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Recently, I have been spending quite a lot of time at a new forum, a digital commune for artists.  I was lucky enough to get invited to this fabulous site, and have met a lot of new friends, and reacquainted with some old ones. When ever you hear me talking about the Pub, it is this forum that I am speaking of.  This last weekend, I was talking with Dina from Deepwater Journal.  You may remember, she did a couple chapters of David’s Past life’s, the links are over here to the right in the side bar. –>—>--->---->


We were jabbering away, and I showed her one of Pony’s pictures.  Now this is where it gets interesting, so don’t let me get too carried away.  Dina came back right away saying how wonderful the drawing was, and how she needed to get Pony to illustrate her sword and sorcery book she’s writing.  Sounding a little familiar yet?  Well of course my interest was peaked immediately, and I told gave her the link to my Friday's Fantasy, along with the link to Pony’s Flickr profile. 


It wasn’t long before I found a comment from her on the boards about my stories.  Dina said she couldn’t believe how much we were “channeling” together.  You see we had been talking about how the stories will write themselves, or more accurately how I have a narrator in my head dictating the story for me.  She went on to say that she would post the first few chapters of her story and I would see what she meant.  Oh, and by the way Dina said that Pony’s drawings were great, and she obviously had a lot of talent, sorry just a little of the proud uncle shinning through there.


Before long I was able to read Dina’s story, The Adventures of Talis and Littlefoot.  I was stunned at the similarities, and awed by the differences.  It seemed as if we had been attending the same class, and were assigned a basic story line minus characters.  Almost as if students of the same teacher each with their own style, tackling the same base line to a story with our individual visions.  I’m not going to say what exactly her story contains, you’ll have to go read for yourself and make the comparison.  I will say though that her style has an amazing flair, and is by far the better of the two stories.


I am simply taken aback by how two people can write such a similar story with out even knowing each other are writing in the same genre.  Her story is being written through her much as mine is being written through me.   I think the inspiration is different for each of us.  Pony’s art was my inspiration and the birth of Tirashar’s story.  Dina’s story was born of her dreams, so clear they must be.  Please take a quick jump over to her site, Deepwater Journal, and read her fantasy fiction.   Don’t forget to come back here Friday for the next section of Friday’s Fantasy.

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lilly said...

How fantastic and spooky at the same time. Both very talented people you are Eric. Maybe you could write something together. As for Pony well what can you say she is a definite star in the making.

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forsythia said...

I envy you creative types. Never could write fiction, let alone fantasy.

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Jena Isle said...

That's serendipity Eric. Now you'll have someone who can motivate you more. That's wonderful news. Looking forward to Tabitha and Tirashar.

Eric S. said...

It is pretty wild huh Lilly. I would love to figure out how to collaborate with her, or maybe make our characters meet somewhere in their travels. That would be interesting.

Pony is great. she's a star already, her name is even in the credits of Happy Feet. I'm not proud at all, naw never. ;)

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Eric S. said...

The funny thing is I have no idea where it comes from. It just happens all of it's own. Thanks Forsythia. :)

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Eric S. said...

Hi Jena, It was pretty neat. Yep I'm sure she'll be motivating me to keep going. Not to worry, Tirashar will be returning tomorrow, I'm working on the story tonight, and if I get it done I'll post it early. ;)

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June Saville said...

Hi Eric
I go to that pub too, and to the associated gallery - thanks to the brilliance and organising abilities of Vikki of Red Chair Gallery. It's fun and there are a lot of talented people who meet there.
June in Oz

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to wonder just where the stories come from - it's like we're all drawing from the same well.

Eric S. said...

Hi June, yep Vikki is great, I'm so glad she set this up. The pub is filled with wonderful creative people, and great conversation. The beer ain't too bad either. ;) 8-)

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Eric S. said...

Oh yea, I am constantly wondering where the stories come from. Then when something like this happens, you just have to sit back and go What the heck just happened? 8-)

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Guest said...

Cowboy! We are mos' def' gonna collaborate! You named the place of the challenge, email me off forum and I'll tell you what's going on in this next segment, will blend Tirashar into it, then you write her story around that part from your perspective! I also think they need to meet again down the road, so to speak. I won't say where because it gives away the plot line.
I think we got us another Wichblade and Lara Croft collab!!

D 8-)

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Eric S. said...

Hey Dina, I sent you an email, we'll work something out. This will be so much fun. 8-)

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Kel said...

Sigh . . . you got me on this one. I went, via the link, to read Ms. Dina's story. Whew . . . VERY interesting, you two do seem to have pulled the same story line bones out of the ether.

The notion of Talis and Tirashar meeting is interesting. But I'd lay odds that two such strong willed and independent women would not, initially at least, hit it off.

Eric S. said...

You may be right dear sister, I guess we're going to have to wait and see if anything does happen, LOL. We were both shocked at how similar our two stories were. Neither even knew the other was writing a fantasy. 8-) ;)

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