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This last week has gone by ever so fast.  It helps that I have stayed extremely busy all week.  I haven’t even been able to spend as much time as I would like at some of the more pleasant social site.  Facebook is quick becoming one of my fav’s for the level of interaction available.  Of course nothing compares to Dante’s Pub!


Since I have not had my usual amount of time available for perusing the blogosphere.  I’m going to share only one site, I have to admit, this one kind of points back to my Fantasy, (giggle’s and silly laughter).  Some times I’m just too much like a kid. 


I already told you about Dina’s story over at Deepwater Journal.  Well Tirashar has made a quick appearance there.  The meeting was ever so brief, and there really was not much time for proper introductions and traditional greeting.  You see both Talis and Tirashar had their hands full dealing with a few radical Punt’s.  You see, Punt’s  are an insipid group of zealots bent on bringing down the society as it is known in Talis’ world. 


Dina’s story has taken on a level of action that is pretty refreshing, and will be a challenge for me.  You see, now I have to write a post detailing the hullabaloo as Tirashar, Darfrain, and Tabitha see it.  I’m looking forward to this, for I will get a chance to play with some battle tactics, and a few interesting twists.  This will also give me the opportunity to tell a little more of Tirashars background.  Not to much though, I don’t want to give it all away, (cue devious laughter and a little wink from me).


Ok I’ll quit babbling, and let you go.  Do run over to Deepwater Journal, and have a gander at Dina’s story.  You’ll really like it I’m sure.

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