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Monday once again…. Yawn, Stretch, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.  I awoke to the shock of realizing I was two hours late for work.  Ohh boy J.J. is gonna be pissed.  Lucky for me, we had nothing pressing to do today.  The last two days I have hit my down cycle.  Some of you know me, and are aware of my really strange sleep schedule.  Three hours a night for about three weeks, and the bam death to the conscious mind for two days.  Not a good way to start out the week.  Well, I guess I bring it on myself, and just have to deal with it.  So let me get on with Monday’s Writers of the Web.


After Fridays Fantasy, I received a ton of very nice and helpful input.  You guys  are wonderful.   One of the people who left a comment was DragonBlogger, a talented poet and evidently pretty darn good at fantasy fiction.  We ended up, or maybe it was started out, Twittering back and forth.  He sent me a link to a Fantasy he wrote titled, The Rescue.  A great story, loaded with action and suspense, well worth a read.  It is an unfinished short story, but has the quality to stand on it’s own.  Maybe he’ll get the time between poems to finish the story and share it with us all.  He also has a great poetry site, Wonderer Thoughts.  It’s up for an award, and he would appreciate it if you could go by and cast a vote.  Voting does require a registration, but it’s quick and easy. 


Another commenter, humm a trend is developing here, Wyatt at Pan Historia, dropped by to give me kudos.  He writes fiction, and maintains a couple of collaborative fiction sites.  A current story he’s working on, The Bitter Sky, is a sci-fi collaborative project. 

“Twenty years or so into the future and the world is radically different from the one we know. Yellow Stone, a mega volcano, destroyed the North America continent and began a nuclear winter that still covers the Earth in ash and cold. 75% of life on the planet has ceased to exist. On the small island nation of the United Kingdom there is some semblance of civilization left – as well as a return to barbarism.”

It’s an enticing storyline, and as I understand it , playing out in a collaborative forum.  I have signed up for the forum, but have not gotten too serious with it yet.   I’ll let you know what it’s all about as I get involved, in my spare time . Wyatt also has a WordPress site, called Wyatt’s Writing, where he showcases the result of his collaborative  and role play writing. 


I found a really interesting blog.  It’s a fictional journal, written in the characters voice.  A fun and very unique read, Fate’s Acquittal, gives a new approach to fiction writing.  The site is laid out in a user friendly way, with navigable links to help a reader catch up, and get to know the characters.  It’s a fun read, and really creative, well worth the visit.


Then we have 365 Tomorrows, a site that posts “Flash Fiction” from various writers. 

“365 tomorrows is a collaborative project designed to present readers with a new piece of short speculative ‘flash’ fiction each day. Using the broad palette of science fiction, our vision of the future creates a diverse pool of stories with something for everyone to enjoy.”

-from the about page of 365 Tomorrows.

I may have to get into some of this flash fiction, it feels like a style I could get into.  Short fun bursts of imagination and vision of future worlds, what fun.

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LarryG said...

really neat, i am checking this stuff out!

khaye said...

I've already visited some of the sites you posted like that of dragon blogger's. You have a great site here as well. I am following you! I'm glad to have dropped by.

Jena Isle said...

Very impressive line-up Eric. I'm a regular visitor too of Dragon Blogger and I read but I don't leave comments very often. He's a brilliant poet too. For the rest, I'll visit them. Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

Eric S. said...

@ Larry G. Panhitoria is interesting and interactive. well worth a visit. I may end up spending some time there for creative direction.

@ Khaye, very pretty name, is it pronounce like Kay? I swung by your site, a wonderful teacher you are. Your students should feel blessed. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for following me, I will return the favor, but have to go through my list, blogger is only allowing me to follow 200, and I am maxed out. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit, please feel free to come by any time and make yourself at home.

@ Jena, I know, I have just found his site, and am surprised it slipped past my radar somehow. I hope you enjoy the others, they are a lot of fun.

Kel said...

Funky sleep cycles dude!

I SO could not manage 3 hours sleep a night for more than two nights.

Nor could I do Tinaleigh's job, which requires being able to wake up bright and perky at any hour of the night to go pick up/investigate dead-type folk (no problem with the picking up dead-type folk, its the waking up any time of the night to dress in a rush and head out and FUNCTION).

I am a died-in-the-wool 9-hour-per night-aholic. 10 hours is EVEN better!

You write so engagingly of these sites I am allways sorely tempted to go avisiting.


Eric S. said...

Kel, LOL, its not that bad. I don't sleep anyway because of all the thoughts floating around. I don't seem to miss it any until that point hits, and the body say "ok thats enough".

I worked on call for years. You would be surprised how easy it is to get up and function, pleasantly even, from a nice comfortable sleep. Especially when there is a level of adrenalin involved in the reason for the call out.

Shadow said...

i'd be a zombie without sleep. i need so much of it.... i just looooove sleeping....

anyway, just a quick thank you for this monday, mmmm, what to call it... tour of the blogworld? always good stuff you hightlight here. thank you!

Eric S. said...

HI Shadow, LOL, I used to sleep a lot, but then I didn't have to get up in the morning. Now I can't hardly sleep before 1:30 2:00 AM, usually 3:00, and get up at 6:00. I gues my system just adjusted a little.

Your welcome, I try, don't always succeed, But I try.

Pan Historia said...

Thanks for the write up! I enjoy reading your blog and I like this idea for a post. I'm going to check out some of these great recommendations.

Ponderer said...

Thanks so much for these recommendations Eric. One of the best ways to find just who is out there, Cheryl

Eric S. said...

Hey Wyatt, No problem, love your writing. I've been playing a little at Pan Historia, checking things out and exploring. My character is Darfrain.

Eric S. said...

Hi Cheryl, My pleasure, I try. I spend so much time looking to find new and interesting blogs, It's only fair to share them.


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