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So the season is over, the freezer is well stocked, and time is on my hands.  What to do, what to do?   Guess I’ll just have to break down and work on the darn old Honey Do list that seems to get larger every day.  I have been somewhat remiss in keeping one very important person happy, but she is used to it this time of year.  I will just have to get busy on the weekends, and try to make a meaningful dent in that long established wish list of my sweet little wife. 


I will also have more time for the good old blogosphere, and intend to get entirely caught up on every ones blogs.   You have to know that I keep tabs on quite a few blogs.  I currently have 136 listed on my sidebar, but so many in my Yahoo reader, and Google reader that it boggles my mind.  I’m going to have to do some house cleaning there, for my google reader, as of the other day, had over 2000, and god only knows how many my Yahoo reader has.   I can say that I generally follow around 350 to 400 blogs, regularly.  Luckily for me many of them do not post daily as does LouCeel.  That man is a wonder, he has just completed 365 days of making at least 1 blog post  a day.  I don’t think I have the stamina for that, but I will try to be a little more blogactive.


I will also resurrect the Monday’s Writers of the Web series.  I have found some really good blogs lately, and I like to share as you all know.  This coming Monday will be dedicated to one special person, who has been a frequent and dedicated visitor here.  I’m not going to spoil it, and tell you who it is yet, you’ll just have to wait for Monday. 


I really have to get to work on a few stories.  My thoughts have been overflowing with ideas, now I just have to get them down on paper.  That at times is the hard part.  I have a few posts to do for another special blogger, and really need to get that done.   I am a little ashamed of myself for putting her off.


I also have many a book that are desperately calling my name.  They need their fair amount of attention also.  They provide so much in the way of relaxation and enjoyment, I just can’t neglect them.  Reading is such a passion of mine, and the best way for me to learn things.  I can, as my sister says, gobble books, reading sometimes two in a night.


I will have to settle for some city sunrises for a little while, and forego the frequent trips to the wilds.  I will try to go at least once a month though just for my sanities sake.  You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy, LOL.


I’ll be visiting all of you as soon as possible, and trying to leave a few more comments.  Until then, I hope you have a great time.

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Sounds like you have lots of reading planned!

Super GIF of the sunset "sharp"

Coloradolady said...

The key to this is, are you rested up from the hunting season? If memory serves me correctly from experience, the answer is no!! At least not around here!

Lilly's Life said...

Oh my gosh Eric 300 - 40 blogs? I thought I read quite a few and I can't keep up with them. You do have a huge capacity to read.

What to do? What to do? Well, after going through the list your lovely wife has for you which is definitely a priority, how about writing a book of your own?

I mean you could chew through hundreds of books in the coming months when it would be better still to do one yourself or a book of short stories.

I am doing mine after lots of arm pulling. Nothing humourous about the book either but am going to have ago. Its been fun.

Shadow said...

wow, you are reading A LOT! but yeah, housecleaning with blogs (and all those other place you got) helps. oh, and of course doing the honey do list. love that name!!!! all i can say is, good luck....

forsythia said...

The number of blogs you read absolutely "bloggles" my mind. I can hardly keep up with the few that I follow.

June Saville said...

'Bloggles' my mind ... love it forsynthia. I think your comment list has just spawned a wonderful new word Eric.
Welcome back from the wild ...
June in Oz

confused said...

Ah the wish list I know of those things..:)

maggie's mind said...

I read a lot of blogs, too, even if I don't always get to comment. Not quite that many, though. :) Good to see you'll be back in the blogosphere a little more.

Jessie said...

it's great to step back and away from it all isn't it? good luck in catching up!

Ponderer said...

Now is the time to rest before Spring arrives. I'm also looking forward to your Monday Writers of The Web as I've favoured a few you've focused on ;) Cheryl

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Enjoy getting your honey dos done. I will indeed make your sweet wife happy. I know they make me happy when hubby does them around here.

Have a terrific day and we will all await spring. :)

Cloudia said...

Reading is a passion that can grow into a vice, I'm afraid.
Yet- I'd hate to be the blogger that you delete from your reader
;-(. I beleive that you will write some of those books, and look forward to your new posts (and visits!). Aloha!

Alexys Fairfield said...

Wow Eric,
That image is mesmerizing. I can't stop looking at it. (Okay so I am easily pleased.) Do you really have that many blogs in your readers? I can't imagine. I have a quarter of that and I can't get to all of them. There is something genuine about you and if you say that you will do something, I know that you will. Enjoy all of your reading. Maybe you and your wife could read together - - that way you could spend time with your two loves.

Nan (smartiplants) said...

