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On this day, Veterans' Day, we think of and thank those who have given freely of themselves.  Those who have served our country and therefore our ideals.  Men and women alike, have sacrificed more than we could ever know to serve their country, and protect our freedoms.  The Soldiers, Sailors, Marines,Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen have given up time with their family and loved ones in order to protect and defend our constitution and way of life.   They miss the births of their children,  the firsts word, walk, and so much more.  Many have given willing everything, their life, all for a simple word.  FREEDOM, one little word that has such strong meaning, these men and women are willing to  lay down their life for it.

I say THANK YOU to all Veterans and those currently serving, but continue to think those two words are simply not enough.  How is one to express the gratitude of living in freedom due to a perfect strangers ultimate sacrifice.  The only answer I can come up with is to not forget. Never forget the pain and suffering, not only by the service members, but also by their families.   Their sacrifice is what allows us to do the things we enjoy and cherish.  

I found a few videos on YouTube that says it all.  Remember freedom isn’t free.

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

It isn't enough at all. Bless every one who has served or is now serving our great country. Excellent tribute. :)

derfina said...

Thanks, Eric. Freedom isn't just another thing to lose!

maggie's mind said...

Beautiful but terribly sad reminder of what this day means. If only freedom was free, but it is not. So many have given so much. How does one begin to give proper thanks? What about to those who left behind those who loved them and who were hoping against hope for a safe return? What can I say to them? Just thank you? How woefully inadequate. And yet grateful I am, and also speechless beyond that. Thank you for posting these videos, too. They get me every time, and they should.

Lilly's Life said...

Hear, hear Eric. Thoughtful post. The courage shown by every serviceman no matter what country they are fighting for dserves to be acknowledged and applauded.

Coloradolady said...

You are so right. Thank you seems almost empty compared to what these men and women give up. Great post today.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,

How true, sometimes they are even treated so badly. The government, even ours, should look into the benefits of these veterans. They should be given more benefits.

Do you know that here in our country, the veterans had to work for their benefits and even then, it takes a very long time for them to receive these benefits.

Thanks for a well written article. Kudos to you.

Summer said...

Amen, Eric. I certainly agree with Jena- their benefits have to be evaluated and protected.

Thanks for the post Eric.

Vixen said...

Wonderfully done Eric. Everyday I thank our veteran's and their families.

MamaFlo said...

Thank You for serving our country Eric. It isn't a matter of whether you served during war or peacetime, you enlisted and were ready to defend our nation.

LarryG said...

vets are awesome!
love them vets!

Eric S. said...

@ Sandee, Yes indeed, Bless them and their families.

@ Derfina, you are so right, it is much more than a word. Its an ideal, belief, way of life, and I hope we never lose it.

@ Maggie, yes there are so many people affected when ever we lose a soldier. We should never forget them, and cherish that which they fought for. There are no words to express our gratitude, maybe that is why we are speechless.

@ Lilly, I agree, anyone who is willing to sacrifice everything for their country and their people are special. We all should praise and cherish their service, and make sure they are not forgotten. Many of our soldiers are fighting side by side even though they come from different countries.

@ Colorado Lady, It does seem so small. That is why we have to keep their memory alive. And also be sure to serve and care for those who return injured and incomplete.

@ Jena, I believe our Veterans should never have to wait for treatment, nor work for it. They have already given their service and much more with the expectation of being taken care of. We all have to stay on top of that issue, and never let politics or anything else get in the way.

@ Summer, yes indeed, they do have to be evaluated, and never left waiting for what should be automatic.

@ Vixen, good for you, and we should think of them everyday.

@ Moma Flo, Thanks, and Thank you for your service and that of your family.

@ Larry G. Aren't they though. Simple amazing people.

Kel said...

One of the messages that Obama brought over and over into his campaign, and included in his acknowledgement of his win speech was that of the need for all Americans to "refresh" or begin our committment to community service/volunteerism.

This particular message has stood out for me, and I as I weight my considerations of time availalble, skills, available, energy available, I come across the thought frequently that somehow serving our vets would be an area of service that should come high on my list.

Of course, that may be because of our family's generations of service, and my son's current service . . . But I suppose the stimulus is less important than the movement toward action.

Haven't carried the thinking phase further yet, there are so many worthy causes to consider . . .

Eric S. said...

Kel, I know what you mean. Time is a huge consideration, especially with a schedule such as yours. I do agree, volunteerism need to be a returning focus of our country. So many things can be changed and through the efforts of the citizenry.

I'm sure it is not just Dom's service, but also the rest of the family's service that has you thinking about the veterans.

Michelle said...

Hi Eric

I came by to say thanks for reading and replying to my Peace globe post (ENOUGH), but had to add a few words about your tribute here to those who sacrifice everything to bring us peace.

I ended up posting about three family members for Remembrance day (as we called it in Africa and now here in my new home of Scotland) - two great great aunts and a great uncle who served in wars. It has been much more moving this year reading the Veteran's/Remembrance day stuff after having read all the Peace Globe wishes.

Eric S. said...

Michelle, You are so right. It was far more inspirational after the peace globe articles. Yours being one of the best I think.

Ask any soldier what they are fighting for. The answer you most likely will get is Peace. They fight so no one else will have to. They fight so their children won't have to. They fight for a dream of peace.

Thank you so much for coming by, and helping me to see a little more clearly.


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