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Last week after the posts about NM, Mother called me.  “What is going on?" with that unmistakable tone that she has when I have done something wrong.  You see I didn’t call her to tell her what was happening, because I didn’t want to worry her.  When she told me that she read my blog, I thought  OOP’s I guess I should have called.  I keep forgetting that she reads my blog because she never leaves a comment.   So I’m sorry Mom, I’ll do better at keeping you up to date.

My mother is now retired, and living in New Mexico, the picture above was taken from her front yard.  She is in the process of writing her memoirs, and they are fun indeed.  She has had an interesting life, growing up for a good portion of it in Columbia South America.  My Grandfather was a Dam Engineer, and traveled quite a bit.  He was able to take his family with him on some of those larger construction jobs.  I hope someday, she will let me post some of her memoirs here for everybody to enjoy.

I’ve told many a story about my father here, now for a little about my mother.  She was a registered nurse, and worked in the local hospital, back when there was a real hospital in town. It was not very big, if I remember right, is was only six rooms on each side. One side being the hospital rooms, the other side, nursing home rooms.  There was an Emergency Room slash Operating Suite, OB/Nursery, X-ray machine, Laboratory, Kitchen, everything your would expect in a hospital.  The Doctor, yes one and only one, was our neighbor, and Mother was the Head Nurse.  After Doc Mac died, she became the director of the facility.

Being our mothers children, we had the run of the hospital.  I sometimes wonder if  the staff enjoyed our company as much as they acted like they did, or if we were  just a pain in the butt .  I know the seniors liked us, for they seemed to look forward to our regular visits.  I can still remember rolling one or two of them into the day room to watch television or play a game of checkers. I used to love to sit and listen to their stories, and imagine what it had been like in their time.  We were young, and I imagine a good source of a laugh or two.  I can also remember a few wheel chair races between my brother and I, being cheered on by staff or one or two seniors.

Mom and Dad were a big part of the Ambulance service in the area.  Mom was an instructor for EMT’s.  Before I was 12, I attended more training classes for EMT’s than most of them on the job now.  The fun part was when we got to take part in the training.  That was usually in the form of being a victim.  My sisters, brother and I were the predominant victims at most of those classes.  We had been bandaged, splinted, and back boarded, more than anyone could possible imagine.  We became quite talented at showing the EMT’s the easy and correct ways to do many of the tasks required.  There were times when Mom would set up mass casualty training for different agencies.  We would get to play the part of victims, complete to full make up, with bones sticking out and blood all over. 

The funny thing is that for as much time as I spent hanging around hospitals as a youngster, I cannot stand them now.  There is something about the atmosphere, smells, and feelings of a hospital that drive me crazy.  Now I avoid hospitals as much as possible, sometimes to my own detriment.
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jena isle said...

Hi Eric,

This is an interesting part of your life. You are exposed to a variety of experiences, hospitals, police, mountains, etc.

I'm beginning to "see" the man.lol...thanks for sharing.

pamibe said...

Your Mom sounds like an incredible woman; someone who made a positive difference in many peoples lives! Go, Mom! Hope her memoirs are a big hit; I'd like to read them!

Summer said...

Eric, you're mom sounds great.

Anna M Blanch said...

Ooooh, you are in trouble now...posting before telling you mum! No seriously, be glad that she reads your writing!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm with you on not caring for hospitals. What an interesting childhood though. Cool. Have a great day and weekend. :)

derfina said...

Nice introduction, Eric! Your parents sound like really interesting people. I look forward to hearing more about your mom's memoirs.

LceeL said...

I like your Mom, I think. My Mom doen't read my blog - but my cousin Diane does - nad then she calls Mom and fills her in.

Every once in a while there's a little mental whack I get when she says something that reminds me she has sources of information.

Tova Darling said...

This is exactly why I haven't told anyone I know about my blog - that way I can't get into trouble. :)

Your mom sounds like a wonderful person!

