Fourth Of July, A Simple Celebration?

Independence Day Fireworks

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Fourth of July, the celebration is here once again.  I can’t help but to remember though, our brothers, sisters, husbands, wife's, fathers, mothers, sons,  daughters and loved ones, who have chosen to serve.  They are at this very moment in a strange land far from home and family.  They may very well be watching fireworks displays, but they are of a completely different nature and purpose than those we watched.  So please, take a moment of your day, and think of their sacrifice.  Pray for their safe return home, and hope they are having an uneventful holiday week. 


There are many wonderful Fourth of July’s I remember from the many years past in the mountains.  More  recently, the Como Fourth of July celebrations were the place to be for those of us from the small towns.  It had turned into a pretty large event, but still kept that small town feel of community.   Being that the majority of fireworks are illegal in Colorado, only sponsored or professional events were where you could see a reasonable display.   The Jefferson Como Fire District, did a wonderful job of raising money all year long.  Money just for the event in Como, so they could purchase fireworks, and organize a fun and beautiful affair.   There were events all day long, a nice barbecue dinner, and a dance with a live band, after the large fireworks display. 


One of my most memorable Fourths in Como, was sometime in the mid 1990’s.  We had the regular influx of visitors from the cities, and lowlands.  The fun part was that we had 6 inches of fresh, heavy wet snow fall.  The looks of surprise and confusion of the faces of those not familiar with mountain life was just so priceless.  People still have trouble believing me when I tell them I have seen 6 inches of snow on the Fourth of July. 


The Roundhouse at Como, CO

Now for those who have never seen Como.  It was a town of major importance in the 1800’s.  A main hub of the Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad, with a large roundhouse and maintenance barns.  At one time in it’s history, Como had been suggested as the possible capital of the state.  Of course this had actually happened with so many of the towns of the time, most nothing but dust today.  Como was a way point for many a traveling person in the old days.  It was also a start point for the Boreas Pass rail line headed over to Breckenridge.  In it’s heyday, it also had a darker side, being known as one of the more dangerous places in Colorado due to the large criminal element that stalked her streets and preyed on weary travelers. Reportedly, the Reynolds Gang traveled through Como on a regular basis, some even say they had a camp in the area. Today, it seems as if  Como is all but forgotten.  The population doesn’t even come close to breaking 100. 

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Jena Isle said...

Hi, Eric,

Happy Independence day. Incidentally this is also our Fil-American friendship day. :)


AngelBaby said...

You always have such interesting things to say, I just love coming here. It reminds me of living on the ranch where I raised my children and several friends of theirs. Yes, their friends pretty much lived at the ranch with us so much so that after my husband died some came back by to see me. They wanted to know what my other 13 children were doing even though I kept telling them I only have two children. They insisted that I had 15 children no matter what I said. It was a wonderful life and a great way to raise my two children. Thanks for sharing this.

I have something for you on my site so come and see.

Love and Blessings,

Eric S. said...

Thanks Jena, I didn't know that. As a matter of fact I wasn't even aware you had a Fil-American friendship day.

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Eric S. said...

Hello AngelBaby, You had mentioned that you had quite the house full at one time. Sounds to me like you were able to field your own sports team at just about any event.

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jessie said...

interesting info -- i hope you enjoyed your 4th!

TWM said...

Hope it all worked out well for you on the fourth Eric.

Interesting story about Como.

Guest said...

My memories of Como are mixed. There are, of course, the latter day memories. One of the very first kisses I collected was in the round house, on a hot summer afternoon. And I have many fond memories of visiting Helen and her aging and ill Texas Ranger husband . . . what was his name????? Oh, I remember, it was "Jack," Helen and Jack. They had water at the house only from the pump on the back porch, which frequently froze up in winter. Mother tells a story of Jack. It was when she was County Health Nurse and had to visit Jack weekly (seems to me he may have been diabetic, and wheelchair-bound), and it was the dead of winter, and the early 70's . . . so despite it being the dead of winter Mother was fashionably attired in heels and mini skirt on one of those days she hit Jack's on the way back from university classes in Denver. The crustily wicked old Ranger accused her of thinking, ". . . that the 'thing' between her legs was hot enough to keep the rest of her warm!" LOL !!!!!! Can't you just see her face in your mind's eye!
=-O ;)

LceeL said...

Now THAT is a small town. And THAT was a nice post. And I haven't been here in so long ... sorry - I won't let that happen again.

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Jena Isle said...

Eric, Previously we celebrated July 4 too because America had granted the Philippines independence but Lawmakers argued that it was really on June 12 that we have become truly independent even from American influence. So it was made into Fil-american friendship day instead. :)

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Eric S. said...

You would be amazed at how small it is Lou. No worries, I have not been posting near enough. Blinda has discovered Facebook games, and I can barely get on the computer these days. Time for me to get a laptop. 8-)

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Eric S. said...

Yes indeed, I enjoyed it very much. Stuffed myself beyond comprehension. 8-)

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Eric S. said...

Thanks Mark, You would probably enjoy Como, it's residents are a unique breed. 8-)

Recent blog post: Natures Own Fireworks Display, No Admittance Fee Required.

Eric S. said...

I do remember the visits to Helen and Jacks, and there was another one too. I think maybe the Justins. I recall the water pump, but the outhouse is what really sticks in my mind.

I can just imagine what Mothers reaction was to Jack's comment. I'm surprised he survived.

Recent blog post: Natures Own Fireworks Display, No Admittance Fee Required.


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