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In the middle ages, a Bard was a revered poet, learned in the histories, and traditions of their people.  Their responsibility was to pass on the tales and traditions in an entertaining way.  I like to think of Bards as masters of the tale, a combination of theatrics and the ability to make the audience see the tale they are relating.


Today, the internet is a venue for the Bards of this new age.  Tellers of stories and tall tales.  A good Bard is one who can glean a lesson from a story or tale.  Taking that lesson, shaping and molding it, then presenting it to an audience in a manner that is interesting and entertaining. 


I have discovered a few modern day Bards in my travels through the web.  They are sometimes hard to find, often disguised behind the veils of a personal blog.  One such Bard is Lou of LouCeel, many of his stories entertain and educate, some are simple pleasures to read.  He is currently writing a story of chivalry and redemption.  One Knights Story, is the tale of a lone Knight in the Kings service during the Holy Wars.  His fair Knight is well experienced in the art of sword play and the dealing of death, but longs for it to end.  He has learned the ways of his enemy, and shows respect for those he has slain, by burying them in the manner required by their own religion.  This lone Knight begins his travels home, and enters many adventures along the way.  Adventures that serve as an education for the young Squire at his side. 


I’ll list the sections of the story below, but a regular visit to this modern day Bard’s blog will introduce you to a very interesting man.  One who is good natured, kind, and charitable.

Now all ye faithful, go forth read and enjoy.  If you find a Modern Day Bard in your travels through the digital realm, please drop me a note, letting me know where to find this learned person.

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tashabud said...

Wow! That's wonderful. I'm off to see the Modern Day Bard. Hey, I learned a new word today. Thanks.


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Eric S. said...

Glad I could be instructional Tasha, LOL. Your too funny. His stories are worth the visit. ;)

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