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Sunrise over the south beach of Jamaica.

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While your reading this, I will be out in the woods, enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature that have come to mean so much to me.  I am setting this to publish on Saturday morning at 7:00 AM.  That is the time the sun is usually making its first appearance near the horizon.  I thought in some way I may be able to share that spectacular moment with you so you might be able to enjoy the feelings of peace and solitude I so love. 


My day will start with a brisk awakening, shocking my system into the reality of early morning.  There will be nearly no moon visible as it is a new moon.  The weather says that it’s going to be partly cloudy and windy with a low of 29 and a high of 50.  Perfect hunting weather in other words.  It’s going to be fairly chilly in the morning, so that means a brisk walk to the blind.  There should be any number of creatures moving around and possibly following my progress as I make that early morning  jaunt.  


Once in the blind I will cheat and light the heater, no sense freezing my temperature sensitive toes off, while I enjoy the beauty that is yet to come.  Then it’s just a matter of sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the sounds around me.  Using those few precious moments to reminisce and think of all that I could do or have done.  Just waiting for the show to begin.  It’s just the opposite of a movie theater, instead of the lights dimming, they will slowly brighten.  The sky changing hues and shades, adding color to the graying sky.  That is one of the things I love about a sunrise.  Everything goes from a grey scale to a varied spectrum of colors that seems to mesmerize and entrance the mind.  The colors becoming more and more vibrant and vivid as the sun gets closer to cresting the horizon.


There will be a rustling of leaves, and a scampering of small animals, all moving around ad starting their early morning routine.  The birds will start singing and chirping.  The coyotes will begin their soulful, mystical howls and yips, sending shivers down my spine.  Slowly cautiously the deer will begin their morning rounds.  Grazing, ever watchful for predators and unknown dangers.  Their movements graceful yet with singular purpose. As the sun crests the horizon and bathes those who watch with its warming glow, I will be but a spectator.


Some wonder why I love the outdoors, this is just a sampling of the reasons.  If you have joined me this fine early morning, and the sun has not yet crested the horizon.  Step outside and look to the east, join me in welcoming a new day.

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LAWRENCE said...

I'm ready to go to the woods. If you have not read the poetry of Mary Oliver...I think it is a good choice for you. The love for nature and all that a new day brings. A good read to start a good day. All the best.


confused said...

well it's minus what ever degrees here..thank you for taking me away from the bitter weather here for awhile..:)

Shadow said...

well, since you put it like that, i too love the outdoors!

derfina said...

Beautiful images, Eric. As usual! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Have fun Eric. I'm sitting here all warm and comfy with a piping hot cup of coffee. I'm having fun too. :)

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
There's nothing more beautiful than a sun rize. I once read it's the morning mass for the angels and there's a chorus sung that only the celestial's can hear.
By the way Happy New Year.

tashabud said...

Wow! Eric, you described the sunrise so gloriously. The picture is also awesome. Reading your post reminded me of my own experience with sunrises when I used to accompany my hubby during some of his hunting trips up in North Dakota. I totally agree with you on your descriptions. Totally breathtaking!

Enjoy your time out in the woods. and Happy New Year!


Lilly's Life said...

Hey Eric, I wanna come too!!!! You make it sound so alive and breathtaking. Gosh you are a fabulous writer. Looking forward to hearing about your tip on your return. Take Care.

Kel said...

I went hunting today too, sort of ~ hunting for the top of the desk, that is. Wading through less-than-peaceful piles (hills, mountains, avalanches) of KCS-related paper, KJK-related paper, RLK-related paper, and of course, the ever-present growling threat of bills lurking amongst the mounds.

Just plain too much bloody travel done this last two months (two continents, two US coasts, three countries ~ and all done around two big holidays) Who has time for paper work with THAT kind of schedule!!!!

Though I'd have rather been alongside you in the blind there in the Land of the Yellow Rose, waiting the subtle-to-sublime gifts of sunrise in the wild, I never-the-less gained some small measure of peace myself by succesfully clearing the desk, filing all that needed filing, paying all that needed paying, marking only a VERY few items for review with the RanDawg.

And then polishing the lovely oak desktop, and sitting back to admire the rich golden tones of the glistening oak desk, with a cup of honey'd glog at my elbow, to visit my brothers blog, whilst listening to one of my favorite radio shows: The Thistle and Shamrock" ~ which tonight celebrates the songs and other celtic music of the mid-winter soltice. Lovely, simply lovely, and deeply touching.

Hugs to Bro and his many Blog Friends via the magic of the ethernet ~ And warmest wishes for health, happiness, and the wealth of kindness both given and received this solstice season and for the coming new year.

The Muse said...

My true soulful work...comes to me in the woodland...

the walking man said...

...and in finding the mornings sun, will you find yourself? I know it to be so.

Very expressive and coherent verbiage Eric, a well told moment about to happen.

June Saville said...

ERIC I have similar emotions when I am lucky enough to find some Australian rain forest. That is a religion ...
To softly touch the bark of a tree, follow the shape of a dark green, glistening leaf, to spy a lyre bird in the undergrowth ...

Eric S. said...

@ Lawrence, Oh I'll have to check her stuff out, thanks. Nature is so easy to love.

@ Confused, LOL. I'm glad I was able to distract you for a moment. You know I used to go out side back in Colorado when it was bitterly cold. I always took a nice deep breath, to inhale the wonder of winter, then very quickly run back into the house to get warm.

@ Shadow, I suspect you've always loved the outdoors, LOL.

@ Derfina, Thank you, and yes indeed it was great.

@ Sandee, LOL, I can tell you that Sunday morning I was wishing for a piping hot cup of coffee, BRRRR. Thank you I did.

@ Vikki, Ohh that sound beautiful. But I always think I hear music when I watch a particularly beautiful sunrise. Happy New year to you also.

@ Tasha, Thanks, The picture is courtesy of Zamatra, an add on for Windows Live Writer. I use it for most all of my posts. I'm glad I was able to take you back to those memories. Happy New Year.

@ Lilly, your welcome to tag along any time, LOL. I bet the sunrises down under are pretty breathtaking too, some day I might get to experience one. Thank you.

@ Kel, LOL, I like my kind of hunting better. I can imagine the build can be overwhelming. Ahh my world travelin sister, you have much to tell from all your journeys though. You'll just have to keep a journal, and then someday when you stop working on the computer all the time, you start having fun on it and create a blog.

Happy New Year.

@ The Muse, I can fully understand that. I have some of my best inspirations while out there.

@ The Walking Man, Thank you. Ohh I like that phrase.

@ June, I think we may be kindred spirits, separated by an ocean of deep dark blue. I bet the Australian rain forests are wonderfully inspiring.

Jena Isle said...

Eric, I envy you because you can go there anytime you want, while I can't (sniffles), Anyway, have a happy new year.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Happy new year

soulMerlin said...

That is a great descriptive piece of writing. I loved the moment, just before the sun broke the horizon; I really could visualize it.


Eric S. said...

@ Jena, LOL, well I only get to go when I can afford it. It is a good long drive, and does cost a little each time. I'll make a point of taking you along through my posts though.

@ PakKaramu, Happy new year to you also.

@ Henry, Thank you, that means very much coming from you.

Liara Covert said...

There is a timelessness about Nature. You draw us into your own fragemented experience of this silent serenity. We join you amidst God's creatures. It is love.

Eric S. said...

Liara, Thank you I hope you enjoyed the small break and just a little vision of a sunrise.


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