Past Live's - Part 10

Past Live's is a collaborative, creative writing project, being compiled by various authors from different blogs. It is a series of fun and clever stories from some very talented authors. The basis for the story is a fictional character in Australia named David. In an attempt to understand and overcome a series of unexplained fears or phobia's, David undergoes PLR, Past Life Regression. While under guided hypnosis David experiences his prior life's.

If this is your first visit, you may want to begin the journey with Past Live's Part 1. Please note that as you read this story, you will be traveling to different blog site's for each new chapter. Feel free to leave a comment for each author and let us know what you think. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey through David's life's.

If you wish to take part in creating the journey, send an email to .

The Kid saw the rat moving toward him. He rolled onto his back. And the little rat thought in his little rat mind, "Go to hell."

The last thing The Kid felt was the whiskers in his ear and a nibble .....
And everything faded to black.... there was a moment of crystal clarity ... of sanity ... a moment in which he knew he had screwed it all up .. his life had gone completely wrong ... he wondered what was gonna happen next ...

"David, David can you hear me? David, slowly come back toward my voice. As you come back, you will remember all you have learned."

David sat up, reaching to his ear, rubbing his palm into it vigorously, feeling as if he had just returned from a nightmare. "Oh my ear, I can't get rid of that tickle, that pinch." A shiver visibly went down his spine.

"David you are making some amazing progress, now we have another piece to that puzzle. How do you feel?" Dr. Harlowe stated with a smile.

"I feel fine, a little freaked, but fine. Dr. Harlowe, I want to go back to another life, can we do it now, today?"

"David, I'm not too sure we should go any farther today. Perhaps you should take a break for a week or two. I think you need to recuperate a little, you've been pushing yourself pretty hard."

"Dr. Harlowe, let me do this, I need to finish it. I know we are getting close to something. Feel so different, I can't explain it, but there seems to be something drawing me back. There has to be something I haven't seen yet, something important."

"All right David, take a moment to catch your breath and get something to drink. I'll have to get the recording equipment reset again."

"All right, I'll go out and get some fresh air and a drink of water, but I want to go on. Do you have any aspirin or something for a headache?"

"David I'm not sure that would be such a good idea if your serious about continuing today. It may hinder or even block your regression. In the next session I don't want you to go too far back, I'd like to keep you a litter closer to this life."

David went outside, and walked nervously around the parking lot, scratching his ear and trying to shake off the revulsion he felt. There was so much he had to sort through, so much he had experienced, yet there seemed to be more.

David thought to himself, "I can't believe how involved I'm getting in this. I was so skeptical at first, then I saw, experienced, felt, all those things. I can still feel each death, really feel, the sensations are so real! Maybe this is not such a good idea, no I can't stop now. There's something there, something that I need to see. But what is it, what can be drawing me in so completely?"

David went back into Dr. Harlowe's office, and sat down on the chaise lounge. He was suddenly uncomfortable, but couldn't understand why. David mentally calmed himself, shaking out his hand as if trying to fling something off. "I have to calm down, nothing will happen to me. I'm just going to go back to view the past, like watching a movie. Yes that's it, I will go back and watch the movie of my past life's."

"Are you ready to get started again David?"

"Yes, let's get on with it." David said with a frustrated tone, and a slight hesitation.

Dr. Harlowe raised one eyebrow in an inquisitive look "are you sure? You've never made a comment like that before."

"Yes, Yes, I'm sorry, I'm just a little nervous."

Dr. Harlowe started the recording equipment once again, and guided David into a hypnotic state. "David, I want you to go back, remember when Sassy left us? Try to find that time again."

David struggled on the couch, stretching his neck in an unusual manner. There was a look of pain and terror on his face. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!-------------------STOP"

"Very good David, now move forward in time, find your next Life. Look around, are you there yet?"

"Yes." David said in an accented child's voice.

"Very good, now, go forward, near the end."

David started shivering on the couch, and hugging his arms close to his chest. His breathes came in gasps.

"What do you see? what is your name? Can you tell me where you are." Dr. Harlowe asked.

In a gritty, thickly accented voice, David said "Ach, Mien Gott, I Kann not see anything, da vind est blowing da snow so hardt, I kann barely see my hand in front of my face." David held his hand up, squinting as if trying to examine it.

"My name est Lukas Bachmeier, ich am in da Colorado territories, a place da Indian's call Bayou Salado, It means Salt Swamp. It is a high mountain park, close to timberline, surrounded by mountains. ich bin travelingk to da Trading Rendezvous to sell my furs and pelts."

Bayou Salado: The Story of South Park
by Virginia McConnell Simmons

Read more about this book...

It was late in the season for such a storm, being early summer of 1833. If there was anything Lukas had learned over the years, it was to never underestimate the mountain weather. He had seen upwards of a foot of snow in July, in these very mountains. A heavy wet snow would fall, then, invariably, the wind would begin blowing. He had seen some of the worst blizzards of his life, right here in Bayou Salado

Lukas was wearing his winter buckskins, winter fur boots, buffalo robe and a hat, he had made from one of his bobcat pelts. He was a large man, 6 foot 1, 195 pounds, mostly carried in his muscular shoulders and chest. Conditioned by years of strenuous physical labor, he was possessed of uncommon strength. His face was lined and weathered, as if tanned leather, from a life-long exposure to the harshness of mountain life. He had deep intelligent blue eyes and sandy-red hair. His beard was medium length, unkempt, with hints of a red tint, and provided a partial insulation to the cold. Lukas carried a percussion cap muzzle loader, and a long tapered knife known as an Arkansas Toothpick for protection and hunting.

