A Picture Says More


A short time ago, I asked Mother to go through her pictures for one specific picture of Dad on Hoosier Pass holding a shovel above his head, and not touching the top of the snow bank.  I was hoping for any other photo’s of the mountain snow scenes.  I also asked her for some other pictures from around Christmas times in the old House in Fairplay. 



I got my package of pictures yesterday in the mail.  Not a single picture of snow, but a whole lot of pictures of me.  Isn’t that just like a mother, send all the embarrassing pictures, and leave out the good ones (a good one is any picture that does not have me in it).  My birth picture above, suggests to me that I was none to happy about entering this life, LOL.    Well, I guess I’ll make Mother happy, and share some of those pictures with you.

My first birthday, I didn’t know I was ever that chubby.  Evidently I was having a great time.  And then there is one of me crawling around, I’m sure getting into everything I was not supposed to.



I must have been a pretty happy baby.  Most of the baby pictures I’m smiling.  I’m sure I was a little angel, (I doubt it seriously) and never did anything wrong.






Here’s one of my older brother and I standing outside our house.  I’m going to have to talk to Mother about those pants, they simply are not  my style.







Now here’s a Christmas photo.  I wish I could remember that toy gun, It looks like it was awfully neat.  I’m sure I played with it a lot.









Here we go, a little bit of nature with the family.  By the way, The one making the funny face, and being all dramatic is Kel.









My older brother and I riding one of our horses.  We had five, but I think only two or three were saddle broke.






Kel may kill me for this one, but that is her in the back right.  The one with the biggest smile.  I’m surprised Mother got her into a dress, for I can only remember Jeans and tee shirts for her.






Here’s me with a pretty small fish.  I sure look pleased with myself though.







There are quite a few with “tall” hats.  I can’t remember them, but I must have liked them.   Blue jean shirt and Levi's were my primary attire in those days, now its Wranglers, LOL.









Here we are at my Aunts ranch in Arizona.  She bread horses, and evidently appreciated a little help while we were on vacation.






Me at Mothers house in Arkansas, with my step fathers old flintlock.









My Senior Prom, with no date of course.  Dam I was skinny, Oh I still am.  I actually had to gain weight to get into the Army.  I went back 5 times before I gained the required 7 pounds.  I guess I was pretty determined. In basic training and AIT, I put on 30 pounds, never lost. I now weigh another 15 pounds heavier.





Me on leave prior to my shipment over to Germany.  I was a Spc4 at the time.








My Father and I just a year or so before his death. He made a whirl wind tour to see all of us kids.  I think he was down here all of two days.  And he brought the snow with him.  It snowed about 5 inches, and shut everything down.  Texas just has no idea what to do with snow.


Well Now that I have embarrassed myself thoroughly, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and laughs.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,
These are awesome pictures, really. You're a happy baby at birth, an adorable tot,s a dashing young man and a handome adult. lol..
It is always nostalgic to dredge up old pictures. Sometimes they bring out a smile or two, ors a tear or two.. best regards.

Jena Isle said...

This new comment page is cool. Happy blogging.

Lilly said...

Thank your mother Eric for knowing what your readers want to see! I am still fixated on your first birthday cake - look at the size of it. These are great pictures. You didnt change much a long the way did you?sPlus you always liked the outdoor life it seems. Kelly is going to get you for this but clearly she is the outgoing one and you have all the evidence right here. Tremendous photos and I enjoyed them. I think I have safely destroyed all of mine.
I have used this comment style at Matts too. I think its great and easier to reply to. Let me kow how it goes and I might try it too if its easy to install etc.
PS Oh and Isam jealous thatsyou are one of those naturally skinny people too!
I put something on my blog that you will enjoy - a bit of wildlife!!

Eric S. said...

Hi Jena, Thanhks,s The comments are part of JS-Kit, and in conjuncion with CommentLuv.s I really like the interactivity it offers.s Being able to "answer comments directly is going to be fun for me.s ;)

Eric S. said...

