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Monday, oh fair Monday how quick you arrive, surprise, surprise. I have been very busy for the past couple of weeks, so If I have missed a few of your posts, please pardon the absence.  You’ll find out why near the end of this post, (snickering and giggling like a foolish school boy). You would think that with Friday’s Fantasy  burgeoning in my mind, and flowing flowing through my finger tips, I would be worn and weary.  Not quite yet though!  It seems the more involved I get with writing these stories, the more thoughts ideas, and plots evolve and show glimmers of their essence, tantalizing and tempting my thoughts.  Ahh but more about that later, let’s just keep everyone waiting just a short while longer.


This week, I have only two projects to share with you.  One deals with art, and one involves writing, hopefully by a number of authors.   First off lets get started with a little art.  Many of you are well aware of Vikki’s Blog, (Kel, this is the site I told you about, I know you would love it) at The Red Chair Gallery.  She is an accomplished and talented artist, and a writer.  Her posts always contain a piece of original artwork from her, and a very interesting and fun story to accompany it.   Vikki contributed two chapters to David’s Past Life’s collaborative project, and played a mjor role inhelping to organize it.  The links are over there, ---->  to the right…… in the side bar.  If the captivating art work doesn't grab you, ( I can’t imagine that not happening) The stories will. 


For a few months now, Vikki has been doing an art challenge with a few of her fellow blog artist’s.  A theme is decided on, and the artist’s have to create a piece interpreting that theme.  I have two favorites, Jealousy, and Hope.  Well Vikki has now created a web site exclusively for the Artist Challenge.  Artists are welcome to submit works for the challenges, and join in the fun.  In her own words, it is “ a private art club, for artists, art patrons, and fool hardy souls”. 

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Pull up a chair and be of good cheer."

The artist awaits you.....

I have entered the dark, dusty abyss and emerged safely in one piece, so I would say fairly it’s a fun and visually entrancing site.  If your an artist join the fun so those of us with limited ability can view from a safe distance, and appreciate your talents.


OK…. OK, So now let me tell you what I have been doing.  As if two blogs isn’t enough, really three with the side blog.  I have started two others.  One of them I’m writing in the voice that I think of my dog Peanut having.  He is the one that is my profile picture, and really small.  Being constantly full of energy and playing all the time, he reminds me of a small child.  Life Through Peanut’s Eyes is a fun and playful blog, even if not very creative.   I started this blog about two or three weeks ago, not real sure, my weeks seem to be fusing into a large mass.  


The other one I set up this weekend, actually Sunday evening over a period of about 4 hours.  I loved doing the chapter for David’s Past Life’s, and really enjoy the theory of collaborative writing.  So I created The Collaborative Writers Corner.  I hope to attract some of my fellow blog authors, who may have a yarn to spin, or might enjoy adding a little something from their unique vision to an existing story.  Hopefully we will end up with a large selection of active stories, of all genres, changing and taking shape almost daily.  Check out this post I did on the Side Blog, and you’ll get the idea.  So far I have gotten one fellow writer to join the fun. Lou of LouCeel has joined our little corner, and will be adding his great talent to the project.  I’m really excited about this project, and have even  started a new story over there in that tiny corner of the blogosphere, (Thanks Kel for the inspiration).  I have new sections of the story, forming and giving light to my slightly over active imagination, just about hourly.  So come on over and see what I have done in just one evening, and perhaps join in the fun. 


One special note of thanks.  Speedcat, you are Da Man!  Thank you ever so much for the help with code for the badge.  I would have been struggling with that for many more hours if you hadn’t lent a helping hand.


Not to worry, I will continue Friday’s Fantasy right here as planned.  This story is a particular passion of mine, and I have been enjoying being the medium for it to flow.

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Lilly's Life said...

Eric, you did say crazy but how wonderful. I have trouble with one blog and a book! I shall be off to check out your new sites as well! And I am now addicted to your Friday Fantasy so dont let go of that until you finish your tale of course. It's wonderful to see so many bloggers doing such creative things!

Eric S. said...

Lilly, LOL Yep that's me one crazy mountain boy just looking for more ???? I don't know what! Don't worry, I'll be continuing the story, it's been a lot of fun. I just have so many different ideas flowing all at once, I needed more outlets, LOL. I 'm just a glutton for punishment.

tashabud said...

Hi Eric,
This is nice of you to advertise Vikki's special project also. I've joined Dante's Club already. I love her drawing of her as the Pub Wench and of Michael as the her co-host. It showed she had a blast drawing the picture.