There is always so much to do and so little time. I am a reader as well, of both blogs and books and it can be almost overwhelming trying to keep up with it all, but I wouldnt give it up for anything.

redchair said...

Wow! Did I say 'Wow'?

I admit it's alway kind of nice when the Holidays are over and we can get back in gear with all the 'to dos.' I'm sure your wife will be pleased and it shows what a good hubby your are.
You have a great time also, Eric.


justin said...

thanks for stopping by my blog....

Eric S. said...

@ Speedcat, Yes do, but I can handle it. The hard part will be going through my reader, and thinning things out a little.

@ Coloradolady, LOL, actually the hunting season is my R & R, I feel completely rejuvenated.

@ Lilly, It's not all that bad, The ones I read continually is in the 350 - 400 in numbers. Many of then only post once a month, and some only once a week. I have found that if I kind of schedule myself, and back read some post on the daily posters, it makes it easier. There are about 160 that I make a point of reading at least every two or three days. I'm trying to come up with a manageable way to read some others everyday. scratches head, snickers, and then grins evilly

Eric S. said...

@ Shadow, It's not all that bad, It helps that I love to read.

@ Forsythia, It is a large number to look at, but if you don't let it Bloggle you down, it can be done, LOL Bloggle

@ June, I agree we may have to submit it to the Websters site consideration.

@ Confused, yep those wish lists can get out of control at times, LOL.

@ Maggie, That is one of the reasons I can read so many. I don't comment on every one. Many times I am a shameless lurker.

@ Jessie, yes sometimes I have to step back, because I can easily let it get out of control.

@ Ponderer, Thanks, It's one of my more fun series, because I get to share my finds.

@ Sandee, I'll try to enjoy them, no guarantees. Many of them will require some serious effort on my part, LOL.

@ Cloudia, Yes it can, but what a nice vice to have. You have no worries my dear, your on the list to stay.

@ Alexys, That is a nice image. I use an add on for my Live Writer called Zumantra. It suggests images based on a 30 word sampling of your post. It's pretty handy. The little wife is not as avid a reader as I, but we still enjoy many things together. Thanks.

@ Nan, Yes it can get out of control easily. When I first started, I felt very overwhelmed, and it almost ended my blogging. I have learned a few tricks to make things easier on me.

@ Vikki, LOL. It is nice to get back on a level keel. A good hubby, I don't know, I'm sure she has plenty of complaints, LOL.

@ Justin, Hi, thanks for stopping by. You have some gorgeous pictures of abandoned buildings. I followed a link from The Walking Man to your site. I love to explore old abandoned buildings.

The Muse said...

Im not sure how blogger has managed to wipe me off your bloggers follow list...but im still here!

I cant wait to hear more about your book...if she is calling then you best "get to it" :)

Eric S. said...

I was wondering who had dropped off, one day it's 48, and the next its 47. No worries, I think all the sites have their technical issues.

Thanks so much for your dedication.

Kel said...

I have so little time to read books (my first love) that I find myself quite resistant to allowing much travel into the blogosphere.

I can't imagine keeping up with as many blogs as you do.

Liara Covert said...

You always do more than enough. You are constantly learning the art of moderation. You are in the process of rediscovering the tightness and looseness of your mind. This is transforming your life in wasy you do not yet see.

Eric S. said...

@ Kel, It's really a mater of scheduling. I read certain blogs every day, and others once a week. Spread it out over seven days, and it's not that hard. I have found I am reading fewer books, but I do still read them. I will never lose that love of holding a quality book in my hands to appreciate the feel and texture of the page while reading.

@ Liara, yes indeed, the art of moderation s one that is never fully learned, and must be revisited regularly.

jan geronimo said...

Wow, you're a monster reader of blogs and books, Eric. Can't say I can even come close to what's on your plate. Ahahaha.

My reader needs pruning because I felt there are so many nonperforming blogs there. And here you are with hundreds of them. Not to mention the books you read on a regular basis.

Well, I've to step up then.

And as you say - be more blogactive. ",)

Eric S. said...

Hey Jan Geronimo, WOW, you went back a little ways in the old archives here. Now days, I have trimmed the blogs I follow down considerable. I'm only closely following around 100. Many of the others post irregularly, kind of like I've been doing here on Ruminations. I hope to change that soon, but there is so much to do with the new site The Inferno. I'm dedicating a LOT of time to that.

I managed to thin the reader down quite a bit, but it's still difficult to keep up sometimes. I wouldn't recommend trying to follow as many as I was, it is seriously taxing, LOL. Besides, I have to have time to read a few novels here and there also.

I think I've taken a little healthier approach to my blogging lately. One can only do so much, with out stressing out, LOL.


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