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Monday comes along so quick, at times it takes me by surprise.  I have been so busy, keeping myself occupied with all my blogs, and writing, that I seem to let this blog suffer periodically.  That certainly in not my intention, and I’m going to have to discipline myself a little more thoroughly to keep current posts going.    I am considering doing some book  reviews, and writing prompts through the week.  I want to keep this blog more focused on my writing, and not so much on me personally.  That is what the Side Blog is for, my personal thoughts and silliness.


On to Writers of the Web for this week.  Over the weekend I went through that huge mess in my browsers bookmark sidebar.  Clearing out dead links, and trying to organize them just a little.    A good thing to, because I re-discovered this first blog, misplaced it in the clutter of my bookmarks.  Literary Jewels; a creative insight into the world of Literature,  authored by Amritbir Kaur , is a blog of thought and impression.  You’ll find great quotes from a number of sources, famous or not, and many a thought provoking article.


I found an interesting site this weekend while enjoying my ritual stroll through the blogosphere.  While reading Untangling The Past, a poem on Jane’s Writing, I discovered a writing prompt’s blog.  Cafe Writing does a monthly project where a  series of prompts are offered to bloggers.  You get to chose your own form of inspiration, then go forth to write… a poem, short, or simple article using the prompt you selected.  Then simply return to Cafe Writing and leave a comment with the URL of your post.  Of course you link back to Cafe Writing to tie into the project.  I will probably give this one a shot, and see what develops.


Some time ago, I found two blogs that register or list Blog fiction.  Now we all know I love fiction, so these were a natural for me.  I have found a few good blog novels through these sites, but I’m not going to list them until I read enough to get a good feel for them.  First off is Blog Fiction, where you can find a large selection of fiction writing throughout the web.  There are reviews, and thoughts about writing fiction on the internet to ponder and enjoy also.  After that swing by Web Fiction Guide for even more listings of blog fiction and reviews to wet your appetite for the reading.

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Me said...

I'm stuck on the whole poetry thing. I spent one semester at San Franciso State University, amongst over 6 years of other semesters, happily immersed in a study of poetry.

Oh the wonders, found therein!

Anyway, I just can't, I'm sorry, allow myself to wander to broadly across the blog-0-sphere . . . so I'm veering (all intentionedA), sideways, backwards, you say . . .

. . . across to poetry again ~ and into my so-limited home library.



Where is a foot worthy to walk a garden,
or any eye that deserves to look at trees?

Show me a man willing to be
thrown in the fire.


In the shambles of love, they kill only the best,
none of the weak or deformed.
Don't run away from this dying.
Whoever's not killed for love is dead meat.


Tonight with wine being poured
and instruments singing among themselves,
one thing is forbidden,
one thing: Sleep.


Two strong impulses: One
to drink long and deep,
the other,
not to sober up too soon.

(translated by Coleman Barks and John Moyne)
In the section titled 'Approach to Wildness,' in "The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart; Poems for Men." Editors Robert Bly, James Hillman, and Michael Meade. Harper Perennial, NY. 1992.

Kel said...

P.S. Those familiar with Yeats with recognise the title of the text as being a line from one of Willy B's gorgeous poems.

Me again said...

P.S.S. Sorry, can't seem to help myself tonight:


Who is my father in this world, in this house,
At the spirit's base?

My father's father, his father's father, his --
Shadows like winds

Go back to a parent before thought, before speech,
At the head of the past.

They go to the cliffs of Moher rising out of the mist,
Above the real,

Rising out of present time and place, above
The wet, green grass.

This is not landscape, full of the somnambulations
Of poetry

And the sea. This is my father, or maybe,
It is as he was,

A likeness, one of the race of fathers: earth
And sea and air.

Wallace Stevens
(ibid. pg 151)

Kel said...

P.S.S.S. g'night

Eric S. said...

Ahh, Kel (AKA Me)to be the benefactor of your poetry reading. Such a pleasant way to return to my digital world.

Someday I swear, I too will study poetry for real and earnest. An art form so boundless and expressive, meaningful yet ambiguous, enlightening and spiritual, jubilant yet sorrowful.

I can see how one could get lost and wander for eons in a world of prose an verse. I envy those who have digested the plentiful volumes of the poetic legions.

G'Night oh learned sister, sleep well and dream of poetic fields, filled with blooming and fragrant verse.

Many thanks for the wonderful and lasting visit of this night.

Lilly's Life said...

Oh Kel and Eric - sweet!! I like the idea of the blog prompts Eric and will be off to have a visit. You can only do what you can do with blogging and you have to split your time so just post when you can. We will always be here to read them!

Eric S. said...

LOL, hi Lilly, just have to love my sister. The writing prompt site is real nice. I have other prompt site if you would like any, just let me know.

I know, I know but I should be able to post something here regularly also.

Shadow said...

why DOES monday come so quickly.... off to read some more.

maggie's mind said...

I'll have to check these out! Thanks for sharing your findings. :)

Eric S. said...

LOL, I'm not sure Shadow, but it does.

@ Maggie, my pleasure, Hope you had fun on your trip.

Eric S. said...

Just another attempt at getting Comment Luv working. 8-)

Eric S. said...

Kel, I know your reluctance to wander the sphere. But You will get a kick out of the comments on this post. There are a few mentioning you dear sister! ;) :-D

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