"Mein Gott, ist soo cold, dis vind just comes from novhere. I had just seen a stand of trees, before the storm became so strong. If I can get to them, I can make a verhüllen from their branches, to get da horses and mein self some protection from da vind. Schutzgott, let me find dem."

Lukas trudged through the snow, leaning hard into the wind, tugging the reins of the horses. The wind was blowing so hard he felt as if he may have to crawl. The horses were nervous, not liking the conditions, and it was against their nature to head into the wind. Lukas finally made it to the trees, luckily he found an earthen ledge with low trees above it. The wind already lessened by the trees, Lukas tied the horses and went to work.

He began pulling the branches together, and lashing them with rawhide strips. Then he took two of his elk hides from the pack saddle, and stretched them over the frame of live trees, creating a windbreak. Lukas led the horses to the protection of the wind break. While pulling them down and to the side, by their ears, he made them lay down. Lukas had trained them to do this, and they seemed to trust him. Lukas then laid down next to them, and pulled his three point blanket around him. The warmth from the horses would keep him from freezing, or getting hypothermia.

Lukas felt he had to stay awake until the storm was over. He occupied his mind by thinking back and remembering his parents. They had immigrated from Esson Germany, before he was born. His father, Klaus, had been a potato farmer. Lukas was born in Kentucky, on the family farm, late in the year 1799. What little schooling he received, he got at home from his parents.

Klaus had told young Lukas stories of the things that had happened when they first came to the Americas. A few years before Lukas's birth, Klaus's was a foreman on a plantation in Alabama. One of his duties was keeping the slave labor working, organized, and disciplined. Klaus and Lukas's mother, Hannah, lived on the plantation near the slave quarters. Klaus and Hannah did not agree with the owning of slaves, but did what they had to, in order to save up money for a farm of their own. They left the plantation when Klaus was ordered, but refused, to whip a slave woman who had let her daughter go running off to play with the plantation owners son. Both children had been found dead, face down in a mud puddle with bullet holes in their heads.

Lukas had grown up working on the small family farm, and hunting the local wildlife. When Lukas left home at age 15, he was determined not to be a farmer. He worked odd jobs in different areas of Kentucky. He had been a lumber jack, coal miner, and worked many other trades. Lukas signed up with the American Fur Company at the age of 20, and worked the Missouri water shed. Later, he became a free trader, and moved into the Rocky Mountain region. Lukas liked the area of the Colorado Territories, and set up various camps in the area. Some were merely lean-to's, others were natural caves, or a simple protective cove of trees. He would move between them with the seasons, and had done well in the fur trade.

Lukas, being a solitary man, not really liking groups of people, felt at home in the mountains by himself. The few times he had gone to settlements, it was solely to stock up on needed supplies, or to replace damaged or lost traps.

Lukas had traded with the Ute Indians a number of times, even living with them for one winter. He gained a respect for them due to the fact that they used everything, and wasted nothing, even the game they killed. They were a peaceful people unless cornered or challenged by a rival tribe. Lukas had heard their stories of a great battle between warring tribes, that had taken place not so long ago in this very mountain park. He hoped someday to see this battlefield, and wondered if he would even be able to tell it was a battlefield. Ute always carried their dead off to be buried in sacred burial grounds. The Warriors would be buried with their weapons, so they could defend themselves in the next life.

Hours later, when the storm died down and lessened it's force, Lukas let the horses up. After clearing the snow and surface pine needles off an old dead fall, he broke up some of the branches and started a fire. Building it up carefully to keep it burning, Lukas dug in the pack saddle for his coffee pot and makings. He filled the pot with snow, and set it close to the fire to melt. Once the fire was going strong, Lukas put larger pieces of wood on it. they were wet, and caused the fire to smoke heavily. Lukas disliked advertising his location with smoke, but he didn't think he could do anything about it. He needed the fire for warmth, and to cook a rabbit he killed while gathering wood.

By the time the storm had settled to a few wisps of wind, it was near dark. Lukas ate his rabbit, and stretched the hide for drying. He then banked his fire for heat, and laid down to sleep, it had been a long hard day.

Lukas was startled awake by someone grabbing his arms. No not someone, Indians, and not Ute's! He thought they were Apache's, but he had never seen any in this territory. There was an Indian holding each of his arms, and they started dragging him backward. Lukas was suddenly terrified, but he could not let it show. Apache's respected courage only, and had nothing but contempt for fear. They dragged him backward to a large tree, and attempted to pull his arms around the tree, behind his back.

Lukas had a sudden rush of adrenalin, and using his strength pulled the two Indians back around, trying to free himself. Struggling with them, he managed to pull them away from the tree, and back toward the fire. Lukas was trying to throw them off his arms so he could go for his knife, but they were like leaches, and would not release their grip. Had he not been so focused on freeing his arms, perhaps he would have seen the third Indian. He hadn't even been aware there was another, until he was struck over the head with the butt of a knife, knocking him unconscious.

Lukas awoke to a sever pain. His head hurt, but the real pain was coming from his feet. He looked around, and found himself tied to a tree by his wrists. They had been drawn around the tree behind his back, a fairly large tree, and tied tightly with wet raw hide. There was another, thick strip of wet rawhide tying his elbows backward and around the tree also. He knew that as the rawhide dried, it would shrink and probably break his arms, or dislocate his shoulders. He tried to shuffle around and pull free of the ties that bound him. When he moved, there was a searing, burning pain from his feet and ankles.

"Scheißdreck, they cut da back oft my ankles. I will not be able to get away even ift ich can break da rawhide." The Indians had moved the fire closer to his feet, if he stretched his legs out, his feet would be in the fire. "Donnerwetter it hurts!" Lukas struggled to keep his composure, and not give them the satisfaction of him crying out in pain and defeat.