It was a pretty big cake huh, too bad I was too young to remember it.s Yep Kel is going to have a time over this post.s Yes she is definitely the outgoing one of the family. I have pretty much stayed the same.s Up to about two years ago I was able to eat unbelieveable amounts of food and never worry about wieght.s Now I simply can't eat that much, I get stuffed to fast, still don't gain any weight though.
This Comment form is part of JS Kit, and its really really easy to load.s It took me all of about ten minutes to load and around fifteen minutes to configure. :-D

Musings said...

Loved seeing your photos, Eric!s Good for your mom to send them to you.s They are just precious!s You were the sweetest little baby and a handsome man today.

ShawnD said...

Looking at those pictures of you makes me feel a little reminescent myself. And man, you were a toothpick, and I thought you were skinny now.

Jude said...

Hi Eric,
I love looking at other people's baby pictures you learn so much about people by seeing how they interact and body posture and gestures. Thanks for sharing and be sure to post the picture of your Dads and the snow if your Mom finds it.

Eric S. said...

Mother get a few ponits off this one, LOL.s I don't know about the sweetest little baby part though :-P

Eric S. said...

Shawn, I told you I was a lot skinnier. Glad your back to blogging, don't pressure yourself just have fun with it. :)

Eric S. said...

Hello Jude, thanks.s I like looking at other peoples baby pictures too.s I don't like looking at my own, LOL.s But I have been challenged by a few blogging buddies to post some pictures, so here they are. Thanks for the visit, please make yourself at home. :)

Mike Foster said...

These shots are great, Eric.s Moms always seem to come through with the (embarassing) photos.s It's cool to see the progression of your life...

Eric S. said...

Yep they sure have a knack for the embarrasing shot.s I think it must be some kind of chemical reaction that happens just as soon as they become mothers.s Thanks, it was actually fun to go through some of those old photos.

robert bourne said...

it must be a mother thing ..mine will drag mine out from my childhood at the drop of a hat.. :)

Eric S. said...

Yep, I think they have super secret training seminar some where. 101 ways to embarrass your offspring starting with baby pictures.

Eric S. said...

LOL Lurker Tara, or is it Anonymous Tara. No worries, I did the same thing when I left my first comment in this new setup. I'm still getting used to it.

I bet your kids loved seeing those pics. It's fun traveling down memory lane. ;)

http://poppingbubbles.wordpress.com said...

Those are great pictures. My mom has the same habit of sending me every picture except the one I asked for!

Eric S. said...

I guess we just have to get used to It, LOL. It's a Mother thing. ;)

Vikki said...

This is so great Eric! Dina was right. You are a long drink of water. ;)

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Comedy Plus said...

I think this is a great post. I should do one as well. Both my parents have passed, but I've lots of pictures from way back when. Excellent.

Have a terrific weekend. :)

Recent blog post: The Comment Game

Eric S. said...

Hey Sandee. You should, it's a lot of fun. Some good memories also.

Have a great weekend 8-)

Recent blog post: A Picture Says More

Eric S. said...

Vikki, your too funny. Dina came by? The sneak, and didn't even leave a comment, LOL. Yep I'm tall and skinny. :-D

Recent blog post: A Picture Says More

Travis Erwin said...

Great [pictures thanks for sharing. and many thousand thanks for everything you have done for my family and me. This trying time would have been much worse to cope with without all the support, and kindness of friends such as yourself.

tashabud said...

I agree that you looked none too happy in your baby picture. LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I wish I have some of your height and some of your skinniness. I'm always struggling about my weight. I just need to be at least six inches taller then I wouldn't have any overweight problem. Hee, hee.

Have a great weekend,
Tasha ;)

Recent blog post: 28. Clint and Makenna

Charli Henley said...

These pics are great! I like the ones with guns the most.

I saw Arkansas in there! (In a gun pic, no less!) I am from Arkansas. You don't see AR folks around here too much.

