Monday’s Writers of the Web; A Return?

The Blue Window

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Ohh Monday, Monday, why do you come so fast and last so long?  Dark and dreary you may be, yet light does shine, through a weather stained, time fogged window. What flowers of beauty and creativity might we find on the other side???…  Ahh, so once again we’ve come to a time for another installment of Monday’s Writers of the Web.  Regrettably slow in returning, I will strive to share some of the sites I have stumbled across during my recent wanderings on the web.


Now the question becomes, where to begin?  There are so many good blogs out there, and I recently have garnered an appreciation for poetry.  Therefore it’s only natural to start off with a few poetry blogs.  many of which I find through the comments on my faithful favorites like The Walking Man1 Door Away From Heaven,   Softly Spoken,   and  Crowned With Laurels.  So to them I say thank you for feeding my hunger, and sustaining a dreaming soul such as I. 


Of course, often I seemingly fall into a blog, to slowly be absorbed by the artful prose.  I generally find myself wandering in a cheerful, creative word-vision induced intoxication.  Not knowing or caring how I got there in the first place, but ecstatic to be present.  This is what seems to have happened to me with Butterfly Dreamer.  One must take a little time and explore the terrain, searching out the beautiful sunsets and wondrously vibrant vistas presented.  One of her recent works, Her Image, sparked a fire some where deep in my soul.  So precious and fragile, touching and humble.  The emotions clear as a shimmering mountain pond.  Perhaps the uplifting positivists of  The Struggle will strike a cord with a wandering soul.  I do have to say the refreshing sunrise, filled with vivid color and life of Splendor spoke to my dreaming spirit. 

A simple sentence within her profile caught my attention and imagination.

“A dreamer and explorer of this thing called life. I have the mind of a scientist, the heart of a giver, and the soul of a poet, but the rest gets confusing.”                 

By Cherie / Butterfly Dreamer.


Another gem I found during my wanderings in the dreamlands of the web.  New and unfamiliar but ever so pleasant is, Whispering Words.  The author, Suz, writes poetry and short stories.  The short story, I believe is more of a memoir, The Making of a Memoir – The Eight Grade(The link will take you to the archives of March 2010, for I could find no tag or category label for this story.)  Much of her poetry is as poignant as the pictures she uses are beautiful.  For instance, Healing Touch, soft, sad, uplifting, all in one clean little package.  Suz also has a fondness for the untitled.  A sharp, questioning poem Untitled VIII, speaks of autumns losses and the aging of love. 


Many a time the title of a blog is what captures my imagination, as did The Innocent Flower, authored by Lady Glamis.  She is an author, and writes many a helpful post about the art of writing.  This is truly a blog I need to search through the archives of.   Just about all of her posts ends with a question of the day where she asks her reads for a response to the meat of the subject mater.  One of the articles I found very interesting was Eye See You which speaks of the troubles describing actions of written characters that pertain to the basic sense of sight.  She also does a series of articles called Helpful, all about some of the most helpful posts she has read or written.  One final article I would ask you to read is one dealing with perspective, you know, how we see the world.  Lenses, is an interesting article in that she gets into how we can change our perspective like changing the lenses of a camera.  We just have to be sure to use the right one.  Lady Glamis also writes for The Literary Lab, where you can find many more instructive articles about the writing arts.


Finally, I have two blogs of poetry that are themed to nature, my favorite topic of course.  The titles of these two caught my attention right away.  Bit’s & Pieces Of Driftwood, and Beachcomber Island, are both authored by William Malewitz, who goes by the handle 1greenthumb on BlogCatalog.  He also has a plethora of other blogs, some of which are photography based, with beautiful pictures of nature.

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Lydia said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your reviews of these blogs/bloggers. You have a knack for that kind of thing. I visited Cherie/Butterfly Dreamer as you suggested and totally agree with your impressions and appraisal of the depth and value of her blog. Thank you!

Eric S. said...

Hi Lydia, thanks for stopping by. I really liked Butterfly Dreamers poems, they were a of fun. Thank you for your kind words. I went by your blog, and left a comment, but didn't see it come up. I'll try again her in a little bit. Grab some ice and get ready for that heat wave. 8-)

MaryD said...

I stopped over from Lilly's blog.
I usually turn to Grace Noll Crowell for poetry, not only, but first. I'm sure she would have had a blog if it was available in her day.
You offer a lot to check out. I will pick a few.~Mary

Cheryl said...

O Yayayaya ! I've always enjoyed your selections Eric. Thank you for sharing. Cheryl

jessie said...

Hi Eric! Thank you ever so much for mentioning me above in the poetry posts. I am humbled and blushing.

I would also like to note that I am also known as Suz, the author of Whispering Words. You will notice from time to time that some pieces are duplicated on the sites.

I've always enjoyed your blog, and I will defintely be checking out your suggestions. I'll go ahead and give 5 stars to: 1 Door Away from Heaven, Butterfly Dreamer, Lady Glamis, and the Literary Lab -- those sites never disappoint me.

Once again thank you for thinking of me and offering the new sites!

Warm smiles to you, Jessie/Suz

Eric S. said...

Thanks for stopping by MaryD. Lilly is one of my favorite all time must read blogs. Whew, that was a mouthful. I'm sure Grace Noll Crowell would have had a blog, along with a bunch of other great writers, if it was available. I'm pretty new to poetry, so I'm just now learning the good authors, and will be making an effort to get some of their books. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out how beautiful poetry is, pitiful huh.

Any-way's, make yourself at home, and browse my grammatical disaster for a little fun, LOL. :-D

Eric S. said...

Hey Cheryl, thanks for stopping in. I have so much fun searching out new site's I haven't been to. It's only fair to share them. ;)

Eric S. said...

Well what do ya know, Jessie is Suz. Funny I didn't notice the duplicates, but then sometimes I read a poem and think it's familiar, but chalk it up to my being recently initiated in reading poetry. :)

Thank you, and your welcome. 8-)

Cherie said...

Eric ~ i read your nice comments on my blog and you can imagine my surprise at the lovely things you said about me and my blog here. I am very flattered and humbled. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

Eric S. said...

Hello Cherie, and welcome. I glad you liked it, I loved the time I spent perusing your archives. You have some amazing works there. You also have a new fan in the small town boy. ;)


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