These Indian's seemed to be enjoying the show, they were sitting across from him intently watching. One of them was going through his pack saddle, throwing his trade goods all over. He found an red heart shaped music box. The color seemed to intrigue him, trying to scratch at the enameled surface, he opened it. When the box opened, it started to play music. The Indian dropped it as if it was on fire, and jumped back with a startled look on his face. Lukas let go a laugh, and scowled at the Indian.

All three Indian's became very animated, and started speaking between themselves. Lukas had never heard the language before, but the fear on their face spoke volumes. What Lukas did not know is they believed he was a powerful medicine man to be able to cause such magic in his condition.

Two of them suddenly jumped and came at Lukas. One grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, while cutting a line along his forehead, and yanked Lukas's hair, scalp and all painfully off his head. Lukas began to scream out in pain, and the other Indian came over and grabbing his beard pulled his chin up. Lukas felt the knife, slice deep, through his neck.

Lukas could feel the blood running down his neck. He tried to scream, but the only sound that came was a sickly sounding gurgle. The third Indian that had remained sitting until now, got up and walked slowly toward Lukas. He drew Lukas's own knife from his belt, and drove it deep into Lukas's chest, pulling upwards. He then reached inside Lukas's open chest, and cut out his heart. With a wild terrifying war cry, he held the heart up for Lukas to see, as he died.

To read the Past Live's Part 11, you will be traveling back to Dr. Harlowe's office in Australia. David's next PLR session will be in a few days, so check back to find out where his past life journey takes him.

If you would like to contribute to the story and join in David's journey, please email or go to The Red Chair Gallery.

I had a lot of fun, writing this and hope you enjoyed it.

Pins and Needles

I have been on pins and needles for the past two days. I finished my chapter for past live's, and proofed and edited probably 10 times. I can't wait to post it now. I was very nervous, but for a reason I will not disclose as yet, I have calmed down considerably.

This will be the first time I seriously worked on a specific story. I spent hour upon hour researching and writing. I had so much fun with it that I completely lost all track of time on two days. Sunday while I was so engrossed in the process, I just happened to look down at the little tiny clock in the right corner of the screen. Oh my god it was 4:30 AM, I have to get up in two hours to get ready for work! Then I did it again, you would think I would have been too tired to work on it that night. No I worked until 5:30 AM Tues, with the same experience.

I can not believe how much fun I had. I didn't even mind the hours, really I didn't even notice. Now I am anticipating posting the story. It will be posted tomorrow, either before I go to work, or more likely before I go to bed, which will be about 1:00 AM. As if I will be able to sleep, HA!

Ignorance and Apathy, The Cost!

Yesterday, I had said that I am not the most emotionally in-tune person. Well there are a few emotions, I recognize and understand all too frequently.

American Heritage Dictionary, defines emotion as A psychological state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is sometimes accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling.

Last night, I experienced one of those spontaneous psychological states that definitely was accompanied by some very specific physiological changes. Anger, fury, exasperation, hell I was flat out pissed off! I was so mad, that at the time I could have eaten railroad spikes and spit out nails.

What, you ask got my ire so enraged? I came across a post while I was browsing. It described what happened to a mother of an 8 year old girl at a PUBLIC library. They had been waiting to do a quick search on Amazon. A gentleman got up from his computer to use the bathroom, and the mother went over to make her quick search. When she turned the monitor on, she looked around to see if the gentleman was coming back to continue using the computer. Her 8 year old then asked her "Mamma why is that little girl doing that". When she looked back at the monitor, she was confronted with a despicable display of an girl performing a "Lewinskie". I will leave it up to your imagination top fill is the blanks.

That would piss you off also you say. Well believe it or not, at that point I was simply shocked. What so enraged me, was that when the mother reported it to the librarian, she was told.

"Yes we have a policy against the viewing of such site's. Yes we know he is viewing such sites. But he always uses the computers in the back row away from the others."

Now the mother points out that the back row of the computers just happens to be a short distance from the children's book section.

When she complained further. Eventually the library manager came out to find out what the fuss was all about. He also was aware of it. she became quite animated, and expressed her displeasure for all to hear. She was told that if she did not quiet down, she may be asked to leave and her library card revoked.

Now you know what so enraged me. How could a presumably government employee, for that matter anybody, justify allowing something so obviously wrong, not to mention illegal to go on. For god sakes it was a public library. Do they not understand that they are providing this degenerate with the stimulus, and easy access to a variety of potential victims.

Now that I have vented, and expressed my outrage, I will provide you with the link to the original post. Fair warning, the post contains quite a few expletives and metaphor's of a colorful nature. Can you blame her?

A Little too Ironic Don't You Think

I guess Dad was right, Common sense was misnamed, if it was so dammed common everyone would have it.

Monday's Writers of the Web

Wow, I now know how Tashabud felt when she stumbled across my review of her novel. I was playing on Technorati the other night. One of the cool features is that you can see references or links to your site from others. A site I have visited often, but evidently not often enough, had done a review on me. Lisa Reviews, did a post about my site, way back in June, and I missed it. I was flattered, very appreciative, and a little ashamed. I can assure you Lisa, I will be more vigilant and visit on a regular basis. Lisa said she liked my site because I was not in a "Niche", and posted thoughtful articles. She also liked my sister poking fun at me. I knew Kel would become famous due to her comments. I still cannot get her to start a blog, but will gladly let her blog vicariously through me.

