Friday’s Fantasy Part 5 The Journey Continues

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    A new title has shown itself to me.  Much for Tirashar’s own personality, and character traits. `Ur,N`aro h- Helce {Fire and Ice} A Journey of Discovery. 
The small glen was lit eerily by the flickering flames of the fire, adding to Darfrains sense of unease.  This night had been a strange one.  After his hard and fast ride through the trees, he had almost been drawn to this clearing.  He couldn’t explain it, just a feeling that he had to explore and find out what was there.  Then he had heard the voices, he was didn’t think it was  Tirashar, but he couldn’t be sure.  When he entered the glen, he was relieved to see Tirashar step out from the shadows.

“Who were you talking to?  You should learn to be more quiet when in these forests.”  He said to Tirashar as he slide off his horse’s back.  “Where is your horse? Fein-Alagos need’s some water and rest, he has worked hard this night.” Darfrain said as he stroked his horses mane and ears, the horse nudging his shoulder. 

“Over here, there’s grass and a small creek. White Wind huh, an appropriate name for such a beauty.” Tirashar said as she led Fein-Alagos and Darfrain over to where Moru was grazing contentedly.  “I wasn’t talking to anyone.” she said with a little edge to her voice. “You must have been hearing the spirits, they seem to be quite active in these parts.”

Darfrain looked dubiously at Tirashar, one eyebrow raised in question,  what a strange statement that was, he thought to himself.  These dark woods are alive with the spirits, everyone knew that.  “You should be careful, there are many strange and very dangerous things moving around this forest.  Many an person has entered the Dur Taur, never to be seen again.”

Tirashar grinned under cover of her wildly blowing hair.  “I don’t think we have to worry this night.  The Drayads are fair and kind, they have given shelter to wandering worried souls.  We will be traveling once again very soon, and leaving the protection of the forest. That is when we need to be watchful. I trust the spirits of nature far more than I trust the spirits of people.”

“It’s not the spirits of nature that worry me, but creatures that roam here.  I doubt nature had much to do with their creation.  Only man can have such a distorted imagination.” Darfrain said.

“I have heard of some of the creatures, the Gwegorch for one, how did they come  to be, do you know?” Tirashar asked with an active curiosity.

Dog_Boy“It is rumored they are the remnants from the dark wars.  When sorcerers wandered, frequently creating servants to fill a particular need.  The necromancers would conjure up creations from the depths, intent on dominating all the peoples of our world.  Many still wander here and there, mostly in places of darkness, where they feel protected and strengthened.  Many are the lost souls who had sworn to serve the dark Lords.  Now forever relegated to wandering the darkness, with no thoughts other than to cause pain and grief to those who used  to be their neighbors.”  Dafrain said as he looked around, wondering just what was out there in the dark watching every move they made.

“Like I said, natures spirits are far more friendly, and well meaning.  I prefer them to the spirits of man, who seem always to have ulterior, devious motives.  I come from a small mountain village, where I spent more time communing with natures spirits and their gods than I did with people.  I am comfortable talking to them, and am very careful to always show the proper respect.  One can learn much from them if they will just listen to the messages.  There is music in nature, beauty beyond comprehension, and serenity in the solitude.  Even now, in the darkness of this forest, there is music in the trees.  Can’t you hear it?”  Tirashar said with a soft compassionate look in her eyes.

Darfrain looked on Tirashar with amazement.  There is so much emotion in her eyes, they seem to show her very soul.  Back in the pub, there was certain fire, green with anger, sparked there.  At the time, he had seen a sure confidence, cold as blue ice, a certain knowledge of her ability.  She is not as helpless as many might take her for.  I’ll have to talk with Cloemilla about teaching her how to control what shows in her eyes.   He also sensed something else in Tirashar, he did not know what it was, but he was sure Cloemilla would.  We will see tomarrow.  I’ll make a point to get her to the citadel as soon as possible.

**To Be Continued**

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JeffScape said...

I am intrigued... will revisit the rest of the story soon.

Are you the artist, as well?

Eric S. said...

The artist is my Niece, she has many a wonderful drawing on her flickr page. I did these a long time ago and plan to some day revisit and rewrite the story, perhaps taking it to a conclusion. Much has happened since then, changing my writing style, and performance.


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