As for your Collaborative Writing project, I've gone and checked it out. You, my friend, is going to make me just want to just read and not write my own posts now. LOL. Honestly, I like your idea. It's so nice to be able to read different authors' creative writings in one place.

Have a great week,

Shadow said...

red chair gallery is cooool. thank you once again.... gotta check out peanut now.... and that writing one....

Eric S. said...

Hi Tasha, LOL, That's the intention , he he he he. Really, It's just another play ground for those of of that are bored all the time.

I signed up at the pub too, fun place it is sure to be. There are so many of my friends there already. I love what Vikki is doing with the Artist Challenge.

Eric S. said...

Hi Shadow, Yep Vikki is a pretty spirited lady. I love her latest post, got a big kick out of it. Peanut will be looking forward to your visit, and so will the Writers. Have a great day

Liara Covert said...

Each day is filled with unexpected possibilities. As you permit ideas to flow, you are permitting parts of your soul to take flight. You may only choose to share a few projects in your midst, yet as you raise awareness, you begin to realize that you are involved in more exciting things than you can count. It is meaningful to realize that what you happen to focus on at this moment is not all there is. You lead a truly extraordinary life.

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much! What a nice surprise to come to your blog and find you’ve promoted our site. You are the dearest friend and greatly valued.

Michael and I were having so much fun doing challenges just between the two of us this past summer; we felt other artist and craftsman would enjoy the process. The response to The Artist Challenge and Dante’s Pub has been overwhelming. We’re already getting art submissions for the first challenge gallery; ‘Unrequited Love’ and they are outstanding works! (And by the way- the Pub is getting wilder by the day!)

I have no doubt your Collaborative Writers Corner will be a MAJOR success. Creative people love to support, encourage and inspire other creative people. Of that there is no doubt- or anything more engaging -or definitive amongst artist and writers.

Thank you so much Eric.

Cloudia said...

Crazy Wild man!! LOL! You GO, Boy!

Eric S. said...

HI Liara. I don't know about extraordinary, busy maybe, LOL. I find myself doing more and more with each day. This blogging has really become a fun and very interesting endeavor.

Eric S. said...

Vikki, hey busy girl. You have your hands full, but I think your enjoying it. I can't wait to see all the challenge entries. I'm still trying to figure something out. The topic is not one of my strong suits, you the emotionless man syndrome.

I haven't been to the pub in a few days, just too busy, but I promise I'll be back soon.

I can't wait for the Collaborative Writers Corner to get a full head of steam. It'll be a very interesting project, and challenging to.

Eric S. said...

Hey Cloudia, LOL, yep thats me the wild one. Who knows what I'll be up to next!

Kel said...

Good grief. Y'all are over top wee bro!

You're right, I went to Red Chair Gallery and did find it fascinating. That Vikki gal is quite the artist.

And I was oddly touched to "see" my red parka again. That was VERY cool.

But where oh where do you find the time?!?

Eric S. said...

Hey Kel' I don't really notice the time. I guess I'm just having too much fun. Did you make it by Vikki's blog, her sense of humor is great, and by the way she's a fellow Californian.

Yep your Parka has made a grand re-entrance. I've posted part two, and Part three is on the way. The parka is playing a small part, but your comment gave me the idea. The story ending is gonna be, woha, wait a minute. I can;t give it away just yet. I guess you'll just have to see for yourself, LOL.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,

You're soooo busy, all the creative juices pouring in now, I assume. i would like to take active part in visiting later and see what I can contribute.

Kudos to you. I can't wait for Friday so I can read the continuation of Tirashar..see , I can't forget the heroine. Cheers.

Mike Foster said...

Hey, Eric, what do you do with all that free time? Just kidding, since you must not have any with all these blogs keeping you busy. Enjoyed your Friday fantasy too.


Eric S. said...

Hi Jena, LOL, I don't know what happened, just started getting all these ideas, and they just kept coming.

I would welcome you with a hearty yee haw.

Eric S. said...

Hey Mike, yep got a few minutes tucked away, hidden for myself, LOL. Thanks.

Liara Covert said...

You might consider compiling an ebook of your monday blog picks with brief summaries or tidbits. You already have considerable content that could be set up to reach an expanded audience. Its an idea to ponder as you talk to nature. You are a blessing.

Eric S. said...

Hi Liara, That's not a bad idea. I may just do that someday. Thanks.

Kel said...

You know, I think Ms. Covert has a good idea there.

Eric S. said...

Yes, I believe so too. I'm going to have to get a PDF editor software, LOL.


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