Monday’s Writers of the Web; Returns

So Monday has returned once again to grace our presence with the uncertainty of yet one more week.   Many of us dislike Mondays for the obvious reasons that a return to the hustle and bustle of work life is eminent.  In the past I enjoyed Monday for the simple fact that I was able to share my blog finds with everyone.  Well I’m making a return to that tradition, now that the season is over and I find myself with more time to do what I enjoy online.


Normally I would share three to four sites, but this week I’m going to dedicate the whole post to one story.  A wonderful rich and full story written by an Aussie blogger who has been a dedicated visitor here.  June Saville authors two blogs, 70 Plus and Still Kicking, and Journeys in Creative Writing.  She also has one other, Short Stories on Tap, but has not made a post there as yet.  Over the past couple of months she has been introducing us to a fun, tenacious and  scrappy new character. 


Pip,  is a young lady dealing with the death of her mother.  She has learned of a secret her mother had kept for decades, and while trying to get to the bottom of it, she may even find out who her father is.  Pip, a tenacious and headstrong young freelance writer, talks her editor friend (or as the say down under mate) into letting her travel to a bush town for a human interest story.  Her real purpose though is to get to the bottom of this mystery of her mothers secret.  There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, and Pip’s tenacity will be tested to the limit. 


Pip has plenty of personality, and her city girl exploits in a small bush country town are interesting to say the least.  I can easily associate many people I have known with the character of Pip.  A young girl who may be small in stature, but larger than life.  A young lady who can easily stand on her own two feet and will take not an ounce of gruff from anyone. 


The story is full of Aussie talk and colloquialisms.  I have gained quite an appreciation for the main character, even if she is a Shelia (though she would say dame).   Really I do like a good strong female character, and Pip fits the bill quite well.   She faces up to a number of  blokes, some rough and tough, some not so, and seems to come out ahead each time.  Pip has her rough times, yet never seems to let go of the search, striving to find the answers to question that have plagued her.  


This story even captured the imagination of Vikki who painted the picture above.  A portrait of Pip as seen through her eyes.  The funny thing is, I feel like Vikki somehow looked into my mind to get the picture.  It is just exactly as I had envisioned her.  You can read Vikki’s post about it on her blog at The Red Chair Gallery, The Aussie.  You can see the intensity and determination in the eyes.  After all the eyes are the windows to the soul, are they not.


June has managed to capture my curiosity to the point that I went back and re-read all the chapters prior to writing this article.  I’ll list the chapters here, and each link will open a new tab or window, so you can just swing back to find the next chapter with ease.

Paternity - An Original Australian Novel – Part One

Paternity - An Original Australian Novel – Part Two

Paternity - An Original Australian Novel – Part Three

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Four

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Five

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Six

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Seven

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Eight

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Nine

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Ten

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Eleven

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Twelve

Paternity – An Original Australian Novel – Part Thirteen

And to June, I didn’t comment on any of your posts because I never comment on something I plan to write up in Monday’s Writers of the Web.  It’s just one of those quirks I have. I hope you’ll forgive me.


June Saville said...

Thanks for your surprise comment.
For the first time in many weeks, I'm speechless. You are a sweet man and a great friend - and we've only met through our blogs.

This is a wonderful post and a great great thrill. You have Pip perfectly. As does Vikki.

You've obviously been lurking around my blog for all of those weeks and I thought you followed only 70 Plus and Still Kicking. For that alone I was grateful - but this! A whole post would you please. Plus all of those links.

I have been meaning to be as organised but haven’t got around to it. Two blogs and a life got in the way.

Hugs and thanks Eric
Pardon me but I must get a tissue …

June in Oz

Shadow said...

i've been following the story. i love it too!

Vixen said...

I absolutely LOVE it when you share Eric. And now I have a great story to tide me over this week while I am sitting here doing nothing at work just waiting for the doors to close on Friday. Perfect timing to be bringing back Monday's Writers of the Web.

confused said...

I started following her blog after I found it through you it's one of my regulars..:)

redchair said...

What a wonderful tribute to June and her story Eric. And thank you for the praise on my drawing of Pip.

And in regards to "I never comment on something I plan to write up in Monday’s Writers of the Web?" GOOD SAVE- Eric! But you're still busted, buddy!

Jena Isle said...

The drawing by Vikki is lovely, why is she so shy?

And thanks for the new blog, I'll visit them too.

God bless.

June Saville said...

You will be pleased that I have tidied up Journeys a bit to make things easier with links et al - have been meaning to do that for a while. Once again you have been a catalyst for good!
June in Oz

tashabud said...

What a fabulous tribute to June's Novel and to Vikki's painting. You're one of the most generous friends in the blogosphere.

I started reading June's novel after reading it at Vikki's blog. I just haven't finished it yet. But I do like it very much. As soon as I have more time, I'll definitely go there to read more.


Eric S. said...

@ June, My pleasure "young" Lady. I have really enjoyed Pips story, and her confidence. I can't tell you how hard it was not to comment. The funny thing is I started that a long time ago when I was a serious lurker. I would write about a site I had been to, and never leave a comment for them. Then Tashabud broke me of that habit. She was so thrilled about a review of her blog novel. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, and the push toward making the links. I'll swing on over and check it out.

@ Shadow, I know I had seen your comments. Vikki kind of stole my thunder on this post, LOL, but then I was being lazy myself.

@ Vixen, I hope you enjoy it. Your just sitting around waiting, are they still shutting down? I need to get back and go through your archives.

@ Confused, I had seen your comments also. June is a wonderful writer isn't she.

@ Vikki, LOL, I know, I know, but what can I say. It is a personal quirk I have, just ask Tashabud. You did a wonderful job on the drawing, so real, and right from my own thoughts too. Thank you for letting me use it in this post.

@ Jena, didn't Vikki do a great job. There is so much life in the eyes. I think you'll like the story, it really catches you, and drags you along.

@ Tasha, Hi, help me out here, let them all know that I don't comment on something I'm going to write about, LOL. I feel like I'm in the deep end of a boiling pool.

Thanks for the compliment, and Her story is a lot of fun. By the way, it's been a little while since your last chapter there deary. I'm still waiting, LOL.

Judy said...

I have been reading this novel by June since the beginning. I love it and can't wait till the next chapter each time. The drawing of Pip is wonderful and just as I imagined her to be. I am also getting registered to vote for Lily's Life. She is a blogging friend, too.

Eric S. said...

Hello Judy, Pip is really good huh. Thanks for voting for Lilly, she deserves it. She's such a great blog friend.

Ponderer said...

Very nice Eric,s I've been following Pips adventure and am enjoying it !


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