Thanks, But!

There is a proliferation of blog awards these days.  I understand the purpose of them, and appreciate the thought.  But there is a form of blogging torture that goes along with them.  You see, when you receive one, you have to decide on  5 to 7 blog friends to pass it on to.   How is a person to choose just a small number of friends to pass it along to.  I read close to 300 blogs from all over.  Trying to chose just a few of them to pass it on to is similar to visiting the dentist for a root canal without anesthesia.


I have received over the past few months, a total of 5 blog awards for various things.  I have been putting off making the appropriate posts for the awards due to my perplexity on the subject.  First off, I do not feel quite deserving of the honor.  I know people are just trying to show some appreciation and friendship, but.  Please do not pass on to me the torture of selecting just a few friends to recognize above all the rest.


I have noticed the above badge on many a blog lately.  Vikki created it some time ago, and posted something similar, but far more eloquently written,  on her blog.  The badge has taken on a life of its own since then.  I contacted Vikki and asked permission to use her badge, and she said “Grab it, that’s what I created it for.”  So I will be placing it in a prominent location on my side bar so everyone can see it. 


I have also been tagged by other bloggers for a few memes.  I will write responses to some of these, but will not “tag” another blogger.  When I do a tag post, anyone who wishes to continue it may, but I decline to force it upon someone else.


Thank you to all who have passed on awards to me.  Please do not take this as anything other than a polite, thanks but no thanks.

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Lilly's Life said...

It's a good idea Eric. I feel the same. Have you looked at your ice cubes closely yet?

Shadow said...

hey, i have a 'blogging without obligation' button. you're entitled to do what makes you happy and comfortable.

confused said...

good point I always feel obligated to respond and have a tough time picking someone to pass it on to there are so many blogs I enjoy

derfina said...

Look at the bright side-at least you get awards!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

There have been times that I would go away on a long boating weekend to come back and find 5 to 10 tags of one kind or another. Sometimes it was just plain overwhelming. I like the way you did this. I think I might just do the same. Have a great day. :)

LarryG said...

fair assessment...

Liara Covert said...

In life, each person learns that if they do not create their own limits, other people will create them. It makes sense to think about how you will spend your time.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Eric, I feel the same way although it is an honor to be nominated.

Turning them down though, that's kinda cool in a Brando kind of way! ;)

Peace - Rene

June Saville said...

Eric, I'm with you on blog awards. I 'borrowed' Vikki's image months ago and gave her a mention at the time (Vikki being abloggy mate).
Blog awards are first cousins to chain letters so far as I am concerned. Although people mean well the result often is that everyone feels a pressure they don't really enjoy.
June in Oz

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I feel kind of embarrassed when I get a bunch of blog awards but I would feel like I was hurting someone's feeling if I didn't accept them...and like you its painful to pick just a few blogs to give them back to. I am glad I haven't got any lately.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,
That hurts(Ugh)...but I'm kidding. I perfectly understand you, because I myself sometimes do not pick a tag or two. It's okay if you don't pick it up. I won't feel offended. You're a friend and I respect whatever decisions you make. The post is just a way of saying I appreciate you and admire your blog. I know it's difficult to select just 5 or 7 blogs in your case as you have a lot of friends in the blogosphere, so I find no offense in what you did. I do it myself at times.

I just wanted you to know that I'm glad I have found your interesting and great blog.

What are friends for but to understand each other? Tasha Bud never passed or picked any of the awards/tags I gave her but she is still in my top list, so it's okay.

Please don't mind if I give an award again to you in the future. I won't be expecting you to pass it on, Thanks.

Cheers and happy blogging.

Eric S. said...

@ Lilly, Thanks, I'll give full credit to Vikki. I thought of this way back when she made her post about. Yes I checked them closely, nothing furry there, LOL.

@ Shadow, I like that also. Gives a person a little freedom.

@ Confused, yup, that is the whole problem. BTW, Thanks for the award even if I didn't pass it on. I did appreciate it.

@ Derfina, That is true, Have you gotten any yet. Your site is way cool, and funnier than all get out.

@ Sandee, I know what you mean. I was putting off writing a post, because I felt guilty about not being able to give it to more.

@ Larry G. Thanks

@ Liara Covert, To true, setting some limits helps at times.

@ Not The Rockefellers, Yes it is an honor, but unfortunately it comes with some torture. Brando huh, LOL.

@ June, "A bloggy Mate" Now there's an OZ statement for ya, LOL. That's an interesting thought, the infamous chain letter sent by my well meaning sis quite often.

@ Barbara, yup, thats part of the problem with them. They are capable of causing a fair amount of guilt. This "thanks but no thanks" movement is growing quite rapidly.

@ Jena, Thank you so much for understanding. I meant no disrespect, and appreciate your kindness greatly. I was hoping you wouldn't be offended. Feel free to award those you so desire. Thanks again.

Kate said...

Oh my word, these are my thoughts exactly. In the last month, two awards and two tags have come my way. I did the awards, though I don't display them on my blog like I just won a Nobel Prize. And I still haven't done the tags because I just feel weird "tagging" people. I'm with you, I think I'll participate in the tag but I won't tag anyone else. If someone wants to participate, the more power to them. After all, this isn't high school. I didn't know if that was "appropriate" blog etiquette, but you've inspired me.

Eric S. said...

Hi Kate, etiquette is not my strong suit, LOL. I just feel guilty pushing them off on someone else. I thing June said it best, they are a distant relative to the chain letter.

We should be able to decide weather or not to take part. There are a few Memes I think are interesting, and can provide a little information for the readers. But many of them are just too silly.

tashabud said...

Hi Eric,
I hope you understand why I haven't posted my award from you also? It's good to know that I'm not alone in this dilemma.

I might ask Vikki one of those, too.


soulMerlin said...

I know, they can be difficult and I've got around 6 or 7 I haven't put up yet...but still, it's so nice to be recognised. I blogged for over a year, without any comments because I didn't know about blogcatalog or mybloglog...or when I got my first award (from Lilly) I was So pleased.

I don't know really...difficult because they are given in kindness. Sounds like it comes under the 'unwanted christmas present' category

Eric S. said...

Henry, your right they are given in kindness and appreciation. The only real problem I have with them is trying to single out 5 to 7 deserving bloggers. There are so many, I read close to 300 through out the week, and have a real hard time singling out just a few. June has it right, they are like a giant chain letter.

emirie said...

its been quite sometime since my last visit here. Me too I am not fond of receiving an award because of almost the same reasons. I just had it ones and just leave a thank you message on the others. Seeing this badge gives me an idea of making my own badge too. I think its a nice idea.

Eric S. said...

Hello Emirie, Ive been checking in on you every once in a while. Your blog is really doing pretty good. You know it gets harder and harder to handle the fun little awards, then they are not fun anymore.

Comedy Plus said...

Rules? Follow rules. I rarely do. I just love the awards. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Eric S. said...

Sandee, your too funny. "Rule" why would anyone want to follow the rules? LOL :-D ;)


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