Windows Live Writer The One Tool I Use to Compose All of My Blog Posts.

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I have had a lot  of my blogging buddies ask what I use to write my blog posts.  With the number of blogs I am posting to, I have found  Windows Live Writer to be one of the most useful tools loaded on my poor little overworked computer.  Live Writer has a number of plug-ins that have been very helpful to me.  Best of all it’s all free, just what I can afford, simple to download and install, and very very useful.  


Why I love using Live Writer, is that I can manage all of my blogs from the one program.  I don’t even have to be on the internet if  I don’t want to, Except for a few of the plug ins. The program organizes all your posts, and helps maintain an easily accessible and editable archive.  Best of all, I don’t have to deal with the on line editor that I’m not at all satisfied with.  Live Writer has a complete set formatting capabilities, and you can edit the page HTML if you chose also.  It is compatible with most popular blogging platforms, including Blogger.  You can manage scheduled posts, tags, and recently posted articles. One of the functions I hope to start using more of is the local drafts.  I can create a whole series of articles, and save them on my computer for posting at a future time.   The new version even has a Twitter update function that automatically posts a tweet for you. 


The plug in I use  most often is Zemanta.  The cool, sometimes beautiful pictures you see in the top left of the posts, except for the Friday’s Fantasy, are a result of Zemanta.  As you write your article, the plug in examines your content, and suggests pictures that may help illustrate what your writing about.  It shows the Creative Commons license for the picture, and provides the source in a link for attribution.  It also lists a series of related articles that you may wish to show a link to.  You can visit the link before you add it, to be sure it’s relevant, then just click and zip-zap, it’s automatically inserted at the Zemantaend of your post. Zemanta also provides recommended links, The Creative Commons link above was suggested by the program.  Overall it’s a wonderful plug in to help dress up your articles. Some other plug ins I use regularly are, Flikr Image, Video Insert, Picture Insert, Polaroid, Quotations, and SnagIt Screen Capture. 


If you write blog articles frequently, or even just every once in a while, I would recommend  downloading Live Writer.   You’ll thank yourself for the time and effort saving, free program before long.

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Tabitha said...

This was great info Eric!
Thank You! :)

Eric S. said...

Hi Tabitha. I'm glad you found it useful. I do highly recommend Live Writer, and Zemanta 8-)

Recent blog post: Windows Live Writer The One Tool I Use to Compose All of My Blog Posts.

Comedy Plus said...

Another of my blogging buddies was just raving about Live Writer. I'll have to give this a look see. As for Zemanta I tried that and it was way too busy for me. I can see the point though.

Have a terrific day. :)

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Eric S. said...

Hi Sandee, I love the Live Writer. One trick I learned with Zemanta, is to write your post with out it, then re-open Zemanta for suggestions. It's a little quicker that way.

Have a great day ;)

Recent blog post: Windows Live Writer The One Tool I Use to Compose All of My Blog Posts.

Anonymous said...

I just got a new computer that comes with the 2009 Vista/Windows Office Program. It actually has a program very much like this. You can write, add images and publish your blog from your desktop and you don't have to go online. I like it also.

BTW- I have a little project for you if you're willing to take up the challenge, Mountain man. I'll send you a note tomorrow and see what you think.
Vikki 8-)

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Eric S. said...

Hey Vikki, Your using Vista huh? I have not had very much luck with Vista, but it's not too bad. Anything that you can use off line to compose your articles makes life much easier.

A project eh? I'm listening, waiting with bated breath, LOL. :-D 8-)

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Roy said...

A convincing post indeed, I am keen on trying this tool.

I am also interested to know (if you don't mind :)), how were you able to install commentluv in blogger?

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Roy said...

Thanks Eric! ;)

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shadow said...

heeee heeeee heeeee, i love the quote. gonna check out the writer thingy, thank you....

lilly said...

Thanks Eric, I am glad you are up on all these things because I dont have a clue. I will give it a go.

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Eric S. said...

Hi Shadow, I couldn't resist that quote. :) ;)

Recent blog post: Love Letters, Forgotten Yet Missed

Eric S. said...

HI Lilly, Live Writer has been a great tool for me. I find new things all the time. usually been posting them in the side blog, but was hurting for a subject last night. SO I thought what the heck.

If you try out Live Writer, You'll end up using it all the time. ;)

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cloudia said...

Thanks for the tip!Enjoyed your poetry above, too.
My old browser doesn't like to load your pages, but I wanted to say, ALOHA

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AngelBaby said...

Wow, this sounds great I am going to try this, it would make my life a little easier. Thanks. =-O

Love and Blessings,

Eric S. said...

Your welcome AngelBaby. I know the program sure makes things easier for me, especially with the extra blogs.

Recent blog post: Love Letters, Forgotten Yet Missed

pradanang said...

live writer and zemanta..great


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