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I’m always playing around with new things.  Today I came across the idea of making a side-blog for the site.  Blogger Buster had a tutorial on exactly how to do it, using posts on your regular blog.  I just could not get the code to work correctly, so I came up with a slightly different idea.  I created a new, very simple and plain blog.  I then published the feed through Feedburner, and created a Spring Widget using that feed.  After that, all I had to do was install that widget on my sidebar.  By the way, if your interested, you can grab a copy of it for yourself.  simply click on the get this widget on that neat looking little thing.


I am always running across new and interesting things on the web, and wanting to share the information.  It’s just generally not enough for a full post on this site, but too much for the 144 character limit on Twitter.  Now all I have to do is make a quick and easy post on RSTMB Sideblog and it shows up here where I want it.  Sometimes I can get a little carried away, but I think this time I came up with a good solution for me.


RSTMB Sideblog is a regular blog, complete with feeds and follow options.  So if you want to know what I’m doing a little more frequently than just at this site, go on over and grab a feed.  You can also comment on the posts just like any other blog.  Mostly though think of it as a quick check for deals and interesting items on the web.  For instance, if you check this post, you’ll find a link and discount code to get a deal on the brand new Denver Cereal Book!!!!


I simply want to do just a little more to help out my readers, and keep you all informed of stuff I find.  It will also allow me to keep this site more targeted toward my writing, and everyday life.   I hope you find it useful, and fun.

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How cool. I visit Blogger Buster often. Haven't seen this one until now. Hope it exceeds your expectations.

Have a terrific day. :)

Allison said...

I am a blogger Buster die hard myself. I noticed when I first found your blog here that this was one of her Templates, It is such a nice one.I am going to go check out your other site now.

Cloudia said...

Thanks for the info; aloha-

queenlint1 said...

Gelb, gelb. La la. Yer talkin' to an old fart who thinks it's chic to mention URL and email in the same sentence, Cowboy.


AngelBaby said...

Looks good except for one thing, I am not in your side bar. :-( I did find out that I am a nerd too! Very funny! Thank you I needed a good laugh!

Love and Blessings,

Eric S. said...

@ @ Sandee, Amanda is awesome huh. She always has great tips, tricks, and hacks for Blogger Blogs. Her method consisted of some code you place in you template XTML. Then you use tags to seperate it. For example anything you would want on your side blog would have the tag sideblog. Then those posts would not show on your main page, only on the sideblog feed. I just had trouble with the code, and couldn't get it to work. So I came up with a different idea for the same result.

@ Allison, yep, Amanda has some great templates. I use another one of hers on Chihuatude. Thanks for checking it out.

@ Cloudia, Hi girl, you are welcome. Aloha.

@ Queenlint, LOL, your too funny.

@ AngelBaby, Oh well I'll have to fix that. You could click the follow, button, and you'll be placed right there for all to see.

Sketch said...

very interesting idea. I may try it myself. I too have found many great ideas at Blogger Buster, and sometimes have some trouble getting them to work - the main thing is it opens your mind to what you can achieve with your blog.

Eric S. said...

Hi Sketch, I read her blog all the time. She has some great stuff, and I have used much of it from time to time. This one, just didn't seem to work out for me, but it got my thoughts flowing, and started me along a path of my own.

Kel said...

Was that english?

Good golly Mr. Molly . . . you've geeked WAY out there past where I'd ever have dreamed anyone in my family would go!

Eric S. said...

Hey, I'm not a geek, I'm an Uber Cool Nerd, because the web says so, LOL.


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