Music Monday; Passion in the Lyrics

Forgotten Hands

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I’ve decided to try something  a little different.  I have noticed that a lot of blogs publish a Music Monday post.  I always enjoy them and like to hear what other people are listening to.  So I thought I would give it a shot.


Sunday, I was searching YouTube for a  song I heard the other night.  It’s a moving love song by Little Big Town.  To me, it defined what I think of when I think of love.  It’s called That’s Where I’ll Be, and it’s about the willingness of a person to go where ever it is their lover has gone.  Along the way I ran across this amazing song writer and singers videos.  chestersee has a talent for putting passion into his songs.  I was floored by a couple of his songs, and just had to share them with everyone.

Of course I also found the song I was originally looking for. 

The thing about music, is there’s always a friend for any mood, a companion for all occasions.  Music, as they say, sooths the savage beast, call’s the lost soul home, and keeps the evil spirits at bay.

Musical Monday

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Jena Isle said...

They're beautiful songs, Eric. Although the singer is not so well known in these neck of the woods, I have to agree that he sings well too. Thanks for sharing.

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jessie said...

i enjoyed the music -- thanks for sharing.

Eric S. said...

I had never heard of him before either. I was searching for a different song, and his was a close match in name. I'm glad I found it though, it's pretty darn good. ;)

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Eric S. said...

Thanks Jessie, I'm glad you liked it. 8-)

Recent blog post: Summer Slumbers

Zorlone said...

There are a lot of struggling musicians out there and youtube is making their dreams come true. It is one thing to be seen and heard by other people and another, to become a famous musician. What am I saying, maybe you can achieve both by being in youtube. I better learn to play a guitar or a piano and start singing my poems.

I hope when that time comes, you'll listen to my songs too Eric. (wishful thinking) ;)


Vixen said...

Wow, Eric what a find. That kid has some serious talent doesn't he. I am so glad you shared that. Also, the Little Big Town song too. I think it is one of my new faves. Going to go find some more of their stuff.

tashabud said...

Hi Eric,
Just stopped by to say hello. Yes, the young man has a lot of talent. Hope some talent scouts are lurking around for him to be discovered.

Oh, I love Little Big Town's. I'll be sure to add that to my next playlist I'm working on.

Have a great day,
Tasha 8-)


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