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I am being forced into a healthier lifestyle, whether I need it or not.  Last weekend, Blinda had a sinus infection, and ended up paying a visit to the doctor.  Low and behold, it was determined that she now has high blood pressure.  The doctor set her up on some medications for blood pressure, and told her that she needed to start getting some exercise, and stop using salt, along with a few other dietary requirements.


Naturally, she took her doctors suggestions to heart, and has started the effort of changing those little things that will make all the difference.  She has found a treadmill on Craig’s List, and we went to purchase it this evening.   I know your all saying “treadmill?”.   She and I are very different in many ways, She is NOT and outdoorsy type of person.  So we jumped in the truck, and went to look at the treadmill.  We ended up purchasing it of course. 


So far the exercise has been quite rigorous, for me at least.  I managed to manhandle the dam thing around to the back the truck, and get it loaded up with out losing my breath.  Getting it out of the truck and then into the  house was quite another thing.  I struggled to get it up the steps of  the front porch, pausing to ask if she was sure she didn’t want to leave it there so she could have the feeling of walking around the neighborhood.  With the glare I received, I quickly determined that was a resounding NO.  So I dragged, hoisted, and shoved it through the front door.  Then around the computer desk, and finagled it through the extremely narrow door to her craft room.  Once I got it all set up, I told her that all of her exercise was wearing me out.


Lets move on to diet, and my favorite companion for just about any food, salt.  I can already see that I will be forced to forgo come of those more pleasant of the comfort foods.   I guess its good for me also, for my system has been revolting against my culinary delights for some time now.  The largest problem for me though will be hiding the salt shaker from Blinda, and not letting her see me liberally dose my food.   I will for her sake, but you know my blood pressure is still 120 over 75, as it has been for most of my life.  How do I know, why I sat down in that little chair at Wal Mart while we were getting her prescriptions filled and let it squeeze the crap out of my arm. 


I suppose I will have to go to the doctor sometime  and get my vitals checked properly.  The last time was a few years back when I almost passed out at work due to a serious case of walking pneumonia.  I’m one of those people who refuses to go to the doctor unless I am dying, lost an extremity, or Blinda tells me to.


All in all, lowering her blood pressure so far has been  good for me also, I guess.

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Lilly's Life said...

Funny post Eric (well not Blinds blood pressure though). Seems like you are getting some exercise too. Good on Blinda for making her health a priority and I am sure she will need your support. So go easy on the salt.

I so loved your line about leaving the treadmill outside so that she could get the feeling she was walking around the neighbourhood HA HA!!

the walking man said...

All i cab say is *sigh* get used to it.

Shadow said...

this is tooooo funny. but yeah, what the woman in the house has a bee in her bonnet about, the rest of the household is such to feel. law of nature. MOTHER nature. see?!?!?! now, the salt... but some into something really unobtrusive, like a decorative tin or something, on a shelf or mantlepiece just outside the kitchen. and then, in passing, salt your food..... heee heee heeee

maggie's mind said...

Hahaha, sounds like you did get quite the work out. I'm glad you are being supportive. I'm trying to cook healthier for both of us, too. :)

confused said...

:)) I see we are similar I figure you go to the Doc if there is a bone sticking out or you can't stop the bleeding after an hour or two otherwise I avoid..

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I can so relate. I too have high BP except salt isn't a favorite. Thank goodness. Hubby has high BP too and craves salt.

Exercise is indeed essential. You will do fine once you figure it all out.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Summer said...

Oh, I love salt. I don't think I could ever limit my salt intake without being hooked to a feeding tube.

What a great husband. Aside from the "walk around the neighborhood" crack. :)

Vixen said...

"refuses to go to the doctor unless I am dying, lost an extremity, or Blinda tells me to."

You men must all be related. I am glad that Blinda is taking her health so seriously, and I hope you are successful at hiding the salt shaker!

Ponderer said...

Well written Eric, I laughed so at you hauling that machine into your home. Well, not at you but how about with you :) I've replaced most salt with herbs and spices, easy peasy and gives another taste to food. Though you can't beat pretzels with a cool one now and then :D Cheryl

Jessie said...

I had to laugh about manipulating the treadmill into its space ... you probably lost some salt in the sweating process. Instead of salt, I would recomment cayenne pepper and garlic, or maybe sea salt.