Now to get on with the business at hand. I have found some very good site's this week. The first is one, we have visited before, but there is one particular post that is so impressive and thought provoking, I had to add it. LouCeel, posted a poem he wrote back in 1976. The Eastland Disaster, is the story of a shipwreck in Chicago on July 24th 1915. 835 people perished, and 22 local families were completely wiped out. There are still questions about the incident to this day. From reading the poem, you can tell that LouCeel is passionate about the subject. after you read the poem, read his Yesterday's Backstory, and you'll find out why he is so passionate. You will also see that he is a kind and compassionate person. I must admit, I read the Backstory first, then the poem. Strangely enough, having never lived near the water, I have always been drawn to stories of shipwrecks.

The next site I just absolutely love is Before The Sun Sets, The author is known as Grandma Julia. She did a story about her youth and experiences at catholic school, titled Young Witches On Training. Her writing took me back, and allowed me to see through her eyes. I have a hard time explaining the feelings that cropped up. I'm not usually the most emotionally in-tune person, and sometimes I find it hard to figure them out when they occur. She talked about how she felt when the mean girls teased and tricked her. Relating their laughs to that of cackling witches. Much of the reasons behind the bullying was due to social-economical status. She also had a very good paragraph describing her culture in reference to sharing meals with other people. That particular paragraph gave me a warm comfy feeling.

Now I have always been a fan of Merlin from King Arthur's Court. Naturally when I saw a comment on another site from soulMerlin, I had to check it out. I found an interesting character who has four sites. On one of his sites, From Dusk Till Dawn, there was a post that grabbed me, and held my attention. Dreaming of Christina is a touching article about about his finding peace, and reconnecting with his mothers spirit. His mother had passed three years previously, and he had gone through the full range of emotions. This post is so touching and full of feelings, I lack the words to describe it.

Finally, Life Ahead is a blog from an infants point of view, from Japan. The blog is written by the mother, but in the babies voice. Baby Erika is 5 months old, and has a hole in her heart. She is going through regular doctors visits, and seems to be improving. At her last post, the hole had shrunk from 2mm to 1.5mm. Its a fun site, and I will be watching to see how things progress. Infants are just too much fun.

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I have been thinking allot about the collaborative writing project, Past Live's, we're all enjoying so much. I got to thinking that it would be fun to start another collaborative effort when this one's done. I started contemplating what storyline would be fun to tackle. I think I have come up with a good possibility.

Have you ever heard that your life passes before your eyes when you die. Think of a person that is 101 and ready to pass on to the next life. A person this old would have met many people through out their life. and had many moving and inspirational events happen to them. We could "review" their life through their eyes. Each author could write an episode of life. It could be a special emotional moment, a drastic or tragic event where lessons were learned, or a meeting of a person who became special in the characters life. Perhaps some of the articles could be written from the view of the characters he has met, as they remember him.

I'm thinking of a character who is an old man who has traveled far and not settled down until late in life. He could have been a soldier, hobo, laborer, sailor, scholar, the possibilities are endless. Think of how much a person who lives to the age of 101 and never really settled down to a steady lifestyle would have seen and experienced. From present time back 101 years, there are some very fun and interesting eras. I've been trying to come up with titles also, "101 Years: Retrospective", or "A Walk Through The Years".

If anyone would be interested, leave me a comment, or click of the Contact Me button and send me an email. Or if you have an improvement on the idea or a possible title, let me know.

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A little Publicity for Lt G, who is now Capt. G. by the way

As many of you know, I am a major fan of Lt. G. and his now silenced Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal. Well, City Girl, Lt G's Fiancee, is trying to keep all readers informed of what's going on with him and his men, "The Grave Diggers".

Well today The Washington Post did and article about him and his blog, titled Silent Posting. The article is a very good read, and we get to meet Lt. G's Father. I have read a number of posts throughout the blogosphere about Kaboom being shut down by the Army. But this is the first major newspaper article I've read. If you get a chance, it's worth the time, just to get to know him a little better. There are also links to some of his previous post's, including this one that got him in trouble. What got his blog deleted was the fact that this one post was not approved or reviewed by his Commanding Officer.

City Girl let us all know about one of the Grave Diggers that was injured in a non-combat incident. PV 2 Hotwheels, as he's know on Kaboom was injured in a generator fire, a freak accident, and shipped back to the US. I have been following his recovery at a site called This site is established for anyone who has a family member who has been injured or is recovering from some kind of medical treatment. It is not limited to the military, anyone can make use of it. The site allows family member to basically set up a blog, they call it journal, and guest book to keep others informed of the progress.

If your interested in a fun and romantic read with a considerable amount of Word Ninja feel, read European Interlude II. This was close to one of the last posts Lt. G. made, and described a portion of his leave when he got to spend some time with City Girl. It is also when he proposed to her. Talk about fun, he lets you know exactly how nervous and intimidated he was. Well worth the time to read, and if you want to have a little envious fun, check out the comments. Wow!!!!!!

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A Cup of Tea, and Relaxing Reading

Finally, a chance to sit at my computer, drink a little tea, and check all my friends blogs. Yes I do drink tea now, thanks to Mike, who writes a blog for living a healthful life. Sorry Mike, it's not green tea, but it is decaffeinated.

I have been very busy over the past couple of days. Working those wonderful long hours. I can remember just a few months back when I was hoping for work. Guess that just goes to show you, be careful of what you wish for. I wonder why it can't be consistent in the construction industry. Today it was 104 degree's and some ungodly level of humidity. I drank two gallons of water, and just could not seem to get enough. I may as well have worn swimming trunks, because I stayed soaking wet all day, and there was no rain.

