Bidding 2008 Farewell, and Welcoming 2009

Happy New Year

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2008 has been an interesting, challenging, and rewarding year.  I have met so many new friends through this very blog.  I have been introduced to the world of blogging, and have caught the the fever.  I find it hard to believe that just a few months back, in May, I started this blog.  I really knew nothing about blogging, other than a few previous experiences with blogs on Yahoo and Windows Live Spaces.   I had my other blog, Chihuatude, but was just feeling my way through the blogosphere.


I start off 2009 with a very large list of friends, that I can not imagine doing without.  It’s interesting just how we seem to get to know each other, and share moments of triumph and tragedy with each other.  Not that long ago, I would have never dreamed of sharing many of the things I have on this blog.  Now I can’t imagine not having the support of my blog friends.  The relationships I have found mean so much to me.


To all my blogging friends,  and all those family, acquaintances, and compatriots who read my blog, I wish all of you a wonderful, rewarding, and prosperous New Year.  I hope you all enjoy your New Years Eve parties, and hope you all have a safe and joyous celebration.  Some of you, have already had your New Years, like those of you down under in the land of OZ.  I hope you enjoyed your celebration, and are recovering safely. 


I have no real new year tradition.  For so many years, I always worked on New Years Eve, and day.  So I will welcome 2009 with a simple bottle of Shinner Bock or two, and watch the Times Square celebration on television.  I know, not very interesting or exciting, but just my style. 


If you would like a really fun New Years Resolutions post, pay a visit to Lilly’s Life and read her article Last Minute of 2008.  It is the funniest one I’ve read yet.

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Lilly's Life said...

Happy New Years to you Eric and thank you for laughing enough over my writing to spill your coffee.

Blogging has an interesting way of getting us to open up about our lives and its a good thing I think, well most times anyway. We can see that we all go through ups and downs and we feel the same way no matter which country we live in.

I am glad I found your blog and am looking forward to your wonderful and expressive writing in 2009.

It's great that you dont have to work and can bring in the New Year in the best way possible! My best to you and your wife.

See you in 2009 I am already there of course, he he. Its not bad at all this 2009 either!

Shadow said...

new year's tradition??? get through the night, heee heee heee. welcome to 2009!

Jena Isle said...

Happy new year too Eric, We celebrated new year 8 hours ahead of you with lots of I'll write about it. I wish for you more blessing for 2009. God bless.

the walking man said...

Success! I slept from 7:30pm until tradition may be aborning.

Best to you Eric, keep the words coming.

forsythia said...

For a person who just started blogging in May, you have zoomed to the head of the class. Looking forward to following your blog in 2009. Meanwhile, here are my two resolutions for the new year:

(1) No more multi-tasking. Never was any good at it, and not iikely, at my age, to get any better.

(2) No more glasses of eggnog spiced up with Jack Daniels. Delicious but deadly. Oh, my aching head!

Liara Covert said...

Every moment is a new opportunity to savour life. Your blog invites people to reflect on what is important to them and also on those things that they no longer need to feel fulfilled. New Year's resolutions can be unconscious changes you have been preparing for and finlly recognize. The next step is to evolve further into you. May you and yours have an enriching year.

Roy said...

Happy New Year Eric!

Officially, it's 2009.

Looking forward to another year of blogging, and with new blogging friends like you, I am very much excited to share more in 2009.

confused said...

all the best Eric keep it coming I look forward to your posts..:)

Not The Rockefellers said...

May peace, prosperity and good health be yours in 2009.

I look forward to reading your ruminations and sharing mine with you.

This is indeed a wonderful, supportive community for us all.

Peace - Rene

derfina said...

Lilly is a hoot! Happy, happy new year to you and your family, Eric.

Roy said...

Hi Eric,

just dropping by the share the great news... I won in the free webhosting contest!

Thanks for your support!

Happy New year again

Kel said...

Wow . . . how excellent that your friend Roy achieved the award you wished for him! Proof positive, I assert, that 2009, though likely rough around the edges, will have plenty of silver lining to go around.

I'm a bit worried for us out here in the Bay Area though: 2009 dawned gray and dreary, and the sun never did make it out. But I have
Xmas lights still ablazing, and, to assure the new year will be optimally lucky (per the Kipp family traditions), I am serving black-eyed peas for dinner tonight.