Jena Isle said...

Lol, yes, I laughed too at the thought of working on the treadmill outside. Salty foods are definitely not for hypertensives, likewise fat meat and dairy products. Those are the delicious ones....lol...

We have a native saying here which goes this way: "Kung ano ang bawal , siya ang masarap." ( What's delicious is what's prohibited). And I had to remember this everytime I eat as I'm a voracious eater.

Thanks for sharing.

redchair said...

I’m with you Eric. I don’t go to the Doctor unless absolutely life threatening. I wanted to say- you know their’s salt substitutes at the grocery store? It's not bad and certainly better than nothing.

Great blog as always. You really made me laugh.

Tara R. said...

Good for you being so supportive in Blinda's efforts toward a healthier lifestyle. It will be so much easier for her. Nicely done.

Kel said...

Yup, same same in this household . . . taking out the salt hasn't been that hard, but we're looking to pick up a stationary bicycle to install in the back patio under the overhang (as I had to give up running 7 years ago, and just this last year had to give up fitness walking because the knees just can't take the abuse anymore, and I'm just not quite emotionally ready for knee replacement).

Grandma Ethel told me once, "Growing older's not for wimps!" Whew, was she ever right!

June Saville said...

I tell you what Eric You are lucky this has happened because if you take heed of the lessons you'll put years on your life.
You're obviously a good helpmate -
June in Oz

Eric S. said...

@ Lilly, Yep, just a little work out for me, the healthy one, LOL.

@ The Walking Man, I imagine this is just the beginning, sigh

@ Shadow, hey good idea. Yes indeed the mood of the woman of the house certainly has an effect on the rest of us. Why couldn't it have been Father Nature.

@ Maggie, yep the cooking healthier is not too bad. I am a firm believer in spices, and salt does not have to be one of them. It's the selection of "appropriate" foods that becomes the issue.

@ Confused, yep that about describes my feelings toward doctors.

@ Sandee, your lucky, salt is a hard one to let go of, but we're working at it. She'll get it all figured out, and I'm sure I won't have a choice in the mater, LOL.

@ Summer, I know, salt is a life staple of mine. You know I found Mrs Dash, and had used it years back in the service. It's great as a substitute.

@ Vixen, I come by it honestly. My fathers first heart attack, he refused to go to the hospital for three days. When he finally went, his pulse was 12 and blood pressure was non-existent, but he walked in the front door, refusing to go in the emergency entrance.

@ Ponderer, Thank you, yep I am using spices and such quite a bit. The hard one though is popcorn. There just is no substitute for salt on popcorn, it goes against all reason.

@ Jessie, yep had to wipe down a little when done, LOL> I already use a lot of garlic. I had heard somewhere that sea salt was more healthy.

@ Jena, Thanks, isn't that the way it works now, the good foods are the ones you can't eat anymore. My mother used to say that if it tastes good then it isn't good for you.

@ Vikki, yep we're using a few of them, my favorite is Mrs Dash. I have a theory about doctors, people die when they go to see them, LOL.

@ Tara, Thanks, but she may not agree with you. I have managed to take advantage of each opportunity to tease.

@ Kel, I didn't know your knees were on the kaputs. I remember many of Grandma Moores' more prophetic sayings.

@ June, your right of course. The doctor told her she was a walking heart attack. Really it did scare me a bit, that's why I'm making fun of it.

The Muse said...

I do believe you are just as committed...and I think that is great! I do hope that the new regime keeps her healthy for many years to come!

Eric S. said...

Thank you Muse, I hope so also.

Shadow said...

...because it's father time and he prefers the males, have you noticed????

Liara Covert said...

As it happens, years ago, I did a psychopharmacology research project on bat saliva. You may wonder about the relevance. Well, bat saliva contains the anticoagulent hirudin. This is used by pharmaceutical companies in medication to reduce blood pressure. You may think twice about having more bats around or befriending them in the wild. They are actually quite a help in many ways, not only to lower blood pressure!

Eric S. said...

@ Shadow, I know what it is, Nature is so unpredictable and fickle, While time is constant and steady, LOL. Now I see the comparison.

@ Liara, That is really interesting, I never knew. Bat's are really pretty neat animals, and fun to watch. I never knew they had some helpful qualities.


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