I have taken the opportunity, and sent Lilly an email, and guess what? I have been honored with a chance to write a chapter for the Past Live's saga. I have been thinking, day dreaming, and fantasizing about my characters for a couple of days now. I have a good start on it, and have been having a great time with it. Just so everyone knows, Past Live's Part 5, and Past Live's Part 6 have been completed, and are just as much fun as the first 4. I'll let everyone go and read them, make sure you leave a comment and let the authors know what you think.

The potential for this collaborative work seems to be limitless, except perhaps by time and history. It is going to be so much fun to watch this project form and develop. The creativity so far had been phenomenal, and I for one can't wait to read the next chapter. I feel somewhat intimidated, but am putting it aside to concentrate on the chapter. I won't tell anyone who, when, or how the chapter will take place, so don't bother asking, LOL.

Just to let everyone know, I won't be posting Friday, because it is my wife's birthday. I have to come up with something to do that will be fun for her. I am not even going to turn on the computer, I think she believes I have gone crazy because of the amount of time I spend on it. If anyone has some "cost conscious" ideas for a romantic evening, let me know.

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Monday's Writers of the Web.

I had all kinds of sites planed out for this week, but after paying a visit to Vikki's Blog, The Red Chair Gallery, I just couldn't continue as planned. My intension was to check on the progress with her elderly neighbor. Unfortunately she had one of those nutcase flamer show up and start posting demented comment's. But that is not what I want to write about tonight.

I read a short story she did, and was absolutely floored. Past Live's Part 2, just simply took my breath away. She also did a drawing of her main character, Sassy, who is a child during the day's of slavery. Yes Sassy is a slave girl, who has an interesting story. Many of my regular readers have already seen it, for I saw their comments. But I couldn't help but write about this.

The best part, is that this is a collaborative project. The story started on Lilly's Life, as a fictional story of reincarnation. The subject, David, has decided to go through a "Past Life Regression therapy session. The theory is that a hypnotist can take a person back through their many previous lives, and help them to understand their progression through time. It centers around the belief of Déjà Vu, I would bet that most of us have experienced it at least a few times in life. Being the skeptic I am, I can usually rationalize or assign a cause for my own Déjà Vu expedience's. But there are many that I can not clear up within reason. I have never really considered the question of what kind of past life I may have had. For that matter, I am not entirely sure I believe in reincarnation and past life. But what a fun subject for a story line.

Past Live's Part 1, starts of with an introduction to David, and an explanation of specific, unexplained fears that cause him to search out this Past Life Regression technique. Each part after the first one, ends with the death of that person, and a link to the next part Past Live's Part 2. Now I found this an interesting and captivating way to engage the reader.

The best part about this story, is Vikki's Life and Red Chair Galleries has offered the opportunity for anyone who wishes to participate in the story to take part in the writing. Each post starts with a blurb about or from the previous post, then goes on to describe each of the previous live's of David.

Now for Past Live's Part 3 we bounce back to Lilly's Life, It's being told in David's voice, carefully directed guided through the hypnosis by the Doctor Harlowe, the hypnotist. It takes place in 79 AD in Greece or a city thereof. I will hint that it is a famous promiscuous and erotic city of history or maybe theology. David is once again a female, but this time middle aged for the era. She is the unhappy wife of a prominent "merchant", and has other love interests. Her death is the same is a surprise to her, and everybody else in that city.

For Past Live's Part 4, we jump over to LouCeel. We are taken back in time once more to 1282 in Romania. David is a Jewish merchant dreaming of life in the new Jerusalem. Thinking of the hard times he is having, and the good times to come. LouCeel did a wonderful job of taking me back to that time, I felt as though I was standing there having a conversation with the man, Yacob Vobescu. His death is just as surprising and different as the others.

I can assure you I will be following this story line, and maybe I can come up with a story of appropriate quality to offer. I will be thinking, contemplating, and trying to contrive something interesting, that may be accepted.

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Communication and Companionship.

I was browsing the other night, and came across this post from Vikki's Blog, The Red Chair Gallery. It is an interesting post about those elderly people we see around us all the time. How often do we take the time to find out "what their story is". You will have to go read her blog to know exactly what I mean.

I can remember from my "previous life", which is how I now refer to my time as a police officer in a small town, when I would get calls to respond to "unusual" or "unknown" problems. Mostly they were at the homes of elderly residents. Dispatch simply did not want to air for all to hear, that so and so needed her fridge filter changed or something to that extent. Doesn't quite sound like a law enforcement issue does it.

I came to find out that it was part of my "duties" as a small town cop. Many of our elderly simply wanted someone to talk to for a few minutes, so they would come up with what ever reason they thought would work. They could be very insistent, and demanding to the dispatcher. I began visiting some of them on a regular basis to save dispatch from receiving these unusual calls, for the dispatcher had no idea how to handle them.

I came to find out that most of them did not need the help, or even want to be looked upon as "needy". They simply wanted someone to talk to, some form of companionship. They were mostly the folks that could not get around any more, and had become prisoners in their own home. At the same time they did not want to be placed in any type of assisted living. Many had no family left to care for them, and friends had slowly died off.

What I discovered back then was that everybody I talked to seemed to think that some one else was taking care of them. I constantly got the "I thought the Senior coalition did that" or something like it. The problem was that when these seniors became home bound, and dropped off the social map, I don't want to say they were forgotten, but in a way they were. People still were aware of them, and knew them, they just thought there was family taking care of them or someone else. Therefore most people made no effort to offer help or companionship.