I'm wearing a Razorbacks t-shirt right now.

Recent blog post: Autumnal Regret

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures and also some of the background you shared about yourself. That Christmas picture with the gun brought back memories for me. One year I got a jail tent that set up on a card table and I played sheriff and my dad played the criminal. We have a home movie of him crawling around on the floor playing with me.

Recent blog post: Tashabud Got It For Christmas and Reviewed It On Her Blog!

Eric S. said...

Glad things are going OK for you Travis. I am still working on gathering that package of childrens book for you. You have one very dedicated set of readers. ;)

Recent blog post: A Picture Says More

Eric S. said...

LOL, Tasha you make me laugh. Just start telling everyone you are "under-tall". Lucky for me, the only struggle I have had with it is gaining it. I really had to work to put those pesky 7 pounds on. :)

Recent blog post: A Picture Says More

Eric S. said...

Hi Charli, Mother lived in Tuckerman Arkansas for a few years. My brother lived with her while Tinaliegh and I lived with Dad in Colorado. I visited every summer though. My Step Father was a Razorbacks fan. ;)

Recent blog post: A Picture Says More

Eric S. said...

I'm glad I was able to bring back such a pleasant memory. Your father was a wonderful man, I have read much of your blog, and feel like I know just a little of him. :)

Recent blog post: A Picture Says More

Kel said...

You SO owe me!!!!

Grrrrr . . .

. . . . but you know what's funny, I distinctly remember that shot of the four of us kids in front of the gold drapes.

It was taken in the living room of an Indian couple (East Indian . . . you know, from India, as opposed to American Indian) that had rented one of the two-room kithenettes in the old Brown Burro motel. I don't remember why they were in town, I just remember that they were there for a fairly long time (perhaps not quite a year, but several months), and that mother and Dad had us all dressed to the nines to pay an official visit and have dinner with them. Indian dinner. It was my first opportunity to sample genuinely "foreign" food, and visit with genuinely "foreign" folk, and I was hooked. I still remember the shock to my sinuses from the spices, and Dad's warm smile as he sampled the curry and dal and flirted in his mischevious way with the terribly quiet and shy wife of the young husband. I think the young husband might have been a visiting doctor working with mother at the hospital, I'm not sure. They had two small children also, I think. And my memorey holds them as having been ostrasized by the community (for their foreign-ness).

Anyway, I remember that I was old enough to understand that it was a "statement" visit, and that our dressing up in Sunday best was to show the town, and the couple, that we honored their presence in town and supported them.

Mother probably remembers better. But the incredible excitement of doing something possibly verboten in support of foreign fold had really grabbed hold of my imagination.

Who knows, perhaps that one night set forever my love of foreign languages, and foods, and travel.

The weight of sensual "otherness", the scents, the tastes, the luxurious gleam and elegant (deliciously foreign) drape of the wife's sari are so accessible to my memory it was obviously a momentous occasion for me.

Great photos. I am both dreading and anticipating receiving a similar package from mother.


Kel said...

Sigh . . . "folk" not fold.

Anyway, P.S. The pony in the photo is "Me Horse." One of the half welsh ponies we had. The other was lovely Misty, the golden one with flaxen mane and tail, Dam of WeShad (from the young pure-blood arab stallion Mom & Dad had for such a short while).

Neither WeShad, nor Tonka Sah were broken to saddle, but the rest were . . . only they weren't ridden enough to be very happy saddled.

So, the story goes that a very young Kelli Jo (perhaps 2-ish) accompanied her parents to the winter pasture one early spring day and seeing that one of the mares had foaled, exclaimed most vehemently that the foal was hers: "Me Horse"

It stuck, much, I'm sure, to the chagrin of the so-named pony . . . who never really cared much for the child thereafter.

Thank goodness I had Tonka Sah to be my equine blood brother through childhood, and then puberty. As I got little beyond an evil eye and bruised toes from Me Horse.