Vixen said...

Your mom sounds incredible. My mom reads my blog and never comments either. So I forget she reads, until she calls and says something along the same lines as your mom did. And even then I have to stop and think about how she knew?????

Eric S. said...

@ Jena, yes I have had some very interesting influences. My parents were wonderful.

@ Preambie, She is indeed, and her memoirs are very interesting. I even learned a few things I didn't know. Hopefully we can convince her to let me publish portions of them as she goes along.

@ Summer, thank you, she is.

@ Anna, LOL, yes I think I was. She loves my writing, but then she is my mother.

@ Sandee, Thank you, she is. We had some grand times.

@ Derfina, Thanks, They're one of a kind. I hope you get to hear more of her memoirs.

@ Lou, It's kind of interesting thinking of my mother reading my blog. It carries with it certain rewards, and certain concerns if you know what I mean. Glad your mom has someone to relay your blog to her.

@ Tova Darling, LOL, I sent all of them the links. Both sisters read, and my Mother. I don't think my Step Mother does though. My brother is still on the "not comfortable with technology" side of things. Everybody he knows calls him Redneck.

@ Vixen, Thanks, it's nice to know I'm not the only one that does that. I guess I'll have to keep it in mind.

Lilly's Life said...

Hello Eric's Mom, I hope you are going to read this post. I would love to see some of your memoirs. New Mexico looks beautiful too.

Loved the post Eric and I know what you mean about hospitals. My father spent a year in one a few years back and that smell stays with you for a long time after. I admire the medical profession and nurses more than anybody. Where would we be without these special people? Now you be careful to tell your Mom about what is happening without her having to read about it on your blog, he he. Otherwise you will be getting one of those Messages from your Mother that I send my daughter!! Have a great weekend - guess you will be out hunting?

Not The Rockefellers said...

Ah-hah busted by your Mom! Did you feel like you were 12 again?

My Dad came across my blog one time and gave me spelling and grammar "notes", too funny!!

Peace - Rene

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hi Eric's Mom!!!!

You've raised a good boy, and I know from current experience that's not always easy to do :)

Eric, thanks for sharing your mom with us. I want to live next door to her - I love the view from her front door!

confused said...

extemely interesting Eric your Mom sound s great and you never know who is reading..:)))

Cloudia said...

Here's to yer Ma!

Kanani said...

Well, I found my childrens teachers were reading my blog! It was a bit odd! Fortunately, I don't write about or picture my children on my blog. They've asked me not to, and I respect their privacy, so at least there were not shots of them as little kids running naked in the backyard!

Mike Foster said...

Hey Eric, mom's always have a way of watching us, even from afar. Cool that your mom reads your blog, and very interesting information about her life.


Kel said...


When I was at Mother's in early October I set your blog as a "favorite" so that she could link in more easily. But though I showed her the link to the comments area, it's really hard to see on her screen and its possible she might not have worked how to get here/there yet on her own.

Eric S. said...

@ Lilly, Thanks, Yes Hospitals make me completely uncomfortable. Strange after spending so much time in one as a kid.

@ Not the Rockefellers, Thats too funy. My mother corrected me on the spelling of Colombia in this post LOL.

@ Barbara, Thanks, I love the area she lives in. It's absolutely beautiful.

@ Confused, Thanks, she is. I'm finding that out.

@ Cloudia, LOL, Thanks.

@ Kanani, Oh I bet that was interesting. My kids teachers asked me to stop helping them with their homework, LOL.

@ Mike, I hope your arm is doing better, Isn't that the truth. She has been reading it for a little while.

@ Kel, LOL. Yep I remember you telling me that, but completely spaced it. I called her for this post, and walked her through leaving a comment, but you know how uncomfortable she is with the internet.

Kay said...

Oh dear! I know just what you mean about your mom reading your blog. I forget sometimes that I do have family who read but don't comment. I have to watch what I say.


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