These seniors were full of fun and interesting stories of times past. The experiences they had and willingly related, when given time, were amazing to say the least. I found that if I came in and sat down to ask how their day or week had been, their face would light up. Pretty soon they started telling me stories of times past, some I was hard pressed to believe. There was one man that had ridden into the country on horseback when he was sixteen with a "six-shooter" on his hip. He had some wonderful stories of the area back then. And told me of having to cut chunks of ice from the river for shipment to Denver where it would stored in an ice house. I could not even imagine life with out a refrigerator, yet he had lived it.

I guess what I'm saying is look around, see if there are any of the elderly who just need a little companionship, and someone to tell their stories to. They may not ask for help, or want help, just companionship. Make friends and wait, sooner or later they will tell you stories both true and amazing. And just enjoy the companionship for what it gives them.

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Light Show

A brilliant, almost blinding, flash of fractured lightning dances across the darkened mountain valley. Vance always enjoyed watching Mother Nature's light shows, they are more like huge fireworks displays. Always wonderful explosions of color and light that could never be duplicated by man.

A few seconds later the distant sound of thunder reaches his ears. He was always enthralled as the lightning flashed across ridge lines and hill tops, briefly illuminating everything around it in mystical silver blue-light. Vance knew of a few spots that provided for the best view of these light shows. Most of them, of course, were on high scenic overlooks from the many mountain passes. There was no rain, and would not be; just the breath taking and dangerous thunderstorm. The air felt heavy and fresh, saturated with electricity. He was amazed at the fierceness of the storm, knowing the dangers that could follow. It was not uncommon for these "dry" storms to strike the mountain park. It was considered a semi-arid region, and had below average rainfall every year. Of course, the snow and cold in winter made up for it.

A mountain park is a high mountain plateau surrounded on all sides by continuous mountain ranges. This particular mountain park, South Park, has elevations ranging from 9,000 feet to around 10,400 feet, and encompasses 2,200 square miles. It is surrounded by The Continental Divide on the north and east, the Mosquito Range with it's "14'ers" on the West, Kenosha Pass, Tarryall Mountains, and Puma Hills to the South and East. No matter which direction you went, to get out of South Park you had to cross a mountain pass. Being on the southern side of the Continental Divide, it seldom rained, and could be bitter cold in the winter with nearly hurricane force winds.

Vance never did like rain, he knew it was necessary and helpful, but didn't like it. He would rather work in below-freezing weather and snow than rain. There was something about being soaked throuh that brought his spirits down and left him in a frustrated mood. It seemed to him that the rain hampered every effort he made to complete his projects. Snow, on the other hand, was an insulator and left a clean fresh slate every time. During rain storms Vance regularly found himself longing for winter to arrive, and quickly.

Vance was concerned for the potential of fires caused by the storm. He dreaded the possibility of many acres of forested land that could be laid to waste, or someones home destroyed. But still he watched, waited and wondered where it would strike next. The anticipation of the event keeping him frozen in place like a child waiting to open that first gift on Christmas Day. Then the lightning would strike again, fracturing and sending rivulets of light bounding from unseen object to unseen object. Never the same, always a slightly different shade or intensity and color, expressing Mother Nature's creativity for all to see and appreciate. Moving closer, always closer.

The thunder came a little quicker, louder, and seemed to roll along the hills, forcing its way through his consciousness. Time between spectacular visual display and the ever-increasing auditory response became shorter and shorter, like a countdown to some profound happening. The air became charged with a intensive feel of electricity that sent chills up his spine, and left Vance with goose bumps. As the storm moved ever closer, and became more and more violent and dangerous. Vance sought the safety of his truck where he could watch as the storm encompassed his sanctuary and then passed.

Once the storm moved on, leaving Vance feeling sated and refreshed, he could return home for a tranquil and absolute sleep.

Just a bit of fiction, Vance is not a real person and not intended to reflect any real person except perhaps me. Based on my own favorite pass time of watching lightning storms in the mountains of South Park.

I thought I might "test the waters" and see what every body thought of some of my stuff. I have quite a few things like this, but no real stories to go with them yet. Maybe I'll come up with some ideas for a running chapter book. I need a plot!

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Monday's Writers of The Web

So it's Monday again, wow where did the time go.  Monday, that day most people don't look forward to.  I however have gained an appreciation for Monday because of my blog.  It's the day I get to show off those sites I have found over the previous week.  I must apologize for not posting over the past few days, and offer a bland generic excuse of course.  I have been very busy at work, 15 and 16 hour days in triple digit heat whew; am I glad its over.  There is nothing worse than working through the weekend, then right back to work again for the next week.

Now then to get on with the fun, I found this site first site, and for the life of me can't remember how.  I'm sure I was on somebody's blog, reading the comment posts.  Anyway she is a young girl 17 years old in Ireland. Her user name is Fiendish, and she loves lists, music,  reading, and people who read her blog, Baa Baa Blogging, although she also has another blog.  Her July 7th post, Some Fiction, is a chapter of some fiction she wrote.  It is a wonderful story of one hot summer evening, but with so much more to it than that.  She ties in familiar feelings and thoughts of what is going through her characters mind.  The story is very well written, and has a catchy first paragraph.  I have added her to my feeds in the side bar because I liked this post so much.  She also has a very fun sense of humor that shows in some of her other posts.

My next recommendation is a blog that is kind of a personal journal and showcase for her art work, with a focus on the personal journal.  Bag Blog tells stories of those everyday happenings, and makes them fun.  She is an artist, and regularly posts pictures she has painted.  Her pictures are very good, and shows her obvious talent.  I especially enjoy her posts about her grand children, they are so fun to read. 