Eric S. said...

I do remember visiting them in the motel. I think they were there for quite a while, and I'm pretty sure Mother still keeps in contact with them. I remember the wife was wearing traditional garb, complete with the thingy in the center of her forehead. ;)

Recent blog post: Mountain Memories

Eric S. said...

I have faint memories of the horses, but not much in detail. I know my horse was WeBay, WeShad as you say. He kicked the crap outa me when I was in Kindergarten. I do remember TonkaSah as Dad's mortal enemy. :-D

Recent blog post: Mountain Memories

Maggie's Mind said...

I just love old photos. So many memories.

Recent blog post: Weekly Winners Sunday 1/18/09

Maggie's Mind said...

I don't understand this comment form. My comment showed up as anonymous, but it was me.

Recent blog post: Weekly Winners Sunday 1/18/09

Anonymous said...

Oh . . . I'm not sure I'd say Tonka was Dad's mortal enemy. But Tonka obviously thought Dad was "his" enemy. That poor pony was 90% loco from having his forehead kicked in as a young foal. You have to remember that Dad was "the bringer of pain," you know, shots, shoeing, etc.

I don't remember what started the confrontation that ended with Dad knocked to ground and "that damn horse" mincing his way up and then down again over Dads legs and ribs. Broke some ribs and a leg if I remember right.

I was the only one to ride Tonka; bareback only as he would not abide a saddle. Not that I was supposed to ride him, in fact I was expressly forbidden to ride him. I was allowed to take any of the other horses out of the pasture to ride into the hills, just not Tonka. So I'm sure you can guess which horse I took out every time mother was out of town or at work.

Frankly, it was pretty scary on more than one occasion with him out in mountains, but I always managed, somehow, to buck the odds and get us both back in one piece.

Boy, when I look back, I can sure see that I was a hand full to raise. LOL!!!

Eric S. said...

Thanks Maggie, I was a little ambivalent about posting them. :)

Recent blog post: Mountain Memories

Kate@ FromaDesperateHousewife said...

Eric - I love this post. It gave me fuzzies. I love the tall hat, and the birth picture is really funny.

Eric S. said...

Kel, You a handful? Never, LOL. I guess I was to young to remember riding very much. I can remember Tinaleigh on one of the horse's when it decided to jump a gate.

What sticks in my mind about Tonka, was when he got out and Dad went to collect him. Dad came home with hoof prints just about every inch or so from his feet all the way up his body. I can still remember the look on Dad's face. ;)

Recent blog post: A Little Luv For My Friends

Eric S. said...

Thanks Kate. I still can't believe I wore those darn hats, LOL. ;)

Allison said...

I have always been one of those that LOVES pictures, and I LOVE pictures of people I do not even know, so I would like to thank you AND your mother for this wonderful trip down memory lane for you, and a trip down the road to knoowing you. I love them and thanks for sharing. Family photos are soooo awesome are they not?

Kel said...

You know, there's something weird going on with the comments area.s I see this response of yours to my last posted comment, but none of my prior comments are showning up on my screen in this post or any of the newer ones.s I haven't checked the older posts.s
No biggee for me . . . but I suspect some readers might be stressed not to see their comments.
Anyway, I stayed up WAY too late last night putting the final touches on a presentation for this morning, so I need to put myself in bed now.

soulMerlin said...

Hi Eric ~ I just love looking at photographs of people. No matter where in the world they are taken, the emotions and the situations are the same.

So there you have your life and your growing.

It was fascinating looking at them.



ps: I've nicked your idea of a sideblog...I've always wanted one. What a brilliant idea and way of getting one. Naturally I have given you credit for your ingenuity in my first post - I've got one on the Almanack and one on Reflections.


Eric S. said...

Hello Henry, Has the schedule slowed down a little bit yet. Thanks, I actually enjoyed posting these, which is unusual for me.

I'll go over and have a look, I'm glad you like the idea.


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