The charmed legumes are in a savory black-eyed peas and pork neck cassarole simmering slowly on the stove, soon to be joined by side dishes of fresh spinach & collard greens brazed with a large onion sliced and carmelized in bacon fat and butter; with another side of honey'd acorn squash mashed with nutmeg, cinnamon, and smidgeon of both butter and fresh-ground black peppar; and freshly baked southern-style biscuits dressed up for the holiday with a dusting of ground dried rosemary leaves and black pepper, to be lav'd generously with sweet cream butter. Dessert will be gently warmed slices of pecan pie drizzeled with dark chocolate syrup served with tiny, but strong, cups of espresso.

Later tonight, in a "promise of new year's prosperity" ritual I learned in my college days from the Heisters, I will make crepes with a gold chain wrapped about the hand that holds the crepe pan's handle. I usually do crepes for breakfast, but we were "off" this morning, so I shall do them as a late night snack instead; and quite simply I think ~ just dressed with honey syrup and dusted lightly with coriander and cinnamon, with a mug of whiskey-laced, home-made hot cocoa to warm us gently toward bed time.

We'll be watching one of our favorite travel-channel (food oriented) shows tonight because of the locale of this evening's show: Columbia. I'm calling Mother as soon as I sign off here to see if she gets that channel in Questa. I think she'd enjoy seeing the country of her romantically-remembered youth through the eyes of Anthony Bourdain and his "No Reservations" crew.

Best wishes to you and B. And I shall continue to will healing energy N's way.

With admiration for your acheivements, and love,


Eric S. said...

@ Lilly, Thanks, Your post was so funny, I had one of those coffee moments, too painful to described. You probably know what happens when your drinking something, and start laughing almost uncontrollably. Blogging is indeed a unique form of therapy, and such a welcoming community. I'm glad you found my blog, and that I have found yours. Best wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity in 2009

@ Shadow, LOL, I hope you had no trouble surviving the evening. Happy New Year, and the best of all things to you.

@ Jena, sound like a fun celebration. I look forward to your post. Happy New year may you be blessed with good health, happiness, and prosperity in 2009.

@ The Walking Man, I like your new tradition. We had so many fireworks going off, I doubt I could have slept if I wanted to. Happy New year, health and prosperity to you and your.

@ Forsythia, Thank you, I'm not very good at multi tasking either. I think your eggnog would have a terrible effect on me, LOL. Happy New Year, and wishing you all the best for 2009.

@ Liara, thank you, and I wish you a wonderful prosperous 2009, in all forms possible.

@ Roy, I am so glad you won the hosting contest. You deserve it, and I hope all things start to fall into place for you. May you have a happy healthy prosperous new year, and give your kids lots of love from us all.

@ Confused, Thanks, I hope you have a great new year filled happiness and prosperity. I look forward to reading your poems.

@ Not The Rockefellers Yes it is a supportive community. Thank you and I look forward to reading yours also. I hope you have a happy healthy and prosperous New Year.

@ Derfina, Yes she is. I hope you have a happy healthy and prosperous New Year.

@ Kel, OK now you have tortured my thoughts with tantalizing food. I will be searching for something to eat that will even remotely come close to your wonderfully flavorful meal. Happy New Year, and may it be filled with good things for the Kipp family, and safe travels for you in your new position. Love ya sis.

maggie's mind said...

Sounds like a great way to greet the new year. Wishing you an awesome 2009!

Kel said...

Sorry to have tortured (not *wink*) you! Thanks and back at ya bro.

Liara Covert said...

Eric, I was reflecting on inner knowing and how you gently remind people that nature is an unwavering point of reference. As I have read your posts since discovering this blog, I am constantly reminded how sacred life is. I am grateful to attune to new levels of silence that co-exist in me due to reconnecting with nature in new ways. Thanks for being you and blogging from the heart. That is meaningful all year round.

Eric S. said...

@ Maggie, Thank you and I hope your and your love have a great year. Of course I know you will, because the appartness is over. Hope things are going good for you in Ok, and everthing is falling into place. I'll be swinging over to catch up on your blog soon.

@ Kel, LOL

@ Liara, thank you so much. I have just been writing what I see and feel, and it works. You know nature plays a very large part in life, and I don't think I could go without it. That old saying "silence is golden" must have been written by someone who enjoyed the outdoors.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I gave you a blog award :)

and thanks for you nice comment on my blog, its been incredible getting so much support during this time


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