Dancing on Thin Ice is another find that I enjoy reading often. This is another journal style blog, and she has some very good posts.  She regularly posts interesting poems or song lyrics that have meaning to her.  After reading some of her archives, I found out her husband has Leukemia, and has been undergoing the wretched treatment for that disease.  This post, Dancing Dark Circles, is about some of her thoughts, feeling, and emotions she has been going through. I found Dancing Dark Circles, a particularly moving read that made me consider what it would be like to have a loved one going through such a thing.  It is not a depressing read at all, but more of an introspective of what she feels. 

Cabin Fever, is a fellow follower of Kaboom.  Her boyfriend is deployed, and she tells of what it's like for her waiting, and waiting.  She has some interesting and fun posts, and mostly tries to express to people what it's like for her.  One particular post I enjoyed reading was Future Tense, She expresses how excited she is that her boyfriend is supposed to be coming home soon.  Because I can not do it justice, here's and tidbit

Conversations over the phone or through IM tend to drift to daydreams we're sharing with each other about places we want to see, things we want to do, time we want to spend - all together. Together. After this past year we are resolved to drink up every last opportunity to explore our lives and world with the other by our side. We think up these fun crazy ideas and talk about them, we'll do them one day, but for the moment just having that piece of the future to hold on to, to work towards, is enough

And finally, a little "Lost in America" Western roadside photography.  This site has some wonderful pictures of places in America.  Many of the pictures in this post are of places that do not exist any longer.  Stunning photography, and worth a look.

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A Little More Insight

This is something I found on Tasha's Take.  I like to try these things sometimes and see how close the come to what I am really like.  This one did surprise me, for it is pretty accurate.   I would say I am always introspective and analytical, sometimes to a degree that should not be achieved.  We won't even discuss the virginal subject, I don't think it would apply even in the farthest stretch of the imagination.  I would have to say that previously I never sought out socialization, but that seems to be changing with age.  I do prefer solitude and peace, and live for those times I can sit back relax and think and ruminate.  I like to try to be organized, but have not been very successful at it.

Overall, I would say it is about 80% accurate, I would not attempt to say what other people think of me. I don't know about being able to shine a light on things that are "mysterious and confusing" for I believe that most people would think I am "mysterious and confusing"

You are The Hermit

Prudence, Caution, Deliberation.

The Hermit points to all things hidden, such as knowledge and inspiration,hidden enemies. The illumination is from within, and retirement from participation in current events.

The Hermit is a card of introspection, analysis and, well, virginity. You do not desire to socialize; the card indicates, instead, a desire for peace and solitude. You prefer to take the time to think, organize, ruminate, take stock. There may be feelings of frustration and discontent but these feelings eventually lead to enlightenment, illumination, clarity.

The Hermit represents a wise, inspirational person, friend, teacher, therapist. This a person who can shine a light on things that were previously mysterious and confusing.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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A Sure Sign of Aging

I really do not mind working long hours, and have generally thrived on such things.  I guess it is part of my nature and upbringing.  We have been so busy this week, I have not been getting home until 9:00 or 10:00 at night.  I love having work, and being active, but there are limits to everything LOL.  Now just a few years ago, you would not have heard me mention it at all.  But as I get older, it does seem to be more difficult to maintain that same level of activity.

I got a rude awakening to a sure fire sign of aging today.  Allow me to set the stage.  Being in the plumbing trade, one of my frequent pleasures   is remodeling a bathroom.  This can actually be fun sometimes and "work" other times.  Today was not that bad, I got to work inside. Nice air conditioned house, with the windows open in the master bathroom and bedroom so all the dust from construction could get out.  Of course the air conditioning did not do much for me, since my responsibility was in the bathroom.  But what really set me off, was the full length mirrors  covering every available wall.  Why would that set me off you ask?  Well for some time now my wife Blinda has been teasing me about a bald spot on the back of my head.  Naturally, my response has always been "I can't see any bald spot, so there must not be one or its not very big".  Well needless to say I can't say that anymore.  You have no idea what you can notice about yourself when everywhere you look all you see is you. 

I also found it amusing how noticing such things made me feel tired and somewhat "aged".  I can still remember teasing my father about his thinning hair, and wrinkles.  I don't think for one minute that he took any of it seriously, but I wonder what he thought when he looked in the mirror and saw the wrinkles.  I bet it was something like "Oh well it gives me character".  Now I can say that I have a little character of my own.  I saw somewhere on the web, a tattoo, that some guy had done.  It depicted a lawn mower traveling around the gentleman's  bald spot with the "clippings" flying off to be lost forever.  I may have to find that picture again, and contemplate my own form of character enhancement. 

What is the moral of this story.  Stay out of rooms where everywhere you look you can see a reflection of yourself.  It leads to way too much "thought" LOL. 

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Monday's Writers of the Web

Ah but you say it's not Monday. Officially it is Tuesday, 12:12 AM, and true to my nocturnal nature, I am doing my midnight search for good reading blogs. I have been receiving email notifications of my dear sweet, dramatic, sister's visit to my blog; and resisting the strong temptation to go and respond right away. She has such a unique and dramatic sense of humor, I always welcome her visits. I wish I could convince her to start a blog, for I could virtually guarantee a good time reading it. Ah but for now we will have to sustain ourselves with her, hopefully, frequent comments.

I have found a number of excellent reads this week, and guess what I found them thanks to Tashabuds friends. First I will start with one that I started reading her last post first, OOPS. Gewgaw Writings, has an interesting Novel going about The Adventures of a Native Kaliga Man. First off it caught my attention because it was military based. This for anyone who knows me, is a surefire hook for me, but there is so much more to the story than that. Of course you have the inept and highly conceited superior officer, and the young, very bright and competent Lieutenant whom the troops trust and understand. There is also an interesting friendship between the young officer and the popular rebel leader, who is loved and respected by the people. With all of these elements in play I can assure you I will be going back to read the full story.

