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One of My favorite Milblogs, Kaboom; A Soldier’s War Journal, shut down by the authors command structure not too long ago, is rumored to have a book deal in progress.  The author, Matt Gallagher AKA Lt. G. or Capt G. ( he was promoted shortly after his blog was shut down) is in negotiations with William Clark Associates for a book.  I for one can’t wait to read his book.  He has a unique style, and was capable of taking his audience along for the ride.  At it’s peak, Kaboom had an RSS feed that boasted over 4000 subscribers.  I was one of those subscribers, and looked forward to his posts two or three times a week.


He was ordered to shut down his blog after he made this post  The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage , without having it approved by superiors.  I’m sure that  painting his superior officers in a not so favorable light didn’t help.  When he was shut down, it caused repercussions throughout the milblog community and elsewhere.  There was a considerable amount of press coverage including an article in the Washington Post entitled, Silent Posting .  On Lt. G’s final post simply titled A Tactical Pause, there were 178 comments voicing outrage at the decision. 


Lt. G. told stories about the war as he saw it with a collage of words that created, what one reader thought of as “wordgasms”.  The young man has unbelievable talent, and regularly shared stories such as The Happiest Dog in Iraq, or The Night of Gun-Toting Barrel-Blazing Ghost Panda’s.  There was a post about the unbearable heat, Triple Digits where you get a very good feel for the temperatures  his platoon was dealing with.  He shared his vacations with us, including when he proposed to his fiancĂ©, and she accepted. I have sorely missed his humor and outlook. 


Kaboom; A Soldier’s War Journal, even has it’s own Wikipedia entry.  And soon, I hope, will be on the best sellers list, so I can pick up a copy to savor for myself.

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the walking man said...

So right Eric...I too followed along with the boss as he took The Gravediggers through their tour. Fascinating ability to take the public along with them.

Jena Isle said...

Yes, I remember reading one of his posts when you posted the link here. That's too sad. But yes, it maybe a blessing in disguise for him, because his book would sure be a best seller.


Lilly's Life said...

How wonderful for him Eric and for his readers too. Seems there are book deals happening all over the blogsphere, (hint, hint). I must go and read some of his posts. Thanks for the links.

Shadow said...

this sounds mighty interesting... gonna do that follow-up reading...

Judith "Jlo" Quinton said...

Wow, sorry I missed this guy's posts.
But now that you've alerted me, I will be looking for his book.
Have a great day, Eric.

confused said...

Once again you lead me to some interesting and thought provoking reading..:)

Tara R. said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm always looking for more good books.

Liara Covert said...

Reading stories about the lives of other people can also engage us more deeply in our own lives. From someone else's viewpoint, we learn to experience our lives differently. We develop a more detached perspective. We gain new levels of awareness we would not otherwise see. You do not have to be a soldier to appreciate a soldier's memoirs. You do not have to be a famous person to come to discern intrinsic value of your own life.

Eric S. said...

@ The Walking Man, I remember seeing your comments. That is actually how I found you those many months back. Yes he has one heck of a talent.

@ Jena, He is one heck of a writer, and I'm sure his book will be a best seller.

@ Lilly, You'll love his writing, it's right up your alley. I hear you, I hear you, shrugging shoulders, looking sheepishly

@ Shadow, I think you may like his style, it is very unique.

@ JLO, I can't wait for the book, I'm going to have to find out if there is a reservation I can make.

@ Confused, I know you'll like his writing. He has an interesting way of playing with words.

@ Tara, It'll be a good one I am sure of it.

@ Liara, too true, the perspective of others is how I can open up new ideas and thoughts withing my own mind. His writing was very straightforward in an offhand sort of way.

Anna M Blanch said...

I will be reading this book - thanks for letting us know. Having served myself I am seriously impressed with his writing and with his attitude! thankfully, I have a few friends in a similar situation who are alot like him!

Vixen said...

I followed him too before he was shut down. A book deal is great news, both for him and for us fans of his writing!

Eric S. said...

@ Anna, He is an amazing writer, and I can't wait for the book. I do so miss his posts. I served also, and feel an attachment to him.

@ Vixen, He was phenomenal wasn't he. The book is definitely good news. I knew we would see him on the best seller list before long.


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