! I need to stress, though, that the fiction I post (like New Shoes) is actually extra stuff that supports my novel. I am about to bring out another print (and e-book) collection of the short stuff that's been posted on the blog, and after that, I think it's time for the novel itself to see the light of day.

Stay tuned. And yeah, don't ask about how Iron Maiden inspired shoes. I have NO FREAKING CLUE. They just ... did.

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Vikki said...

I'M just so happy that I FINALLY fixed the problem where I can view your blog again!!! LOL . My security was set on "kill anything that moves!"

I've spent about 10 minutes just looking at your blog. It's eye candy! i didn't actually read your blog yet. I guess i should do that before I comment, huh? To silly- i know. I'm just so happy to be able to see your blog again!'. I promise next comment will have relivance. lol :-P :-P :-E

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June Saville said...

Hi Eric
Good on you for highlighting fiction on the web - there should be more of it!
I'll never forget the thrill when so many of my bloggy mates gave me support for my Australian novel 'Paternity' when I posted it in episodes. It really did mean a lot to me and insoired me to send it off to a literary agent. Now waiting ...

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Eric S. said...

Hi Shadow, hope you like them. ;)

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Eric S. said...

Hi Jessie, I know what you mean about stealing time, seems like I almost have to these days to get anything done. 8-)

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Eric S. said...

Hi Susan, I figured that was the way things were going, Just wasn't completely sure. I enjoyed the posts I read, and was trying to find more links to the whole book, LOL. I'm such a mooch for the free read. Loved your site. :)

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Eric S. said...

LOL, Vikki, that darn security stuff can be a pain. It can also be a life saver though. I imagine all my outgoing links, and the widgets really throws up a flag for the tougher security settings. 8-) ;)

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Eric S. said...

I do so hope you get some activity from a literary agency. That story deserves to be in print. You did a wonderful job with it.

I plan on spending some time on your site this weekend, a little tough to get around during the week.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You couldn't find the links to the books? Click on the The Books tab at the top of the page! Demo Tapes: Year 2 comes out on September 12, but I'm taking preorders now.

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