Gewgaw Writings led me on to yet more sites, for she has a number of her favorite sites listed in the sidebar. Hunting The Muse, is another creative writing blog. He has some fun posts, and some good tips for writing. I really enjoyed his post Personal Embarrassment, that covers a hiking expedition he had as a teenager at camp. It was a very fun read, but I did not see where the embarrassment came into play. It was something I could see happening to me at that age, hell at any age.

I also have a fondness for young aspiring writers. Writings of a Teenager. is one of those sites that will impress the daylights out of you. This young writer, is telling a story of the time of the Aztec's. The story of a young Aztec who dreams of being a warrior. I found it compelling and fun to read. I'm not sure of the age or for that mater much else about the author, but I can tell you that whoever it is has talent, and I'm sure excels in their creative writing classes.

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Simple Sunday - Oh So Enjoyable

I love my Sundays. They are always so relaxing and enjoyable. Why you ask, simple, there is no expectation of accomplishment unless you put one on yourself. I got lucky this week, and did not have to mow the yard, or do any of the chores that never seem to end. I'm not sure where I acquired this particular trait, but I do not enjoy yard work. As I remember, just about everybody in my family is a yard nut. I like spending my Sundays, sitting back enjoying a good book, or surfing my friends blog sites.

This blog has been good for me in more ways than one. I have become far more social than I ever was before. Funny how the Internet seems to transform people, and loosen them up. Just a few years ago, hell really just a few months ago, you would have never caught me expressing my feelings and thoughts for every person in the world to read and review. I have been trying to analyze this particular change in my make up, but have not really gotten down to the root of the issue yet. Perhaps I'm going through one of those often heard about midlife changes, who knows. I do know that I am enjoying the new me, and will continue with my ramblings.

I recently visited Lizzy's Quiz Blog , and found a fun little quiz about chocolate, or more correctly your tastes in chocolate. You have to go to her site, she has some really fun things there, like finding out what your pirate name would be and many others. Its a fun way to spend some time on a lazy Sunday. I recently recommended Tashabud's The Big Picture - A Novel, and she evidently has some very dedicated friends, who are becoming some of my regulars. The best part about this is she had no idea I was reviewing her novel, so it was a surprise for her when she found out. That makes it even better, because I was able to surprise someone I had never met, and make them feel good. Tashabud wrote a post about it on one of her other sites, Tasha's Take. It was so much fun to read how my simple little post made her feel, and she wrote about it so creatively too. You have to go read it, so much fun.

Here's the results form My Chocolate Quiz, and its fairly accurate too, except for my friends being afraid of hurting my feelings, I don't think I ever had that kind of effect on people.

What Your Taste in Chocolate Says About You
You are sweet, mellow, and easily satisfied.
You don't like anything too intense and dramatic.
Deep down, you're a kid at heart... and you're nostalgic for the past.

You are emotionally expressive and sensitive.
You're effected by everything around you.
Your friends appreciate your open heart, but they are afraid of hurting your feelings.

You love being by yourself and thinking. Developing your own theories and ideas is fun.
You feel lost when you're forced to be social. Being with other people can be lonely for you.

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4th of July

While yesterday I enjoyed our barbecue, and all the goodies that went along with it. I remembered that our Declaration of Independence was written on paper, but was paid for in blood. I don't mean to be depressing, but we should continue to remember those who are still paying for the freedoms we too often take for granted.

Below is a video tribute to those that protect our freedom found on YouTube from user name mkamglenn

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The Body Will Have it's Retribution

I must apologize for not posting the past couple nights. I have a habit, that seems to be completely uncontrollable. I will stay up until 2:00 AM, almost every night. Of course I still have to get up in the morning and go to work. This means that I get on average about 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. Most people know that to maintain a healthy life, one should get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Now I have tried on a number of occasions to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Unfortunately any time prior to 1:00 AM, and all I do is lay there in bed and toss and turn. This serves to aggravate me, and I get up and read a book, which means I will be up till 4:00 AM, therefore only getting 2 hours of sleep. It seems like a vicious circle, but I generally don't think anything about it.

Once a month or so, my body decides that enough is enough. For the past 2 days, I have managed to slumber though my work, and complete all tasks required of me. However, when I get home I have found myself sleeping sitting up on the couch. It's a simple matter of you can abuse your body for just so long before it will take matters into its own control and force correction. I just wish it would do that with some of my other bad habits, smoking for one.

I will try to be a little more observant, and keep my schedule more subdued. Hopefully this will allow me to keep up with my blogging, and get the required sleep. On a healthier note, I have decided to attempt to quit smoking again. I am planing out the procedure this time, and will have things in place for when I "need" that coffin nail. I am going to be using a friends blog as a support group, Maggie's Mind. She has a blog where she supports a number of people trying to quit smoking. She is another friend from Plurk, and has commented here before.

For the time being, I plan to enjoy the holiday weekend, with a barbecue at a friends house. We will be having smoked brisket, and I am making stuffed jalapeno's for a treat. I brown venison burger, and mix in the seeds from the jalapeno's. I then stuff the ground meat and a four cheese mixture into the jalapeno's, wrap them with bacon, and grill on a charcoal grill. Of course there will be a margarita machine, and I will have plenty of my Shiner Hefewizen to drink. Hopefully I'll still be able to walk home when its all done. We'll talk to everybody later, and I hope all of you have a wonderful 4 th of July, enjoy.

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